25 Cent Preview
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25 Cent Preview

USA, 2007, 91 Minute Running Time
Genre/Subjects: Drag, Drama, Drugs / Addiction, Gay, Local Filmmakers / Subjects, Sex Work, Transgender
Program: U.S. Features
Language: English

DIRECTOR: Cyrus Amini

Out on Polk Street, you have to hustle hard and fast for what’s yours. It’s a lesson that Marcus, a handsome long-haired rentboy, has had to learn the hard way, as he turns tricks, smokes crystal and pulls petty scams with a fellow rough trader named Dot.Com. Possible salvation comes in the form of both a paternal older client who genuinely loves Marcus and a young girl who offers him the promise of a normal life outside of “the game.” But the more he wallows in the skid-row world of downtown San Francisco’s skin trade, the more Marcus can feel his humanity slipping away. When a specter from his past shows up, this midnight cowboy is forced to make a choice that could make him lose his soul once and for all.
Part Cassavetian improvisatory drama and part Tenderloin vérité, Cyrus Amini’s unflinching look at street life doesn’t pull any punches. These male hustlers don’t suddenly spout Shakespearean dialogue or write fictional bestsellers about their deceitful hearts; rather, they furtively peddle their flesh and desperately smooth-talk potential customers so they can earn enough to eat. With outstanding performances by both leads, 25 Cent Preview is a raw, realistic chronicle about the toll of being a “professional.” You’ll be compelled to spend some time with these gritty, pretty young things, but trust us: It’ll cost you.
The program opens with The Famous Joe Project about a young gay man who records his sex life on webcam in an effort to spread love throughout the world. — DAVID FEAR


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