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South America's New Queer Cinema

Queer cinema is booming across Latin America, and we're showcasing new works from Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Enjoy Sundance Award-winning Undertow, this year's Centerpiece Narrative film.

  • Dzi Croquettes

    Dzi Croquettes

    Brazil , 2009 , 98 min. Performing troupes come and go, but social justice with sequins never truly goes out of style. Dzi Croquettes tells the tale of Brazil's groundbreaking theater group that revolutionized queer performance in the volatile cultural climate of 1970s Brazil. Text Voting Code: D336... Read more
  • Elvis & Madona

    Elvis & Madona

    Brazil , 2009 , 105 min. A working-class transwoman with ambitious plans for her cabaret career and a bourgeoisie dyke photographer who wants to change the world eat up the streets of Copacabana with their passionate affair. Text Voting Code: F134... Read more
  • From Beginning to End

    From Beginning to End

    Brazil , 2010 , 96 min. Love is complicated. But it’s rarely this complicated. From the director of The Three Marias, this lush family drama of taboo romance is the story of two young half brothers whose intense childhood bond becomes tangled up in adult infatuation. Text Voting Code: F124... Read more
  • The Last Summer of La Boyita

    The Last Summer of La Boyita

    Argentina , 2009 , 93 min. The lush countryside of Argentina sets the tone for this tender tale of the summer when childhood is left behind. As school uniforms are sloughed off in favor of bathing suits, much more is revealed. Text Voting Code: F111... Read more
  • El Niño Pez

    El Niño Pez

    Argentina , 2009 , 96 min. The award-winning director of XXY, Lucía Puenzo, returns with a lesbian romance that's a Chabrol-esque mystery thriller with a scathing examination of class differences in her native Argentina. Text Voting Code: F125... Read more
  • One For Another

    One For Another

    Brazil , 2009 , 13 min. Jonas and Flavio become paternal for the first time when they realize their friend is considering an abortion in One for Another. Text Voting Code: S584... Read more
  • Paulista


    Brazil , 2009 , 83 min. Country meets city with bittersweet results in this love story focused around the residents of an apartment building. New in the city, an actress falls for a neighborhood musician, while her flatmate, a transwoman, hooks up with an adorable coworker. Text Voting Code: F108... Read more
  • Plan B

    Plan B

    Argentina , 2009 , 103 min. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Bruno decides he will do anything to get her back — even pretend to have a crush on her new, reportedly bisexual boyfriend. But what if he falls in love for real? Text Voting Code: F132... Read more
  • Professor Godoy

    Professor Godoy

    Brazil , 2009 , 14 min. Professor Godoy is a high school math teacher with a dull existence, but his life gets much more interesting when his cute student toys with the teacher’s fantasies. Text Voting Code: S592... Read more
  • Undertow


    Peru , 2010 , 100 min. Set on the stunning coast of Peru, this bittersweet Sundance award-winner portrays all members of a bisexual — and otherworldly — love triangle: a macho church leader, his devoted wife and his male lover, as they struggle with a fateful accident. Text Voting Code: F130... Read more

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