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The best documentaries capture the richness of our communities – and we're proud to bring you the best of this year's LGBT documentaries! Open your eyes to new ideas with docs about asexuality, artists, activists, aging, science, politics, family, and much more.

  • The Advocate for Fagdom

    The Advocate for Fagdom

    France , 2011 , 92 min. You think you know, but you have no idea. Bruce LaBruce has been called many things in his life, and this film makes the case that the most appropriate—and most flattering—title would be Advocate for Fagdom.... Read more
  • and i am me

    and i am me

    USA , 2010 , 16 min. Wonderfully honest and hysterically funny this self-doc covers issues of adoption, race and family through the eyes of a seven-year-old boy.... Read more
  • Angel


    65 min. A former boxer from Ecuador, Angel is now a transsexual prostitute in France. In her first trip home since she left Ecuador, Angel is confronted with the harsh reality of her country and an ambiguous relationship with her family.... Read more
  • (A)sexual


    USA , 2011 , 75 min. Researchers speculate that 1% of the population is asexual. This fast-moving documentary profiles members of the new sexual minority on the block while raising provocative questions about queer inclusiveness and "normal" sexual desire.... Read more
  • Becoming Chaz

    Becoming Chaz

    USA , 2011 , 88 min. Chaz Bono grew up as Sonny and Cher’s adorable golden-haired daughter and felt trapped in a female shell. Becoming Chaz is a bracingly intimate portrait of a person in transition and the relationships that must evolve with him.... Read more
  • Blink


    USA , 2010 , 8 min. A lifelong obsession with photography gave Russ Osterwell a way to record his near-death bout with Kaposi’s Sarcoma, an AIDS-related illness, in Blink.... Read more
  • Celebrating the Life of Del Martin

    Celebrating the Life of Del Martin

    USA , 2011 , 57 min. Whether or not you were at City Hall on the momentous day of Del Martin’s civil memorial service, this film shares the joy of the event. Hear luminaries of the LGBT rights movement share memories of Martin’s extraordinary life.... Read more
  • Coming Out in the 1950s:  Stories of our Lives

    Coming Out in the 1950s: Stories of our Lives

    USA , 2011 , 15 min. Teens interview gay elders about their experiences growing up in the 1950s and how they created, formed and nurtured a gay community in a time when gay lives were underground and hidden.... Read more
  • Crowned & Bound

    Crowned & Bound

    USA , 2010 , 21 min. Crowned & Bound shares the history of IML (International Mr. Leather), highlights the brotherhood among contestants and packs in plenty of “Pecs & Personality” as it goes behind the scenes of IML 2010.... Read more
  • daKings


    Norway , 2010 , 58 min. Director Kenneth Elvebakk tracks the Norwegian drag king troupe of daKings through rehearsals, costume fittings, and very long—and sometimes tense—troupe meetings.... Read more
  • Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense

    Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense

    99 min. This film documents the eventful life and cinematic legacy of exceptional Swiss director, Daniel Schmid. Little did he know that one day his work would stand with filmmaking legends like Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Rosa von Praunheim.... Read more
  • Death Of My Daughter

    Death Of My Daughter

    USA , 2011 , 9 min. Upon learning of the filmmaker’s transition, a mother declares to the family that her daughter is dead. The filmmaker documents transgender people as they are being styled for a photo shoot.... Read more
  • East Bloc Love

    East Bloc Love

    106 min. In Belarus, where being openly gay leads to beatings and arrest, activists take to the streets of Minsk to demand equality from the last dictatorship in Europe. The Other Parade highlights the fight for LGBT inclusion in NYC’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.... Read more
  • Eau Queer Festival

    Eau Queer Festival

    USA , 2010 , 11 min. Students from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire taped their experiences at the 40th annual Pride events held in San Francisco, CA, with an eye to create their own film festival.... Read more
  • The Faux Real

    The Faux Real

    USA , 2010 , 21 min. Director Suzanne Hillinger follows three performers with one thing in common—they are all cisgender (that is, not transgender) women who perform as—and identify as—drag queens.... Read more
  • Gen Silent

    Gen Silent

    81 min. Our “greatest generation” is still here and still queer. But those who fought hardest to come out now face rampant discrimination in eldercare services. Gen Silent is a moving exposé of the way we honor our LGBT elders.... Read more
  • The Gift of Family

    The Gift of Family

    USA , 2011 , 18 min. Black lesbians raising children reveal the gift of family.... Read more
  • Gone


    USA , 2010 , 85 min. Kathy Gilleran quests for truth when her son, a former Mr. Gay Austria, vanishes in Vienna. As Kathy discovers contradictions in the evidence, she faces severe police intimidation in what she learns is a dark cover-up.... Read more
  • The Grove

    The Grove

    91 min. What is the role of Golden Gate Park’s National AIDS Memorial? A contemplative place to mourn loss? An intense representation of the AIDS epidemic? Andy Abrahams Wilson explores these questions as he follows a handful of dedicated Grove volunteers.... Read more
  • Happy Ending

    Happy Ending

    South Korea , 2010 , 15 min. Stories of happy life and love from those who have a lot to tell, but cannot be seen.... Read more
  • Hit So Hard

    Hit So Hard

    USA , 2011 , 101 min. P. David Ebersole splices archival footage—including rare clips of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and their daughter Frances Bean—with new interviews to tell the story of out drummer Patty Schemel, her time with Hole, and her struggles with addiction.... Read more
  • How Are You

    How Are You

    Denmark , 2011 , 70 min. A remarkable documentary about two now famous artists, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The film brings us back to when they fell in love with each other and started working together.... Read more
  • I Am

    I Am

    85 min. Eleven years after her mother’s death, award-winning lesbian filmmaker Sonali Gulati returns to her hometown of New Delhi to unravel the intricacies of coming out in India with I Am. A teen is curious about his brother’s homosexuality in Time Out.... Read more
  • Irma


    USA , 2010 , 13 min. An intimate musical portrait of Irma Gonzalez, the former world champion of women’s professional wrestling.... Read more
  • I Still Love Them (Je Les Aime Encore)

    I Still Love Them (Je Les Aime Encore)

    Canada , 2010 , 13 min. Michel’s whole life has revolved around one thing: Love. Seventy-nine years of romance later, he is trying to cope with his most recent breakup.... Read more
  • Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together

    Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together

    USA , 2010 , 19 min. Johnny & Lyman: A Life Together profiles the extraordinary relationship of two men who have never parted since they met on VJ Day and who have lived together through tremendous social change.... Read more
  • Last Fast Ride - The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess

    Last Fast Ride - The Life, Love and Death of a Punk Goddess

    USA , 2011 , 87 min. The legendary Bay Area punk band The Insaints was fronted by Marian Anderson, an outspoken provocateur who spent her life as a musician, fetish model and dominatrix until her untimely death. This is her story.... Read more
  • Lesbian


    USA , 2007 , 10 min. Lesbian features the voices of four Muslim lesbians who are crossing barriers by speaking honestly about their sexual orientation and living their lives honestly while continuing to practice Islam.... Read more
  • Making Christmas: The View From the Tom and Jerry Christmas Tree

    Making Christmas: The View From the Tom and Jerry Christmas Tree

    USA , 2010 , 26 min. Anyone who has visited the famed Tom & Jerry Christmas Tree display on 21st Street and wondered, “how the hell did they pull that off?” will adore this documentary framing the couple who puts together the City’s most spectacular holiday display.... Read more
  • Mind


    Australia , 2011 , 26 min. Mind artfully illustrates fantasy writer Tom Cho’s description of his gender transition as both a creative and destructive process.... Read more
  • Miwa: A Japanese Icon

    Miwa: A Japanese Icon

    France , 2011 , 65 min. A legendary entertainer and a pioneer of gay activism, Miwa looks back over a 50-year career and a fascinating life in music, film and television.... Read more
  • The Mouth of the Wolf

    The Mouth of the Wolf

    Italy , 2009 , 76 min. This film is a lyrical combination of documentary and melodrama that retells the true love story of Enzo and Mary. Enzo has returned to Genoa after prison, and Mary is a transwoman and an ex-convict herself.... Read more
  • No Gravity

    No Gravity

    70 min. Young engineer Silvia Casalino’s dreams become reality as she embarks on an unusual and bizarre journey, which leads her through a history of women in space to the icons of female space travel and cyborg culture. ... Read more
  • Only in San Francisco

    Only in San Francisco

    102 min. Three short documentaries highlight the uniqueness of San Francisco – where a couple presents a legendary Christmas display, where sexual freedom reigns supreme, and where people take seriously the political candidacy of a drag queen.... Read more
  • Orchids: My Intersex Adventure

    Orchids: My Intersex Adventure

    86 min. Sisters diagnosed with a heritable intersex condition document their experience of healing from family secrets and medical trauma. Mind artfully illustrates a fantasy writer’s description of his gender transition as both a creative and destructive process.... Read more
  • The Other Parade

    The Other Parade

    USA , 2010 , 36 min. Green isn’t playing nicely with the rest of the rainbow in this short, which follows Irish immigrant and gay rights activist Brendan Fay as he fights for inclusion in New York City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.... Read more
  • Our Compass

    Our Compass

    Canada , 2009 , 29 min. Youth living in Toronto, who are also labeled as having intellectual disabilities, come together to shatter stereotypes and talk openly about sex, relationships, battling stigma and coming out.... Read more
  • Our Wedding

    Our Wedding

    USA , 2010 , 8 min. Twin daughters of lesbians collaborate to tell the story of what their mothers’ legal marriage means to them.... Read more
  • Out For the Long Run

    Out For the Long Run

    USA , 2010 , 78 min. Filmmaker Scott Bloom (Call Me Troy, Frameline32) travels from California to Maine to meet openly gay high school and college athletes and explore how homophobia in athletics is affecting a new generation.... Read more
  • Paris is Burning

    Paris is Burning

    93 min. Dip back into LGBT history with a retrospective screening of seminal documentary Paris is Burning, exploring New York City’s ballroom scene in the late 80s. Who’s the Top? is a fantastical musical comedy about sexual exploration in a dull relationship.... Read more
  • Pasties & Staches

    Pasties & Staches

    79 min. Whether it’s pushing up the tits or binding them down, gluing on fake eyelashes or facial hair, wearing a boa and heels or a three-piece suit, the women in these documentary shorts are exploring what it means to perform gender.... Read more
  • The Queen Has No Crown

    The Queen Has No Crown

    Israel , 2011 , 85 min. Filmmaker Tomer Heymann (Paper Dolls, Frameline30) crafts an airy portrait of his family, lovers, and his commanding Israeli mother, in turn illuminating his own life as a gay man, a brother, and a son.... Read more
  • Queer Spawning

    Queer Spawning

    USA , 2011 , 10 min. The spunky Queer Spawning immerses us into the Trans Francisco Gay Area’s “Gayby Boom”!... Read more
  • Renee


    USA , 2011 , 79 min. Renée Richards, champion tennis player and future coach of Martina Navratilova, competed in the Women’s Open Cup as the first transgender player. This inspiring documentary tells of her journey of self-acceptance and refusal to give up.... Read more
  • Running in Heels: The Glendon

    Running in Heels: The Glendon "Anna Conda" Hyde Story

    USA , 2011 , 60 min. Running in Heels is a flattering portrait of the drag queen and community organizer’s commitment to social change.... Read more
  • Same Difference

    Same Difference

    USA , 2011 , 29 min. Renowned photographer Catherine Opie and award-winning filmmaker Lisa Udelson became interested in the lack of children’s voices in California during the debate over the anti-gay marriage bill Proposition 8.... Read more
  • Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

    Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure

    Australia , 2011 , 93 min. Shut Up Little Man! chronicles the pop culture “viral” phenomenon of the recorded rants of two drunken roommates—a flamboyant gay man and a raging homophobe—and touches on issues of privacy, relationships, voyeurism, and art in our culture.... Read more
  • Silent Stories

    Silent Stories

    64 min. Silent Stories is an intimate portrait of individuals forced to flee homophobia in the Middle East and Africa. In To the Marriage of True Minds, set to the narration of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, two Iraqi men test the resilience of love.... Read more
  • Smut Capital of America

    Smut Capital of America

    USA , 2010 , 16 min. This enticing documentary describes the history of the City’s sex industry, from live sex shows to the explosion of the gay porn industry in the 1970s, and the legal challenges presented with each new phase.... Read more
  • Spiral Transition

    Spiral Transition

    USA , 2010 , 6 min. Follow a filmmaker's evolving relationship with his mother as he transitions.... Read more
  • Still Around

    Still Around

    USA , 2011 , 82 min. Still Around is a feature length compilation of 15 short films about HIV/AIDS that weaves a diverse slate of Bay Area stories into one powerful video AIDS quilt of our times.... Read more
  • Still Here

    Still Here

    USA , 2010 , 21 min. Infected with HIV for thirty years, Randy is an inadvertent witness to the AIDS epidemic and works to prevent a new generation of devastation.... Read more
  • T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s

    T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s

    USA , 2011 , 29 min. T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness exposes the triply oppressed (black, female, queer) pioneers of blues through interviews with cultural historians, vintage photos, footage, and recordings, all narrated by Jewelle Gomez.... Read more
  • Tales of the Waria

    Tales of the Waria

    67 min. This intimate and engaging documentary follows four waria, or Indonesian men who have historically and openly identified as women, as they negotiate complicated personal lives in unexpected forms.... Read more
  • This Is What Love In Action Looks Like

    This Is What Love In Action Looks Like

    91 min. When Zack Stark came out to his parents, instead of love and support, he was sent to an ex-gay “rehabilitation” program for teens. His blog about the program captured widespread media attention and protest. A self-assured doc with heart.... Read more
  • Tres Gotas De Agua

    Tres Gotas De Agua

    USA , 2011 , 14 min. Share the experiences of three resilient Latina immigrant mothers who explore the multigenerational impact of their children’s coming out process.... Read more
  • Waited for

    Waited for

    76 min. Waited For interweaves three stories of South African lesbians who adopt across racial lines, exploring the ways in which these families challenge the traditional hierarchies of race and heterosexism that are still deeply entrenched in the South African psyche.... Read more
  • What's in a Name?

    What's in a Name?

    USA , 2009 , 10 min. Share intimate stories with transgender residents from Austin, Texas, about the significance of their chosen names.... Read more
  • Wish Me Away

    Wish Me Away

    USA , 2011 , 95 min. Country singer Chely Wright prayed most of her life for God to rid her of her homosexuality. This touching portrait charts the journey as she comes out, discovering the transformational power of living an authentic life.... Read more
  • With Conviction

    With Conviction

    USA , 2011 , 15 min. With fierce seduction, fat femmes of color discuss their desires, sexuality and empowerment in With Conviction, featuring author/activist Jewelle Gomez, among others.... Read more
  • With You

    With You

    USA , 2011 , 75 min. The true story of Mark Bingham and his mother, the indomitable Alice Hoagland. A charismatic rugby player and beloved friend, Bingham was one of the heroes who brought down United Flight 93 on September 11, 2011.... Read more


    96 min. Italian couples try to adopt in a country where it’s illegal, daughters of lesbians tell the story of their mothers’ marriage, and a potential parent struggles with the thought that she may carry the marker for a serious genetic disorder.... Read more

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