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Showcases are gems that are handpicked by our programmers from the hundreds of outstanding films at this year's Festival. Gaybies, Swedish love triangles, a black lesbian stud with mad swagger, an openly gay Episcopalian bishop, two Egyptian brothers and an Iranian transgender protagonist are just a few of the subjects of the stories told in this year's Showcase films.

Bye Bye Blondie

France, 2011, 87M

French film icons Emmanuelle Béart and Béatrice Dalle heat up the screen as Frances and Gloria, who broke each other's hearts as teenagers. Now middle-aged, they attempt to rekindle their romance. Will it work, this time around?

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Facing Mirrors

Iran, 2011, 102M

Iranian female director Negar Azarbayjani’s remarkable first feature is also the first Iranian narrative film with a transgender protagonist. Hoping to go overseas for FTM sex-reassignment surgery before her father marries her off to a male cousin, Eddie is saved by a naïve and conservative young wife who is shocked to learn Eddie is “trans.”

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USA, 2012, 89M

The laughs are plenty when straight girl, Jenn, and her gay best friend, Matt, decide to have a baby the old fashioned way; in Jonathan Lisecki’s irreverent romantic comedy.

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Kiss Me

Sweden, 2011, 107M

An uptight, engaged woman quickly falls in love with her free-spirited, future stepsister, and must decide between burying her feelings and losing those who love her.

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Love Free or Die

USA, 2012, 83M

Macky Alston’s latest documentary deftly unwinds the riveting story of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay, partnered bishop fighting for LGBT inclusion in the Episcopal Church. Will love conquer all? And will the Church hold together?

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My Brother the Devil

UK, 2011, 111M

Brothers Mo and Rashid are growing up in a traditional Egyptian household in a modest London flat. As they each confront their different inner demons and phobias, they must learn it is love and understanding that take real courage—before they are torn apart.

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North Sea Texas

Belgium, 2011, 96M

In this charming, sexy coming-of-age story set along the Belgian coastline in the early 1970s, Pim is a boy unafraid of his predilection for dressing up in women’s clothes, putting on makeup or pining for the handsome, older boy who lives next door.

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Stud Life

UK, 2012, 80M

Homophobia in urban London affects the lives of two best mates—a black lesbian stud and her gay male sidekick—and they are forced to reevaluate everything they know about love and friendship.

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