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Showcases are gems that are handpicked by our programmers from the hundreds of outstanding films at this year's Festival.

Appropriate Behavior

USA, 2013, 86M

In this dry comedy, a semi-closeted bisexual Persian American tries to live up to her family’s ideals and traditions while going through a breakup, navigating Brooklyn’s dating scene with both men and women, and figuring out what to do with the rest of her life.

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USA, 2014, 99M

A high school choirboy searches to save his soul against a backdrop of religion, Southern values, and African-American culture in the new film from the creative team behind Noah’s Arc and Punks (Frameline24).

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The Circle

Switzerland, 2014, 102M

Seamlessly combining a thriller narrative with a documentary love story, The Circle is the astounding true tale of Switzerland’s 1940s–1960s magazine of that name—and the network of friends and lovers that formed around it, becoming one of the world’s first homophile societies.

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Helicopter Mom

USA, 2014, 80M

Splashy, wacky, wildly inappropriate, and yet somehow so endearingly authentic you want to make her your best friend, Maggie Cooper is a nonstop whirlwind of meddling motherhood who fights tooth and nail to protect her sensitive son and secure a college scholarship for him—even if it means determining his as-yet-undecided sexual orientation for him.

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Kumu Hina

USA, 2013, 74M

This powerful film documents the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture within the westernizing society of modern day Hawai’i. It is told through the lens of Hina Wong-Kalu, an extraordinary Native Hawaiian woman who is both a proud mahu, or transgender person, and a respected kumu, or teacher.

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Open Up to Me

Finland, 2013, 95M

Part psychodrama and part coming-of-age tale, Open Up to Me follows Maarit, a transgender woman (played superbly by award-winning Finnish actress Leea Klemola) who equally embodies vulnerability and determination as a person anxious for her new life to finally begin.

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Out in the Night

USA, 2014, 75M

Out in the Night is a riveting documentary exploring the notorious case of The New Jersey 4, African American women branded by tabloids as a “Gang of Killer Lesbians!” after an altercation with an aggressive male “admirer” whose advances they rebuffed.

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The Way He Looks

Brazil, 2014, 96M

A warm, funny, and remarkably well-acted film about teenage love and friendship, The Way He Looks tells the story of a blind boy named Leo; his best pal, Giovana; and the new kid in school whom they both develop a crush on.

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