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A dozen different countries are represented in this year's World Cinema section. From Korea to Australia, the United Kingdom to Switzerland, these films demonstrate the creativity and diversity of queer story telling around the world.

  • Another Woman

    Another Woman

    France , 2004 , 106 min. French actress Nathalie Mann is captivating as a woman with the ovarios and heart to reconnect with the family she abandoned a decade ago when she was a miserable man. Can this MTF doctor heal old emotional scars without causing new ones?... Read more
  • The Bubble

    The Bubble

    Israel , 2006 , 117 min. From the director of Yossi and Jagger, this contemporary, queer Romeo And Juliet is the story of the love between two young men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, and the forces that conspire to drive them apart.... Read more
  • DarkBlueAlmostBlack


    Spain , 2006 , 105 min. Israel questions his sexuality after discovering his father in a compromising position, while his best friend Jorge tries to balance two girlfriends and an invalid father with his own dreams in this Spanish film full of subtle wit and homoerotic curiosity... Read more
  • The Doctor's Daughter Or The Secret And The Lie

    The Doctor's Daughter Or The Secret And The Lie

    Canada , 2005 , 73 min. This unconventional love story between two women weaves back and forth between two different times, locations and stages of their relationship. The short Tears of the Goddess is a tragic tale of love inspired by a Chinese legend.... Read more
  • El Calentito

    El Calentito

    Spain , 2005 , 89 min. In a newly free Spain, teenage Sara joins an all-girl punk rock group at the pansexual nightclub El Calentito, but a military coup threatens the band's-and the country's-future in this high-energy, offbeat, coming-of-age comedy.... Read more
  • Eternal Summer

    Eternal Summer

    Taiwan , 2006 , 95 min. In this elegy to summer in the Taiwan countryside, two teenage boys are inseparable-and a little confused as to the nature of their passionate friendship. Shown with Dissolution of Bodies, in which two strangers defy the fleeting nature of desire.... Read more
  • Finn's Girl

    Finn's Girl

    Canada , 2007 , 88 min. Family values, reproductive rights and pre-teen angst form the center of this contemporary Canadian drama. After her partner dies, successful doctor Finn Jefferies faces the biggest challenge of her life, raising an angry 11-year-old daughter.... Read more
  • Four Minutes

    Four Minutes

    Germany , 2006 , 112 min. In a women's prison, a piano teacher with thwarted ambitions forms an unlikely alliance with a gifted prodigy locked up for murder. Together they risk intimacy to win a piano competition and redemption.... Read more
  • Glue


    Argentina , 2006 , 108 min. This sensuous, atmospheric portrait of three teenagers in rural Argentina renders a dreamlike portrait of youthful alienation, imagination and sexuality, in which friends rock out, trip out and make out with equal passion.... Read more
  • The Man of My Life

    The Man of My Life

    France , 2006 , 114 min. Frédéric confronts his hidden desires when he meets the seductive and self-assured Hugo in this dreamlike portrayal of a summer vacation in the stunning French countryside.... Read more
  • Nina's Heavenly Delights

    Nina's Heavenly Delights

    UK , 2006 , 96 min. Iron Chef meets lesbian love in this romantic comedy from 1993 Frameline Award recipient Pratibha Parmar. When closeted Nina returns to Glasgow for her father's funeral, the local curry cookoff becomes a recipe for romance.... Read more
  • No Regret

    No Regret

    Korea , 2006 , 114 min. A handsome young orphan from the Korean countryside finds success as a well-dressed rent boy in Seoul, but a persistent young businessman derails his life. After a violent confrontation, the two young men fall in love, but happiness is elusive.... Read more
  • One to Another

    One to Another

    France , 2006 , 95 min. When beautiful, bisexual Pierre, the object of desire for all in his tight circle of friends, turns up missing, his sister recalls the sensual times the group enjoyed together as she tries to solve the mystery of his disappearance.... Read more
  • Shelter Me

    Shelter Me

    Italy , 2007 , 100 min. Returning from a Tunisian vacation, Anna and Mara find an Arab teenager stashed in their luggage. Good-hearted Anna takes him in, but their makeshift family is soon undermined by the outside world-and their own internal dynamics.... Read more
  • Spider Lilies

    Spider Lilies

    Taiwan , 2007 , 94 min. A 2007 Berlin Film Festival Teddy Award winner for Best Queer Feature, Spider Lilies is a trippy hybrid of traditional queer Asian tragedy and medicated magical realism.... Read more
  • Stealth


    Switzerland , 2006 , 112 min. In this delightful human comedy, a young Swiss intellectual with a great career and boyfriend turns his life upside down when his obsession with his Polish roots leads him on a series of boisterous misadventures.... Read more
  • Surveillance


    UK , 2007 , 86 min. Are you being watched? You might wonder after seeing this dynamic and tense political thriller. Set in contemporary London, the fast-paced action follows a young urban professional who has a one-night-stand with the wrong guy.... Read more
  • Tan Lines

    Tan Lines

    Australia , 2006 , 97 min. This gay surf film follows the tumultuous coming-of-age story of Midget, a sexually curious, bored teenager living in a small Australian town, who discovers he can no longer simply go with the flow.... Read more
  • This Kiss

    This Kiss

    Australia , 2007 , 65 min. High school reunions can be minefields of trauma, yet sometimes the hardest encounter is the one with the former best friend. An alternately comic and serious take on old friends who've grown apart. Shown with Sexy Thing, another look at childhood... Read more
  • Tick Tock Lullaby

    Tick Tock Lullaby

    UK , 2006 , 73 min. Bursting with smart, tender observations on the travails of prospective parenthood, Tick Tock Lullaby is a sharply observed three-part exploration of sexuality and the search for sperm in hip, thirty-something London.... Read more
  • Twilight Dancers

    Twilight Dancers

    Philippines , 2006 , 105 min. Sultry, unabashedly sexual young Filipino strippers begin their seduction during the opening titles and don't stop until the end credits finish rolling, as they struggle to survive with beauty as their only currency.... Read more
  • The Two Sides of the Bed

    The Two Sides of the Bed

    Spain , 2005 , 108 min. When Marta leaves fiancé Javier at the altar for his best friend Pedro's girlfriend Raquel, it is just the start of the romantic complications in this sexy, musical comedy.... Read more
  • Vampire Diary

    Vampire Diary

    UK , 2006 , 88 min. When a filmmaker chronicling a "weekend vampire" subculture falls in love with a bona fide bloodsucker, she'll stop at nothing to protect her new girlfriend. The squeamish beware: this horror film isn't afraid to go for the jugular.... Read more
  • Vivere


    Germany , 2006 , 97 min. It's Christmas Eve in Rotterdam, and three enchanting women search for love and the meaning of life in this beautiful, sad and hopeful cinematic poem.... Read more
  • The Witnesses

    The Witnesses

    France , 2007 , 115 min. In his latest masterpiece, André Téchiné (Wild Reeds) tells a story of friendship, sex and love amid the early days of the AIDS crisis in France.... Read more

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