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Whether it’s a sweet tale of a macho boy rental in The Philippines, a gritty take on British gang culture, or Spain’s answer to The L Word, this year’s international selection is a hodgepodge with something for everyone.

  • Ander


    Spain , 2009 , 123 min. Set in the verdant splendor of remote Basque country, a traditional family gives way to queer reinvention, as the fortysomething single farmer Ander struggles to escape parental judgment. Text Voting Code: F110... Read more
  • Anotherworld


    Italy , 106 min. Fabiomassimo Lozzi’s feature elegantly straddles the border between fiction and reality with 43 confessional vignettes that range from beautiful to anxious to heartbreaking looks at Italian gay male culture. Text Voting Code: F101... Read more
  • The Baby Formula

    The Baby Formula

    Canada , 2008 , 81 min. In a Canadian mockumentary with a kick (pun intended), Athena and Lilith rock lovely lady lumps as they dare to boldly go where no couple has gone before — simultaneously bearing children with two biological mothers. (No sperm!) Text Voting Code: F103... Read more
  • Bandaged


    Germany , 2009 , 92 min. Lucille can no longer suffer her father’s tyranny and attempts suicide, only to find herself grotesquely disfigured and in the able arms of Joan, a sensual and severe nurse who tends to Lucille’s bandages, her poetic soul and much more in this Maria Beatty feature. Text Voting Code: F106... Read more
  • Born in '68

    Born in '68

    France , 2009 , 173 min. This rollicking emotional and political history of middle-class French life begins in 1968 with an idealistic ménage-à-trois forming a commune, and ends with some hard-earned truths about love and activism. Text Voting Code: F133... Read more
  • Boy


    Philippines , 2008 , 83 min. An exquisitely tender evocation of the delicate nether-world between lust and love, the latest from gifted Filipino director Aureus Solito (The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros) centers on a poetic, well-off teenager and the macho dancer he rents for New Year’s Eve. Text Voting Code: F131... Read more
  • The Country Teacher

    The Country Teacher

    Czech Republic , 2008 , 113 min. Winner of Best Queer Film at Reykjavík Film Festival last year, The Country Teacher’s elegiac camera work and subtle character motivations give it the sweeping feel of classical foreign cinema, while its bites of wit give it a sense of the modern that makes this coming out story one you surely haven’t seen before. Text Voting Code: F146... Read more
  • El Niño Pez

    El Niño Pez

    Argentina , 2009 , 96 min. Writer-director Lucía Puenzo won awards - including two prizes at Cannes - and critical acclaim all over the world for XXY, and now the Argentine filmmaker returns with a lesbian romance that's also a Chabrol-esque mystery thriller and a scathing examination of class differences in the South American nation.... Read more
  • Ghosted


    Germany , 2009 , 89 min. A genre-mixing romance that journeys into the Taiwanese connection between women and ghosts, fest-favorite Monika Treut’s latest is a sexy, slight love story-cum-mystery that uses only the lightest imagery to put across its heady, steamy lesbian drama. Text Voting Code: F120... Read more
  • Girl Seeks Girl

    Girl Seeks Girl

    Spain , 2009 , 80 min. Hailed as Spain’s answer to The L Word, Girl Seeks Girl radiates with sexy fun, exploring the lives, loves, dreams and heartaches of a group of vibrant women living in Madrid. Text Voting Code: F140... Read more
  • Greek Pete

    Greek Pete

    UK , 2008 , 70 min. Young and beautiful, with his whole life in front of him, Pete is going to the top as the world’s greatest male escort. Greek Pete is an emotionally honest and sexually explicit documentary-narrative hybrid that exposes the world of male escorts in London. Text Voting Code: F108... Read more
  • Light Gradient

    Light Gradient

    Germany , 2009 , 75 min. Young lovers Johann and Robin bicycle through the picturesque Brandenburg Forest in Jan Krüger’s idiosyncratic road movie, an erotic tale of love and self-discovery that takes time to explore its majestic forest. Text Voting Code: F125... Read more
  • Lion's Den

    Lion's Den

    Argentina , 2009 , 113 min. Taking the fall for the death of her boyfriend, unhappily pregnant Julia is jailed with other women with young children. In this “lion’s den,” she becomes a fierce mother, risking all to keep her son and gain their freedom. Text Voting Code: F127... Read more
  • The Lollipop Generation

    The Lollipop Generation

    Canada , 2008 , 70 min. Filmed piece-by-piece for over a decade and a half, The Lollipop Generation is a loose narrative that pays homage to the grungy, life-on-the street subculture of sucker-licking, queer hooligans. Text Voting Code: F141... Read more
  • The Naked Civil Servant

    The Naked Civil Servant

    UK , 1975 , 77 min. Flamboyant Quentin Crisp is the indelible thorn in the side of conservative England in this 1975 award-winning film based on Crisp’s autobiography of the same name. The Naked Civil Servant reshaped the modern image of homosexuality and inspired Frameline33’s Opening Night film, An Englishman in New York.... Read more
  • The Other War

    The Other War

    Israel , 2008 , 45 min. In The Other War, three Tel-Aviv women navigate the complicated world away from the combat zone.Text Voting Code: F107... Read more
  • Shank


    UK , 2009 , 89 min. An unlikely gay romance blossoms within the violent world of British gang culture in this gritty drama for the YouTube Generation. The sex is explicit, the violence is shocking and the young cast is utterly impressive. This film contains explicit material. Text Voting Code: F112... Read more
  • Soundless Wind Chime

    Soundless Wind Chime

    China , 2009 , 110 min. Two lonely young men, one Chinese and one Swiss, meet in bustling Hong Kong in Kit Hung’s beautifully photographed debut feature. The film finds its true magic in love’s wake, when memory is as palpable as a steady breeze. Text Voting Code: F122... Read more
  • To Each Her Own

    To Each Her Own

    Canada , 2008 , 109 min. A Romeo & Juliet-style balcony exchange ignites a fire between free-spirit Casey and Jess, who is both married and utterly repressed. This relatable first feature captures that instant you first fell in love, and knew for sure who you were. Text Voting Code: F104... Read more
  • To Faro

    To Faro

    Germany , 2008 , 87 min. To Faro alternates from an endearing love story to a drama about the social pressures of convention, as Mel falls for hetero Jenny, and poses as Portuguese Miguel to woo her. Text Voting Code: F135... Read more
  • Until The Moon Waxes

    Until The Moon Waxes

    Japan , 2007 , 60 min. Shot with a Cassavetes-like intimacy, the film follows a young woman who suddenly discovers an electrifying and complex new path in the exhilarating energy of gay Tokyo. A fascinating character study filled with honest, emotional moments and candid dialogue. Text Voting Code: F119... Read more

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