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An overwhelmingly strong year of World Cinema entries includes a fabulous high school dance teacher, Spanish poet Jaime Gil de Biedma, boys looking for thrills, a transwoman embroiled in an office romance, youth finding their voices, and German screen legend Romi Schneider, back on the big screen in a film pulled from the archives.

  • Brotherhood


    Denmark , 2009 , 90 min. Lars and Jimmy wrestle with their conflicting desires in this provocative, award-winning Danish drama about xenophobia and neo-Nazi subculture. Superbly acted, Brotherhood avoids clichés by refusing to define its characters as black-and-white stereotypes or to fetishize skinhead culture. Text Voting Code: F117... Read more
  • The Consul of Sodom

    The Consul of Sodom

    Spain , 2009 , 110 min. Matter-of-fact in its explicit content, humorous and moving in its fully realized portrait of a poet’s life, and immaculately filmed, The Consul of Sodom is a marvelously entertaining work depicting the life of writer Jaime Gil de Biedma. Text Voting Code: F139... Read more
  • Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open

    Israel , 2009 , 91 min. Set in an Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem, Eyes Wide Open is a taut tale of forbidden love that smolders from the first frame to the last. This Cannes premiere stars Israeli heartthrob Ron Danker. Text Voting Code: F121... Read more
  • FIT


    UK , 2009 , 108 min. Exploding with infectious energy, colorful characters and the importance of being true to one’s self, hugely entertaining narrative FIT focuses on the lives of six British teenagers struggling with sexual identity, repressed feelings and how to fit into “normal” society. Text Voting Code: F138... Read more
  • From Beginning to End

    From Beginning to End

    Brazil , 2010 , 96 min. Love is complicated. But it’s rarely this complicated. From the director of The Three Marias, this lush family drama of taboo romance is the story of two young half brothers whose intense childhood bond becomes tangled up in adult infatuation. Text Voting Code: F124... Read more
  • Going South

    Going South

    France , 2009 , 90 min. Matthieu wants Sam; sister Léa wants to forget her problems; Jérémie wants Léa; what Sam wants is unclear. But on this road trip to the beach, more than a little flesh will be bared, more than a few secrets revealed. Text Voting Code: F115... Read more
  • Grown Up Movie Star

    Grown Up Movie Star

    Canada , 2009 , 95 min. Closeted ex-hockey star Ray (Big Love actor Shawn Doyle) is struggling under the weight of a new affair and undergoing a sexual awakening. At the same time, his precocious 13-year-old daughter is also getting into trouble with boys. Text Voting Code: F123... Read more
  • The Last Summer of La Boyita

    The Last Summer of La Boyita

    Argentina , 2009 , 93 min. The lush countryside of Argentina sets the tone for this tender tale of the summer when childhood is left behind. As school uniforms are sloughed off in favor of bathing suits, much more is revealed. Text Voting Code: F111... Read more
  • Mädchen in Uniform

    Mädchen in Uniform

    Germany , 1958 , 95 min. A rare treat from the archives! German screen legend Romy Schneider stars as a spirited teen orphan who arrives at a strict all-girl boarding school where she falls in love with her teacher (played by the beautiful Lilli Palmer).... Read more
  • The Man who Loved Yngve

    The Man who Loved Yngve

    Norway , 2008 , 90 min. It's Norway in 1989, and Jarle's quest for coolness -- including girls -- is disrupted by a steamy encounter that turns into much more. The Smiths, Joy Division and more music legends set the tone for this award-winning tale of young love. Text Voting Code: F142... Read more
  • The Motionless

    The Motionless

    Spain , 2010 , 91 min. The Girl With No Wings and The Girl With The Broken Wings have each been left by their lovers. They try to move on together in this experimental road movie that is both heartbreaking and playfully exuberant. Text Voting Code: F120... Read more
  • El Niño Pez

    El Niño Pez

    Argentina , 2009 , 96 min. The award-winning director of XXY, Lucía Puenzo, returns with a lesbian romance that's a Chabrol-esque mystery thriller with a scathing examination of class differences in her native Argentina. Text Voting Code: F125... Read more
  • Off World

    Off World

    Canada , 2009 , 76 min. Lucky, a young Toronto man adopted from a notorious Manila slum, returns to search for his roots and his identity. As he opens up, he discovers truth, hope and love — for the family he finds there and for himself. Text Voting Code: F105... Read more
  • Out of the Blue

    Out of the Blue

    France , 2008 , 90 min. Marion is discontented, frustrated and bored, and after 22 years of marriage, she’s had enough. But in charming French fashion, after she leaves her husband, she’s swept headlong into a passionate love affair with a woman. Text Voting Code: F119... Read more
  • Paulista


    Brazil , 2009 , 83 min. Country meets city with bittersweet results in this love story focused around the residents of an apartment building. New in the city, an actress falls for a neighborhood musician, while her flatmate, a transwoman, hooks up with an adorable coworker. Text Voting Code: F108... Read more
  • Plan B

    Plan B

    Argentina , 2009 , 103 min. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Bruno decides he will do anything to get her back — even pretend to have a crush on her new, reportedly bisexual boyfriend. But what if he falls in love for real? Text Voting Code: F132... Read more
  • Purple Sea

    Purple Sea

    Italy , 2009 , 105 min. Donatella Maiorca's sensuous melodrama Purple Sea explores the old-world European tradition of women passing as men. Based on a true story, the daughter of a quarry master must reconcile her gender to society's norms or risk losing her lover. Text Voting Code: F136... Read more
  • Sasha


    Germany , 2010 , 102 min. A fresh take on the coming-out film, Sasha tells the story of a Montenegrin boy growing up in Cologne, who is nurturing a powerful crush on his piano teacher while attempting to negotiate the pressures of his family and community. Text Voting Code: F131... Read more
  • Spring Fever

    Spring Fever

    Hong Kong , 2009 , 115 min. Set in the damp, moody springtime of Nanjing, this Peyton Place-meets-Jules et Jim drama follows the clandestine gay and bisexual trysts of five young people in this impressionistic look at modern life in urban China. Text Voting Code: F141... Read more
  • The String

    The String

    Tunisia , 2010 , 93 min. It's hard to keep a secret -- especially when you live with your mother. Malik's sexuality isn't a secret anymore in this story of romance and filial duty during one hot North African summer. Features legendary screen siren Claudia Cardinale. Text Voting Code: F122... Read more

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