A Four Letter Word
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A Four Letter Word

USA, 2007, 87 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Comedy, Drama, Gay
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Casper Andreas

This spin-off of Casper Andreas’ 2004 Slutty Summer welcomes you back to the Gayborhood, where everyone looks vaguely familiar with their clothes on, and, unless they’re fresh meat, no one is separated sexually by more than three degrees. It’s all here: nude yoga, fourgies, cheap drag queens and fag hags who love to comfort the boys in their big bosoms. But is there more to be desired?
The main characters deal in various ways with issues of sobriety and responsibility in a gay ghetto filled with glittering excess. Luke returns as a stereotypical sexually compulsive muscle queen in denial. When his porn shop coworker and gay crusader Zeke confronts him about his insatiable whorish proclivities, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery: Is he capable of being more than a gay cliché? But Stephen, the man with whom Luke explores his monogamous side, turns out to be something of a player himself. Meanwhile, Peter and Derek struggle with the annoyances of moving in together, and Marilyn rounds out the principal cast as a new fiancée controlled by her own compulsions and struggling through step three of Al-Anon.
Is “slut” the four-letter word? Or is it “love”? Whichever the answer, Andreas has crafted an uninhibited and inquisitive sex comedy with a cast that’s hot and not afraid to flaunt it.
In the hilarious short Alive and Well, a hungry pilot tries to convince his onboard all-male badminton team that they need to resort to cannibalism after an emergency landing. — PHILIPPE GOSSELIN


Zephyr Real Estate- Dan Healy

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