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Documentary films have always played an important role in chronicling our community in general and the LGBT rights movement specifically. This year's slate of documentary films is as diverse and entertaining as ever and includes portraits of minister Troy Perry, musical genius Arthur Russell, artist Don Bachardy and his lover, Christopher Isherwood, porn star Jack Wrangler and local queercore band Pansy Division. In addition, prepare to learn about queer lives in Iran, China, Korea, Peru and Israel, and to take a look inside the lives of queer parents, transitioning sons and daughters, Miss Gay America contestants and female boxers.

  • 2nd Verse : The Rebirth of Poetry

    2nd Verse : The Rebirth of Poetry

    USA , 2007 , 79 min. Bay Area teens prepare for and compete in the Brave New Voices Youth Slam Poetry Competition, including Yosimar from San Jose, who uses spoken word poetry to actively explore his gay identity and boldly proclaim it to all who’ll listen.... Read more
  • Alondra: A Transsexual Diary

    Alondra: A Transsexual Diary

    Spain , 2007 , 78 min. Alondra wants one thing from life: to finally be herself. This fascinating, intense and deeply moving documentary traces the physical and emotional transformation of Alberto to Alondra, as we get an intimate and educational glimpse into the “gender reassignment” process.... Read more
  • Be Like Others

    Be Like Others

    Iran , 2008 , 74 min. Tanaz Eshagian’s award-winning chronicle of Iran’s transsexual community examines the cost of undergoing state-sanctioned, gender-reassignment surgeries to avoid harassment and imprisonment under Islamic law.... Read more
  • Bi The Way

    Bi The Way

    USA , 2008 , 88 min. This revealing and bittersweet journey through bi America does as much to expose the brutal impact of biphobia on the lives of bisexuals as it does to celebrate their loving worldview.... Read more
  • The Blood of Yingzhou District

    The Blood of Yingzhou District

    USA , 2006 , 39 min. A year in the life of children in the remote villages of Anhui Province, China, who have lost their parents to AIDS.... Read more
  • Byron Chief Moon: Grey Horse Rider

    Byron Chief Moon: Grey Horse Rider

    Canada , 2007 , 48 min. A portrait of artist and actor Byron Chief-Moon.... Read more
  • Call Me Troy

    Call Me Troy

    USA , 2007 , 100 min. It’s rare for one person’s life to so perfectly collide with history, but such is the life of maverick minister Troy Perry, who founded the Metropolitan Community Church specifically for the LGBT community, committing himself to Jesus and gay civil rights.... Read more
  • Chris & Don: A Love Story

    Chris & Don: A Love Story

    USA , 2007 , 90 min. This beautifully reflective tribute to the 34-year love affair between writer Christopher Isherwood and artist Don Bachardy is a singular and unforgettable portrait of one of history’s great love stories.... Read more
  • Citizen Nawi

    Citizen Nawi

    Israel , 2007 , 80 min. A Sephardic Jewish activist living in Israel fights for the rights of oppressed Palestinian villagers while simultaneously waging a battle over the status of his “illegal” Arab lover.... Read more
  • Eleven Minutes

    Eleven Minutes

    USA , 2007 , 106 min. Hot models and gay celebs populate this fabulous documentary about Jay McCarroll and his rise from winning the first-season of “Project Runway” to presenting his first show at New York’s Fashion Week.... Read more
  • Equality U

    Equality U

    USA , 2008 , 91 min. A group of LGBT Christian college student activists embark on a cross-country freedom ride to confront discrimination on the campuses of Christian colleges and universities across the U.S.... Read more
  • Fairytale of Kathmandu

    Fairytale of Kathmandu

    Northern Ireland , 2007 , 60 min. When celebrated gay Irish poet Cathal O’Searchaigh invites a neighbor along on his annual pilgrimage to Kathmandu, her travelogue turns into an exposé that could cost the bard his reputation and his freedom.... Read more
  • A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

    A Finished Life: The Goodbye & No Regrets Tour

    USA , 2007 , 81 min. This powerful and intimate portrait deeply honors the conscious experience of dying, a person’s right to choose, the fragility of human relationships and the difficulty of saying goodbye to those you love.... Read more
  • A Horse Is Not A Metaphor

    A Horse Is Not A Metaphor

    USA , 2008 , 30 min. Barbara Hammer, a pioneer of lesbian-feminist experimental cinema, offers a first-person look at being a “cancer thriver as well as survivor.” This program about the fragility of life includes A Horse Is Not a Metaphor, Sanctus and Vital Signs.... Read more
  • It’s Elementary

    It’s Elementary

    USA , 2008 , 37 min. It’s Still Elementary looks at the impact of the 1996 film It’s Elementary, including why the film was made, the response it provoked, and its effect on the national safe schools movement today.... Read more
  • It’s STILL Elementary: The Movie and the Movement

    It’s STILL Elementary: The Movie and the Movement

    USA , 2008 , 51 min. Local filmmaker Debra Chasnoff revisits the issues and impact—and the current legacy—of her groundbreaking 1996 documentary It’s Elementary, which explored how to talk about homosexuality and gay issues in schools.... Read more
  • The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous

    The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous

    USA , 2008 , 95 min. When the drag-a-pella comedy troupe gets a chance at an open-ended run in Las Vegas, you know there’s going to be drama. An intimate look at a queer act struggling to come to terms with its own success.... Read more
  • Mom, I Didn’t Kill Your Daughter

    Mom, I Didn’t Kill Your Daughter

    Israel , 2007 , 50 min. Born female, both Lior and Yoav always knew their true identity to be male. Together, they face confusion from everyone in their lives as they strive to become what is most natural to them. Shown with the short trans tale The Perfect Man.... Read more
  • Mommy Mommy

    Mommy Mommy

    Canada , 2007 , 43 min. What defines a family? What are the options for same-sex couples who want children? How do different societies deal with gay parenting?... Read more
  • Out In India: A Family’s Journey

    Out In India: A Family’s Journey

    USA , 2008 , 71 min. Believing that AIDS education through the arts can save lives, professor David Gere journeys to Calcutta with his family to organize the Make Art/Stop Aids conference. A story of sacrifice, love, passion and the universal power of the arts.... Read more
  • Out On The Dance Floor

    Out On The Dance Floor

    USA , 2008 , 90 min. San Francisco’s Sundance Saloon is the jumping-off point for Anthony Palombit’s extremely personal look at the healing power of gay “country culture” as practiced in one of the city’s favorite dance halls.... Read more
  • Out: Smashing Homophobia Project

    Out: Smashing Homophobia Project

    Korea , 2007 , 110 min. Teenage lesbians in Korea use “self-camera” (video diaries) to reflect on their subjective struggles with coming out, rocky relationships and bisexuality. Out’s pensive visual style reflects the frustrating isolation all too common among queer youth worldwide.... Read more
  • Pageant


    USA , 2008 , 100 min. Take a trip behind the glitz and glamour of the 34th Annual Miss Gay America in this fun, fascinating documentary about five uniquely talented female impersonators who will do whatever it takes to walk away with the coveted crown.... Read more
  • Pansy Division: Life In A Gay Rock Band

    Pansy Division: Life In A Gay Rock Band

    USA , 2007 , 84 min. A chronicle of the career and impact of the queercore rockers Pansy Division from their humble beginnings playing in SF queer bars to singing their homo-anthems nationwide—retaining their integrity (and sanity) along the way.... Read more
  • The Polymath, Or The Life And Opinions Of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman

    The Polymath, Or The Life And Opinions Of Samuel R. Delany, Gentleman

    USA , 2007 , 75 min. Sexual politics and science fiction writing in New York City, through the eyes of African American author Samuel Delany (The Motion of Light in Water, Dhalgren).... Read more
  • Punch Like A Girl / A Ring of Their Own

    Punch Like A Girl / A Ring of Their Own

    USA , 2008 , 58 min. This pair of documentaries pulls us into the gym, the ring and the lives of competitive female boxers whose dedication to the sport and to each other is fierce and unwavering.... Read more
  • A Ring of Their Own

    A Ring of Their Own

    USA , 2008 , 49 min. A Ring of Their Own features Anne-Marie Saccurato and Angel Bovee, professional female boxers and out and proud lesbians. After a serious car accident at age 18, Saccurato customized a rehabilitation program to rebuild her shattered body. Along the way, she discovered the two loves of her life: boxing and Bovee, a former US Boxing Champion. With Bovee in her corner, Saccurato prepares for t... Read more
  • Sex Positive

    Sex Positive

    USA , 2008 , 76 min. Daryl Wein’s documentary tracks Richard Berkowitz’s progression from angry activist and cocky S&M hustler to broken but proud safe-sex crusader at the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic. Shown with Where the Buffalo Roam.... Read more
  • She’s A Boy I Knew

    She’s A Boy I Knew

    Canada , 2007 , 70 min. Filmmaker Gwen Haworth turns the camera on herself and her closest friends and family in this alternately emotional and hilarious, heartbreaking and heartwarming, down-to-earth documentary about her transition from male to female.... Read more
  • Simply Love

    Simply Love

    Netherlands , 2007 , 50 min. This sequel to the 1993 documentary A Change of View, which followed Marcel’s transition to Marcella, now sees Marcella reunited with teenage sweetheart Marijke—and their bond just as strong 40 years later. Shown with Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman.... Read more
  • Tal Como Somos/Just As We Are

    Tal Como Somos/Just As We Are

    USA , 2007 , 70 min. This warm, upbeat documentary profiles seven Latinos and a transgender Latina living in the US, having survived homophobia both here and in their home countries and now flourishing in health education and HIV outreach careers.... Read more
  • Ten More Good Years

    Ten More Good Years

    USA , 2007 , 71 min. A touching and eye-opening documentary that sheds light on the unique challenges, maddening injustices and life-altering triumphs experienced by LGBT elders. Shown with the touching portrait of a San Francisco senior, Felicia.... Read more
  • Tongzhi in Love (f.k.a. A Double Life)

    Tongzhi in Love (f.k.a. A Double Life)

    China , 2008 , 30 min. A film from the Academy Award-winning team of Ruby Yang and Thomas Lennon cast perceptive, intimate eyes toward a modern China struggling to move forward into the 21st century—as the whole world watches.... Read more
  • Two Men and Two Babies

    Two Men and Two Babies

    Australia , 2007 , 52 min. What defines a family? What are the options for same-sex couples who want children? How do different societies deal with gay parenting?... Read more
  • U People

    U People

    USA , 2008 , 77 min. U People captures a cast and crew of color during the joyous making of a music video in a Brooklyn brownstone, where the spirit of coming together and bridging differences has spanned 69 years.... Read more
  • Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

    Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

    USA , 2008 , 71 min. Matt Wolf’s beautiful documentary presents the avant-garde composer and disco cult hero’s life through interviews and footage that captures the anxious energy of New York in the late ’70s and early ’80s.... Read more
  • Working On It

    Working On It

    Switzerland , 2008 , 50 min. A group of Berlin-based artists gathers to explore how perceptions of femininity and masculinity are constructed and ask, “What happens when you don’t fit firmly into one box or the other? Shown with A Complicated Queerness: Living Femme in a Dyke Community.... Read more
  • Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon

    Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon

    USA , 2008 , 90 min. In this entertaining oral history of the groundbreaking, legendary ’70s porn star, Jack Wrangler describes his journey from skinny Beverly Hills brat to self-confident stud/role model to serious director of legit theater.... Read more

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