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Frameline presents the best of this year's U.S. LGBT feature narratives. This year's line-up runs the gamut from hilariously mishap-ridden romantic encounters, to a sumptuous neo-noir gem, to bathroom sexcapades to an endearing coming-of-age latina love story.

All Over Me

USA, 1997, 90M

Claude and Ellen are 15-year-old best friends growing up in homophobic Hell’s Kitchen in the late '90s—they are riot grrrls-in-training practicing barre chords on electric guitars with no amps in Claude’s pink bedroom and at least one of them is a budding baby dyke.

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USA, 1982, 126M

With the all-star cast of Carol Burnett, Tim Curry, Bernadette Peters, and Albert Finney, and a band of surly girls singing and dancing their way through one of the most infectious soundtracks of all time, this 30th anniversary screening of Annie is not to be missed!

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Elliot Loves

USA, 2011, 92M

Finding love in the big city is never easy. But it’s always entertaining in this bouncy romantic comedy from first time feature filmmaker Terracino. Complete with wild visual nuances, surprising fantasy interludes and a non-traditional approach to just about every aspect of filmmaking, this a must see for connoisseurs of brave new cinema.

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USA, 2012, 75M

In this adaptation of Christopher Shinn’s play Four, a closeted married man, his young daughter, a gay teen, and a minor drug dealer struggle to escape the dullness and desperation of their lives through temporary connections.

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USA, 2012, 80M

Bathroom sexcapades, porn store shenanigans and complex human-canine relationships are just some of the adventures in Kyle Henry’s engaging feature anthology, Fourplay.

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USA, 2012, 89M

The laughs are plenty when straight girl, Jenn, and her gay best friend, Matt, decide to have a baby the old fashioned way; in Jonathan Lisecki’s irreverent romantic comedy.

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I Do

USA, 2012, 97M

Special Sneak Preview! When Jack faces deportation to his native England he marries his best friend to stay with his family. But when he meets the love of his life, things get tricky and Jack must decide just how he wants to live his life.

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I Want Your Love

USA, 2012, 71M

This very sexually explicit yet mature feature, expanded from a 2010 short, tells the unflinchingly honest story of an emotionally conflicted San Francisco performance artist during his final sex-drenched, soul-searching days before moving back to Ohio.

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Joshua Tree, 1951: A Portrait of James Dean

USA, 2012, 94M

Grab your Wayfarers and hop in a vintage fifties car for a road trip full of breathtaking desert landscapes and shirtless pool parties to Joshua Tree, 1951, a sumptuously filmed, neo-noir portrait of James Dean just before he finds fame.

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Keep the Lights On

USA, 2012, 101M

Ira Sachs’s ambitious and intense depiction of the fraught relationship between a literary lawyer with substance abuse issues and a documentary filmmaker is one of the most honest and moving films in years. Through an autobiographical prism, the film refracts powerfully to convey a larger and revelatory lesson about the secrets people keep.

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The Living End

USA, 1992, 92M

Billed as “An Irresponsible Movie by Gregg Araki,” The Living End would change the future of queer cinema when it was released twenty years ago. Buckle up for this hedonistic and revolutionary road trip that will leave you spinning even today.

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Love or Whatever

USA, 2012, 84M

Corey’s life going exactly to plan, but when his hot boyfriend leaves him for a woman, he’s forced to learn that love can’t be planned. Filled with great lines and hot guys, Love or Whatever is an entertaining and delightful comedy.

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USA, 2011, 91M

Facing life anew after a bicycle racing accident is no easy challenge for Morgan. Even after finding love with Dean, is it enough to carry him as he decides to re-enter the race that paralyzed him in the first place?

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Mosquita y Mari

USA, 2011, 85M

A sweet and genuine film about two Chicana high schoolers, Yolanda, a shy, straight-A student, and Mari, her “bad girl” classmate, as they come into their own and come to grips with their budding romance.

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My Best Day

USA, 2012, 75M

At Hank’s Refrigeration on the 4th of July, receptionist Karen gets a call from her long-lost father. What follows is a day of mishaps, fireworks, and realizations alongside an ensemble of small town outsiders in this funny and reflective romp.

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Naked as We Came

USA, 2011, 84M

A lifetime of dysfunction bubbles to the serene surface of this mesmerizing drama about one family’s struggle to connect. Filmmaker Richard LeMay crafts a quiet, forceful story that raises questions about lost love, lifetime regrets and the meaning of following your passion.

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A Perfect Ending

USA, 2011, 114M

The sexual chemistry is off the charts between ’90s TV icon Barbara Niven as the beautiful blond client and out lesbian actress Jessica Clark as the smokin’ hot hooker who truly does have a heart of gold (backed by the fabulous Morgan Fairchild as the madam).

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USA, 2011, 104M

Meek, neurotic blogger Charlie Petunia is supposed to be celibate, but he’s in love with a married man… who lives in the apartment downstairs! Luckily for him, his family’s problems make his life look like a cakewalk in this personality-filled comedy with a winning ensemble cast.

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Sassy Pants

2012, 88M

A biting coming of age, inter-generational comedy, Sassy Pants follows recent homeschool grad Bethany Pruitt as she struggles to break free from her smothering mom with minimal help from her deadbeat gay dad to realize her dream of attending fashion school.

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Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

USA, 2011, 83M

Varla Jean is at it again in this epically campy screen adaptation of her hit musical Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads. Follow Varla as she attempts to move from dive bars and bathhouses to hosting her own children’s television show.

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The Watermelon Woman

USA, 1996, 90M

In her singular “Dunye-mentary” style, director Cheryl Dunye interweaves direct-to-camera storytelling and faux-documentary with a smartly observed fictional tale of lesbian life and love in contemporary Philadelphia.

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The Wise Kids

USA, 2011, 91M

Questions of faith and sexuality run quietly and deeply in Stephen Cone’s brilliantly sweet coming of age drama about being gay and Southern Baptist in middle-class Charleston, South Carolina.

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