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From Alan Cumming's crazed obsession to the lesbian classic that inspired our Closing Night Film, this wide-ranging collection of contemporary LGBT cinema from our own shores (many debut features) reveal the talent and drive of young filmmakers across the country and in our own backyard.

  • 2 Minutes Later

    2 Minutes Later

    USA , 2007 , 70 min. A semi-closeted insurance adjuster teams up with a lesbian private dick to investigate the disappearance of his twin brother in this hardboiled, queer romp.... Read more
  • 25 Cent Preview

    25 Cent Preview

    USA , 2007 , 91 min. Part Cassavetian improvisatory drama and part Tenderloin vérité, this unflinching look at life on San Francisco's Polk Street doesn't pull any punches. Shown with The Famous Joe Project, about a gay man and his webcam.... Read more
  • Blueprint


    USA , 2007 , 75 min. Two young African American college friends living in Harlem fall restlessly in love during an impromptu trip to the countryside, where nature's calming effects help transform their differences into mutual admiration.... Read more
  • Born in Flames

    Born in Flames

    USA , 1983 , 80 min. In this futuristic, revolutionary drama, government oppression and violence against women is rampant, and the feminist response is potent. In her classic indie polemic on racism, sexism and socialism, director Lizzie Borden definitely has her own ax to wield.... Read more
  • The Curiosity of Chance

    The Curiosity of Chance

    USA , 2006 , 99 min. Imagine Pretty in Pink if Ducky were the film's star-and gay. This loopy, teen comedy tracks the exploits of a charming, queer dandy in the stultifying world of high school in the tacky '80s.... Read more
  • The DL Chronicles

    The DL Chronicles

    USA , 2007 , 100 min. This trio of sexy, engaging stories delineates the variety of social and class-related situations that lead African American men away from lives of honesty and openness and into the world of the downlow.... Read more
  • East Side Story

    East Side Story

    USA , 2006 , 88 min. Carlos Portugal's dramedy follows Diego, a Chicano living in East Los Angeles, as he deals with prejudices, expectations and the hunky new neighbor with whom he falls head over heels in love.... Read more
  • A Four Letter Word

    A Four Letter Word

    USA , 2007 , 87 min. This spin-off 2004's Slutty Summer welcomes you back to life in the Gayborhood, where, unless they're fresh meat, no one is separated sexually by more than three degrees. Shown with the hilarious cannibalistic short Alive and Well.... Read more
  • Fun Down There

    Fun Down There

    USA , 1989 , 89 min. One of the first gay features released after the arrival of the AIDS epidemic, Fun Down There offers a refreshingly uncomplicated view of coming out and coming of age.... Read more
  • Holding Trevor

    Holding Trevor

    USA , 2007 , 88 min. Trapped in a destructive relationship and a thankless job, Trevor finds a new beginning in Ephram, an ambitious, attractive medical intern. But through a raw, emotional journey, Trevor discovers some people are too precious to abandon.... Read more
  • Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    USA , 2007 , 90 min. This romantic comedy is a rockin' love song to the heady rush of sex, freedom and rebellion that happens when an everyday girl discovers her own strength and the righteous indignation needed to take action and change the world.... Read more
  • Lez Be Friends

    Lez Be Friends

    USA , 2007 , 70 min. In post-Stonewall Greenwich Village circa 1969, butch dyke Ricca Pike must pass as a straight woman so as not to upset her lesbian-loathing, gay male landlord in this raucous, two-episode revisionist sitcom in the tradition of "Three's Company."... Read more
  • Out at the Wedding

    Out at the Wedding

    USA , 2006 , 96 min. Lee Friedlander, the director of Girl Play, brings us this witty, farcical romp exploring the comically bumbling way in which we sometimes struggle to come out to the people we love-whether we're gay or straight.... Read more
  • Outing Riley

    Outing Riley

    USA , 2004 , 87 min. A good, Irish Catholic guy struggling to come out to his straight brothers, Bobby finds that sometimes the bonds of family can overcome the ignorance of tradition. And true feelings are revealed in the short Run to Me.... Read more
  • Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

    Rick & Steve the Happiest Gay Couple in All the World

    USA , 2007 , 80 min. Welcome to West Lahunga Beach, the gayest of gay ghettoes where Rick and Steve make their fabulously decorated double-income-no-children home. The insults fly, nothing goes unspoken, and the ugly, bitter truth about domestic bliss never looked so cute.... Read more
  • Rock Haven

    Rock Haven

    USA , 2007 , 78 min. Walls come tumbling down when a young man with a life built on Christian values meets a handsome stranger who personifies his deepest and most secret desire.... Read more
  • Shelter


    USA , 2007 , 90 min. First love and surfing in Southern California form the foundation of this gritty, romantic film, produced by here! Networks, about a young man forced by responsibility to grow up fast.... Read more
  • Starrbooty


    USA , 2007 , 83 min. RuPaul delivers the raunchiest performance of the year as a supermodel who goes undercover as a street hooker to rescue her kidnapped niece. Shows with bad boy Bruce LaBruce's first foray into lesbian film, Give Piece of Ass a Chance.... Read more
  • Suffering Man's Charity

    Suffering Man's Charity

    USA , 2007 , 92 min. In his solo directorial debut, Alan Cumming plays a failed composer-turned-music teacher who takes handsome dilettante Sebastian under his wing.... Read more
  • Superfreak


    USA , 2006 , 60 min. Lesbian sex and sexuality is celebrated in all its forms in this selection of films, including the latest release from Pink&White productions, producers of the lesbian porn hit Crash Pad.

    Note: contains sexually explicit material.... Read more
  • You Belong To Me

    You Belong To Me

    USA , 2007 , 82 min. In this edgy thriller, it's hard to know who's stalking whom when an architect seeks to draw closer to a reluctant lover by moving into his building-only to discover that the address holds deadly secrets.... Read more

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