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World Cinema

A record sixteen different countries are represented in this year's World Cinema section. From Israel to the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom to Argentina, Egypt to Japan, these films demonstrate the creativity and diversity of queer story telling around the world.

  • All My Life

    All My Life

    Egypt , 2008 , 150 min. Epic in length but intimate in scope—and certainly the most daring and sexually explicit portrait of homosexual life in Egypt yet put on screen—Maher Sabry’s film evocatively details the tribulations of a 26-year-old Cairo resident named Rami.... Read more
  • The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela

    The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela

    Iceland , 2007 , 80 min. Olaf de Fleur Johannesson’s dazzling docudrama blends fact and fiction to pay tribute to Filipina “lady-boy” and self-proclaimed royal of the sex industry, Raquela Rios. All hail the queen!... Read more
  • Antarctica


    Israel , 2007 , 110 min. This wacky comedy set in Tel Aviv ignores politics—and reality—to focus on its characters’ domestic and romantic problems, including the meddling of a “Jewish mother from hell,” played by a man in a tribute to Divine.... Read more
  • Before I Forget

    Before I Forget

    France , 2007 , 108 min. The final film in a semiautobiographical trilogy, starring director Jacques Nolot, Before I Forget is a blackly humorous and elegantly whiny lament on the plight of the aging gigolo.... Read more
  • Dolls


    Czech Republic , 2007 , 99 min. Karin Babinská’s steamy debut is anything but a sugarcoated, coming-out, coming-of-age film as three Czech teenage girls hit the road in search of excitement—and two of them discover an undeniable mutual attraction.... Read more
  • Drifting Flowers

    Drifting Flowers

    Taiwan , 2007 , 97 min. Taiwanese director Zero Chou (Spider Lilies, Frameline31) offers up three subtle, interwoven lesbian tales of the lost and found nature of love.... Read more
  • The Edge of Heaven

    The Edge of Heaven

    Germany , 2007 , 122 min. German-Turkish director Fatih Akin (Head-On) interweaves six characters and three stories in a border-hopping, gender-bopping, culture-clashing drama of sneaky power and uncommon grace that skips between Hamburg and Istanbul.... Read more
  • Japan Japan

    Japan Japan

    Israel , 2007 , 65 min. A handsome Israeli ex-soldier is stuck between youth and adulthood, looking for love and/or sex while dreaming of a life in Japan in this experimental evocation of modern urban slacker life. Shown with the experimental short Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head.... Read more
  • La León

    La León

    Argentina , 2006 , 85 min. Set on a remote island in northeastern Argentina, this striking debut feature, with a beautifully textured black-and-white palette, simmers with sexual tension and the environmental clamor of the jungle.... Read more
  • Love My Life

    Love My Life

    Japan , 2006 , 96 min. Japanese university students Ichiko and Eri fall in love in this film based on Ebine Yamaji’s yuri manga comic book. The two opposites—one sunny and cheery, the other tense and bookish—attract in moments of explosive sensuality and tender affection.... Read more
  • A Love To Keep

    A Love To Keep

    Spain , 2006 , 98 min. When schoolteachers Pilar and Elvira fall in love in Franco’s Spain, Pilar’s disapproving family commits her to a mental hospital and a course of shock treatments. But the women refuse to be kept apart in this moving romantic melodrama.... Read more
  • Manuela y Manuel

    Manuela y Manuel

    Puerto Rico , 2007 , 94 min. In this lively marriage of screwball comedy and melodrama, drag nightclub diva Manuela dons suit and tie to help out a pregnant friend. But transforming into Scott is not so easy for a boy who enjoys being a girl.... Read more
  • The New World

    The New World

    France , 2007 , 90 min. Lucie and Marion are in love. Starting a family seems to be the logical next step in their journey together. But they soon discover that the world of motherhood brings more questions than answers.... Read more
  • No End

    No End

    Italy , 2008 , 75 min. Giulia and Chiara prepare to have a child together through artificial insemination, but nothing goes exactly according to plan in this subtle and poignant Italian film about love, motherhood, lies and fear.... Read more
  • Oh Happy Day

    Oh Happy Day

    UK , 2007 , 100 min. This refreshing romantic comedy amusingly explores what happens when Saturday’s trick unexpectedly shows up at Monday’s meeting—on the other side of the conference table.... Read more
  • Otto; or, Up with Dead People

    Otto; or, Up with Dead People

    Germany , 2007 , 95 min. Homocore pioneer Bruce LaBruce reworks the zombie genre as equal parts porn, academic diatribe, coming-of-age melodrama and literal smack-your-head-with-a-hammer slapstick.... Read more
  • Saturn in Opposition

    Saturn in Opposition

    Italy , 2007 , 113 min. When Lorenzo suddenly falls into a coma, his loyal group of friends is thrown into emotional upheaval. Waiting outside his hospital room, the small secrets and tensions between them begin to magnify and undermine their relationships.... Read more
  • Solos


    Singapore , 2007 , 70 min. This mysterious, inventive film from Singapore uses a taboo subject—the sexual relationship between a male teacher and male student—to explore the fallout from an all-consuming love affair.... Read more
  • Sonja


    Germany , 2007 , 73 min. Sixteen-year-old Sonja is frustrated with her parents, alienated from her peers, bored with her boyfriend, but blissful with her best friend Julia. As playful affection turns to gentle caresses, Sonja confronts her growing feelings—and growing up.... Read more
  • Two Looks

    Two Looks

    Spain , 2007 , 70 min. This largely silent Chilean film about two friends who wake up in bed together subtly probes the distance between bodies who scarcely share a word. And a classic coming-of-age story takes a powerful turn in the short Clouded.... Read more
  • Unspoken Passion

    Unspoken Passion

    Philippines , 2007 , 109 min. Handsome Enzo finds his long-lost friend Adong when they are both booked as performers in the same gay sex show. Will the unspoken passion shared by these beautiful young men be forced into the open?... Read more

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