Water Flowing Together
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Water Flowing Together

USA, 2007, 79 Minute Running Time
Additional Countries: Puerto Rico, Russian Federation, UK, Denmark, Italy
Genre/Subjects: Arts & Literature, Dance, Documentary, Gay, Latino/a, Native American / Indigenous
Program: Documentary
Language: Spanish,Navajo,English

DIRECTOR: Gwendolen Cates

“Twenty four hours a day…all I think about is dancing, dancing, dancing.” Having danced virtually nonstop since the age of five, Jock Soto has had little time for much else. Now, at the age of forty, one of modern ballet’s most gifted and celebrated dancers is on the verge of retirement. After 24 years with the New York City Ballet — and a decade of grueling pain associated with his passion and profession — Soto is forced to contemplate life after dance — and the evolution of his very identity. With his beautiful, athletic body and an innate musical elegance, Soto’s talent was recognized early and instantly. Raised on a reservation in Arizona by a Navajo mother and Puerto Rican father (who both supported and encouraged his every plié), he began dancing the Native American hoop dance at age three, won a full scholarship to the School of American Ballet at age 14 and, at just 16, was selected by George Balanchine for the New York City Ballet. An immediate star in the company, Soto was able to move seamlessly from subtle movements of grace and precision to aggressive leaps and lifts of ballerinas.
As he reflects on his uncertain future, Soto also attempts to connect with his past, revisiting his Navajo roots and the cultural heritage to which he is at once detached and devoted. A rich blend of performance and rehearsal footage, personal interviews and old family photos, this engrossing cinematic portrait is a remarkable personal journey and a paean to a great gay artist. — JOANNE PARSONT


Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits



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