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Michael Lumpkin Retrospective

Every year the Frameline Award is given to someone who has made a significant contribution to lesbian/gay/bi/transgender film. This year, Frameline’s board and staff are proud to present the award to the long-time leader of the festival and the organization, Michael Lumpkin. Michael, who is leaving his post at the end of this year’s event, invites you to join him in a look back at some film highlights from his 25 years at the Festival in these seven Castro matinees.

  • Big Eden

    Big Eden

    USA , 2000 , 117 min. One of the most popular films ever screened by Frameline, Thomas Bezucha’s Big Eden is a romantic fantasy that rings amazingly true: the story of a small town where a frazzled gay guy can find acceptance, fulfillment and true love.... Read more
  • Bound


    USA , 1996 , 108 min. Head back to 1996 for a steamy visit with gorgeous Gina Gershon and pouty sex kitten Jennifer Tilly in this delightful lesbian crime spree and erotic thriller from the brilliant Wachowski siblings.... Read more
  • Karmen Geï

    Karmen Geï

    Senegal , 2001 , 86 min. This Senegalese version of Carmen replaces Bizet’s French/Spanish flavors with an explosive mix of West African drums, fantastic dance numbers and scenes of sexual transgression to create a thrilling portrait of a Karmen who is more heroine than victim.... Read more
  • Law of Desire

    Law of Desire

    Spain , 1987 , 102 min. In 1987 Michael Lumpkin was one of the first film curators in the U.S. to program Pedro Almodóvar’s films. Law of Desire was the hit of the Festival that year and remains one of the renowned Spanish director’s very best.... Read more
  • Lilies


    Canada , 1996 , 95 min. In 1997 John Greyson’s Lilies received one of the most enthusiastic standing ovations in the history of the Festival and won the audience prize for best feature. Here’s your chance to see what the fuss was all about.... Read more
  • Mala Noche

    Mala Noche

    USA , 1985 , 78 min. Michael Lumpkin’s retrospective of his 25 years programming the Festival kicks off with Mala Noche, Milk director Gus Van Sant’s first feature of lust and obsession, which debuted at the Festival in 1986. One of Van Sant’s best—and gayest—films.... Read more
  • Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

    Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

    Netherlands , 2002 , 100 min. A bleached-blonde burglar with a bubble butt strutting around in his underwear singing a love song to his pet pigeons is just one of the many charms in this Dutch musical. One of Michael Lumpkin’s all-time favorites.... Read more

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