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World Cinema

The best in worldwide LGBT cinema comes to San Francisco! These outstanding films engage, challenge, and entertain–-on a global scale.

Beyond the Walls

France, 2012, 98M

Depicting a fraught but passionate relationship between two difficult men, David Lambert’s first feature expertly charts the course of love from the heights of infatuation to the more mundane difficulties and unpleasantnesses of day-to-day life.

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Philippines, 2012, 110M

Veteran Filipino actor Eddie Garcia stars as a crotchety and closeted man, faced with reminders of death and stirred by a new friendship, confronts the regrets of his life and attempts to find a self-affirming way forward in this moving and powerful drama.

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Del Lado Del Verano

Spain, 2012, 100M

Tana’s father is dead, and the family dysfunction thickens in this darkly comic melodrama. As Tana and gay cousin Tomás learn, “You can only love a family when you separate from it.”

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Free Fall

Germany, 2013, 100M

A young police cadet with a pregnant girlfriend finds himself drawn to his rebellious male roommate during training and their resulting affair has serious ramifications for their friends and loved ones in this sexy and moving drama

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In the Name Of

Poland, 2012, 97M

Father Adam is a handsome and unconventional Catholic priest running a Polish reformatory for tough teenage boys. But he is in a spiritual crisis, prompted by sexual feelings he has long avoided. This compassionate feature won Berlin’s prestigious Teddy Award.

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It Gets Better

Thailand, 2012, 103M

From the countryside to a flashy resort cabaret in Thailand, seekers find rejection and love in this portrait of transgender lives rediscovered and redeemed, directed by a filmmaker who has fought bans against LGBT themes in Thai cinema.

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It's All So Quiet

Netherlands, 2013, 94M

On a placid Dutch farm, an isolated 55-year-old dairyman cares for his ailing father and rebuffs outside friendships…until small changes begin to awaken his soul. It’s All So Quiet is an intimately powerful portrait of loneliness and self-discovery.

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La Partida

Cuba, 2013, 90M

An Ecstasy-fueled night out leads to romantic feelings between Cuban youngsters Reinier and Yosvani, but external pressures of family, girlfriends, and poverty cause dramatic ups and downs in their subsequent relationship in this powerful and sexy drama set amid the streets of picturesque Havana.

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Melting Away

Israel, 2011, 86M

Galya goes looking for the son she rejected, but finds a daughter instead. Can Anna teach her bewildered parents the true meaning of family before it’s too late? This Israeli tearjerker delivers in sentimental spades.

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Argentina, 2010, 105M

Ale, a transwoman living in a shanty-town, becomes a surrogate mother for a grieving girl. Without sugarcoating Ale’s life, the film portrays her indomitable spirit in this poignant meditation on family, home and loss.

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Out in the Dark

Israel, 2012, 96M

A handsome Palestinian student, studying psychology in Tel Aviv, meets an Israeli lawyer in this suspenseful love story about the difficulties of a cross-cultural love affair when the cultures are virtually at war with one another.

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Reaching for the Moon

Brazil, 2013, 118M

Based on the novel Strange and Common Place Flowers, poet Elizabeth Bishop’s tormented love affair with Brazilian Lota de Macedo Soares gets the lavish big-screen treatment it deserves in this compelling account of their gloriously romantic, yet messy relationship.

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She: tHEiR Love Story

Thailand, 2012, 90M

Bright, entertaining and unabashedly soapy, She follows two Thai lesbians as they fall for ostensibly straight women. At times uproariously funny, the film is a crash course in Thai lesbian life.

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Brazil, 2012, 72M

Mixing elements of documentary and fiction, Simone is an intimate portrait of a woman who is blindsided by an unexpected love for a male colleague and forced to put her lesbian relationship through a crucial reevaluation.

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Soongava—Dance of the Orchids

Nepal, 2012, 85M

The first film from Nepal dealing with lesbian love features a dangerous romance between middle-class college students whose families violently oppose it. Still, a dancer and her admirer decide to live together in defiance of their conservative society.

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Australia, 2012, 97M

Star athlete and student Jordan says yes to everything—swimming and academic success, a busy social life and an affair with her hot tutor. But something has to give, in this astute Australian take on having it all.

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USA, 2013, 90M

You never know what will fill this spot. Sneak preview? Old favorite? Repeat of an audience fave? It’s never too early to buy tix for the TBA programs.

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Two Weddings and a Funeral

South Korea, 2012, 106M

A young gay Korean doctor marries a lesbian co-worker in order to pass for heterosexual in a gay-unfriendly culture. This produces results both hilarious and tragic as they discover themselves and find fulfillment by accessing a deep courage within.

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White Night

South Korea, 2012, 75M

This contemporary film noir is filled with unforgettable images and complex characters that focus on real world issues about homophobia in South Korean society while capturing the arresting and disturbing exploration of one man’s descent into the unsettling demons of his past.

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Taiwan, 2013, 104M

Sweet, introverted Weichung is a closeted gay man with a wife, a son and a new lover in this charming romantic comedy about love, family and sexuality—and the conflict many Asian gay men experience trying to reconcile all three.

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Young and Wild

Chile, 2011, 96M

Sent by her religious mother to work at an evangelical TV station, a sexually adventurous teenager set her sights on two co-workers, a pious boy and a standoffish girl, the status of both relationships becoming erotic fodder for her blog.

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