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Frameline35's outstanding shorts programs are long on entertainment! Whether you want serious, silly, grave, quirky or a combination of everything, this year's shorts programs have something for everyone.

  • Battlefield


    80 min. Just like everyone, gay and bisexual men face a lot of obstacles when it comes to love, whether it’s one-night stands, age differentials, first dates, first love, separations, or even our families. Either way, it’s a battlefield! Join us for some of the best gay men’s shorts of the year.... Read more
  • Bay Area Buffet

    Bay Area Buffet

    96 min. From the drag queens and bears of the Castro to the butches of Oakland, this year’s local cinematic smorgasbord provides a little something for any queer Bay Area film lover.... Read more
  • Bi Candy

    Bi Candy

    72 min. Lust triangles, rectangles and circles abound as bi characters find themselves caught in nightmares, enveloped by fantasies, traveling in foreign lands or just trying to get home and make out. The stakes are high in these genre- and reality-bending shorts that will keep you guessing, laughing, gasping, and maybe even weeping.... Read more
  • Black & Blue All Over

    Black & Blue All Over

    76 min. A titillating trio of kink films are sure to deliver and leave marks as a couple’s play date with a newbie gets triangulated, viewers are treated to a primer on staying kinky in one’s golden years and a doc portrait of a fetishist with a well-endowed footwear collection.... Read more
  • Blokes


    90 min. Try out Frameline's annual collection of polished films about young gay men—and their angst. One-sided affection, hookups, and unexpected encounters make these shorts long on drama.... Read more
  • Coming Out

    Coming Out

    94 min. Come out early and come out often! That's what the young people in this shorts collection are all about. Whether it's sexuality or true gender identity, witness the humor, agony and relief in these coming out stories.... Read more
  • Con Tu Nombre

    Con Tu Nombre

    85 min. This collection of queer Latin@ shorts brings together a strong blend of poder, fe y nuestra familia. Family photos entwine with sacred ritual and relationship remembrance, fly homeboys and crushed-out schoolgirls explore their deseos, a ranchero yearns of being una reina, and a precious regalo is shared with comunidad.... Read more
  • Double Happiness Seeks Same

    Double Happiness Seeks Same

    72 min. In this charming compilation of Asian & Pacific Islander short films, first date jitters, MUNI cruising, awkward ex sightings, and Star Wars action figures collide with familial expectations and the eternal quest to find bliss at any age.... Read more
  • Dyke Delights

    Dyke Delights

    99 min. A delightful collection of shorts sure to tickle your fancy. Among the gems: lesbian stereotypes are skewered in song, and a young girl falling in love with her piano teacher must perform to perfection to win her love.... Read more
  • Empire of Evil

    Empire of Evil

    83 min. This program contains three of the wackiest, most outlandish films at Frameline36. Feast your eyes on an inter-galactic gay super hero, a John Waters-like fairy tale, and a lurid and sleazy life and death drama by George Kuchar. ... Read more
  • Fierce and Fabulous! – Queer Women of Color Shorts

    Fierce and Fabulous! – Queer Women of Color Shorts

    97 min. From hot sizzling mixes in the kitchen, to the blazing links between drumming and spirituality, to a firestorm of love and immigration, this spicy blend of films will kindle tender and tenacious connections and leave you craving more.... Read more
  • Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts

    Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts

    67 min. Does a change of taste inherently threaten relationships? Is three really a magic number? Can tea drinkers and coffee drinkers ever truly get along? Get these answers and more in this year’s program of bisexual shorts.... Read more
  • Fly By Night

    Fly By Night

    85 min. This wonderful shorts program is an eclectic collection containing dramatic and comic stories about the sorrows and joys of our lives and how it affects our lovers, our families and our friends.... Read more
  • Fun In Boys Shorts

    Fun In Boys Shorts

    85 min. Our annual crowd-pleasing best of men’s comic shorts takes us to a backyard in Australia, a couple of front yards in Canada, a Bronx prom night, and a family’s apartment where someone loses his virginity at a religious holiday celebration.... Read more
  • Fun In Boys Shorts

    Fun In Boys Shorts

    80 min. Hunky hookers, nightmares about aging, swim suit contests followed by pool mayhem, and a Gilbert & Sullivan send up on the streets of a Norwegian town—it’s all part of this year’s uproarious gay men shorts program.... Read more
  • Fun In Girls Shorts

    Fun In Girls Shorts

    88 min. Come watch the best in lesbian shorts. Tattoo artists compete for the affections of a mysterious stranger, a street flyer leads to a surprising discovery, and a t-shirt is the battleground for a lovers' spat—and much more!... Read more
  • Fun In Girls Shorts

    Fun In Girls Shorts

    78 min. Public processing, princess meets maiden, missed connections, inopportune allergy attacks, Bollywood drag king dreams and unrequited lovers — bring a date, find a date, heck, dump a date at this stellar offering of queer women’s shorts!... Read more
  • Gayby


    100 min. This shorts program celebrates queers who are creating their own families. The Mommas, Mapas, Papis, Daddies, Duncles and Dapus showcased in these films are linked by fierce perseverance, intentional love, and absolute adoration for their precious and precocious queer spawn.... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    95 min. Celebrate youth and elders with these shorts, including films from the Frameline Generations Filmmaker Workshop. From the Tenderloin to Toronto, learn about a couple together since VJ day, a unique youth group, and college students putting on their own film festival.... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    95 min. Celebrate youth and elders in this collection of shorts, including three films from this year’s Frameline Generations Filmmaker Workshop, as well as films from around the country!... Read more
  • Girl Scouting

    Girl Scouting

    92 min. On my honor, I will scout out the ladies? Give the old three-finger salute to these short films about girls who see and be seen.... Read more
  • Glitter Emergency

    Glitter Emergency

    102 min. All that glitters is indeed gold in this wonderful collection of shorts featuring several gems from our very own Bay Area filmmakers. Peg-leg ballerinas, mimed sexual moves, and a dispute on the high seas make for a rollicking adventure!... Read more
  • Hella Love—QWOCMAP Shorts

    Hella Love—QWOCMAP Shorts

    94 min. From queer Asian family values, to a Mexicana mother coming out to her grown children, to magical musical film mash-ups with novice fairy godmothers, these joyous films rip the veil off societal expectations, elope with your heart and solemnly vow undying delight!... Read more
  • In The Life

    In The Life

    83 min. This potent compilation of Black queer shorts takes us on journey of keeping it real with fine fellas looking for love, campy Foxy Brown-inspired burlesqueploitation, strong ladies seeking understanding, and fierce allies confronting “The Church.”... Read more
  • It’s Complicated

    It’s Complicated

    90 min. Whether you have been together for years or mere hours, relationships can be nerve-racking, confusing and downright strange. For anyone who has ever felt completely lost in the world of dating, may you find refuge in these tales of the awkward moments that haunt those of us who have ever been in love (or lust.)... Read more
  • Maya Deren's Sink and Generations: New Works from Barbara Hammer

    Maya Deren's Sink and Generations: New Works from Barbara Hammer

    59 min. An evocative tribute to the mother of American avant garde film calls forth the spirit of one who was larger than life as recounted by those who knew her. And Barbara Hammer works with filmmaker Gina Carducci on a photoplay.... Read more
  • Mystery Date

    Mystery Date

    85 min. Indulge your CSI gay mind as corpses, cops and coffins stack up in this suspense-filled program from around the globe. Revenge in drag, mannequins that flip your mind, gothic tales that will upend you and gay serial killers…great night for a mystery date!... Read more
  • "Please May I Have Another?"

    88 min. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned kinkster, this collection of kink shorts aims to please, with themes of dominance and submission, trust and lust, sexual thrills and psychological desires.... Read more
  • Queermation!


    86 min. Ever wonder what the apocalypse, talking penises and a gay cartoon musical have in common? We’re not sure either, but they’re all subjects in amazing animated queer films brought to life in our annual animated program.... Read more
  • Queertoons


    78 min. A wonderful collection of both enchanting and downright hilarious animated films. Enjoy beauty queens from outer space, mystical treeworkers, a sisterhood of witches struggling with goodness, and perennial favorite girl bunnies!... Read more
  • Sazón y Sabor

    Sazón y Sabor

    94 min. Queen-sized femmes with chola roots, eager-to-please escorts, Selena-hating divas, fierce madres, sweet schoolboys finding their way, and local girls creating plenty of candela heat up this program about nuestra familia. ¡Buen provecho!... Read more
  • She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    104 min. She loves me, she loves me not. Before you start picking off petals, check out stories of love and loss in this haunting collection of shorts.... Read more
  • T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness

    T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness

    79 min. T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness: Queer Blues Divas of the 1920s exposes the triply oppressed (black, female, queer) pioneers of blues. A writer begins a tender, first love affair in Tracks. And Jay Dreams tackles issues of identity, desire, family and relationships.... Read more
  • Transtastic!


    94 min. Transtastic! is collection of transgender and genderqueer shorts that provides tantalizing tales of defiance, loss, relationships, humor, enchantment and love.... Read more
  • Transtastic!


    89 min. From the fashionable stylings of burly transmen to fairy tales of animated transwomen to the first music video by local folk-twang singer/songwriter StormMiguel Florez, this year’s crop of Transtastic! films features an exciting and eclectic representation of our trans community.... Read more
  • Us. A Family Album

    Us. A Family Album

    97 min. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.” These shorts honor the loving intentionality of creating queer families as well as the multitude of gifts and exquisite challenges that can arise for parents and parents to-be.... Read more
  • Worldly Affairs

    Worldly Affairs

    85 min. This year’s edition of the best and sexiest international gay men’s shorts takes us on a tour of Latin America, the Middle East and Down Under. We’ll visit a drag show in Cuba, take a train ride in Europe, explore a park in the Middle East and finish our journey at a juvenile detention center in Australia.... Read more
  • Worldly Affairs

    Worldly Affairs

    88 min. Join us for our annual program of the very best in international gay men's short films. Indulge your wanderlust with our global meanderings to Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada and South America.... Read more
  • Worldly Women

    Worldly Women

    91 min. Take your mind on a tour around the globe with this women’s shorts program, with destinations unlimited–seductive hotel rooms, dimly lit nightclubs, rugged coastlines, and threesomes—love is where you find it!... Read more
  • Zombies, Aussies, Musicals, Oh My!

    Zombies, Aussies, Musicals, Oh My!

    95 min. High School Musical meets Zombieland in this crazy collection of shorts, many of which come from our friends Down Under. Friends of Dorothy—and everyone else—will enjoy dance-offs, zombies, cupcakes, and werebears.... Read more

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