Another Woman  {Une Autre Femme}

Another Woman
Une Autre Femme

France, 2004, 106 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drama, Gender, Male-to-Female, Parenting / Family, Transgender
Program: World Cinema
Language: French

DIRECTOR: Jerome Foulon

French actress Nathalie Mann is captivating as a woman with the ovarios and heart to reconnect with the family she abandoned a decade ago when she was a miserable man. Can this MTF doctor heal old emotional scars without causing new ones? And what does she do with her own relentless paternal love?
Desperately unhappy, Nicolas left his wife and kids to discover his true nature and never returned. Living under the radar in Geneva, he painstakingly transformed into Léa. Three years after her final surgery, this new woman has the chance to return home to Paris on a work assignment. Reluctant and terrified to face her past, she is nonetheless drawn into the lives of her children.
After concocting a ruse to befriend her daughter Emmy, a budding classical pianist, Léa is suddenly back in her old home meeting her son Lucas, her “widow” Anne and the new man of the house, Pierre. Overwhelmed trying to juggle the truth, Léa eventually comes out to a shocked Anne and declares her intention to claim her paternal rights. Tenuous new connections break as the confused and scared family closes ranks against the intruder.
Legal hassles force Léa to start a more authentic life in Paris, but young Lucas stays curious about her, hoping to find the father he never knew. This inspiring film is a must see for anyone seeking a whole and integrated life. — CAROL HARADA


San Francisco LGBT Community Center

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