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World Cinema

The best in worldwide LGBT cinema comes to San Francisco! These outstanding films engage, challenge, and entertain on a global scale.

20 Lies, 4 Parents and a Little Egg

Netherlands, 2013, 81M

Modern and lovely, this Dutch film follows lesbian couple Emma and Ilse and gay couple Sjors and Bert as they raise a rebellious teenager. Amidst jealousy, confusion, and a clash of values, the couples manage to form a family.

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52 Tuesdays

Australia, 2014, 109M

When her mother reveals plans for gender transition, 16-year-old Billie is pushed towards independence, and her time with her transitioning parent is limited to Tuesday afternoons. Shot only on successive Tuesdays to mirror the story, the film is an authentic exploration of desire, responsibility, and transformation.

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Anita’s Last Cha-Cha


As a tough Armed Forces Reservist prepares to visit her childhood village, she flashes back to the sweet innocence of being a 12-year-old and the first time she fell in love with a beautiful and mysterious woman.

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Around the Block

Australia, 2013, 104M

In this vibrant, uncompromising vision of contemporary Australia, Christina Ricci and a young cast of rising Aussie talent illuminate an uplifting story of realizing one’s true identity despite the suffuse challenges of family, fiancés, and fear.

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Bad Hair

Venezuela, 2013, 93M

Young Junior’s obsessive quest for a luxuriant head of silky, straight hair threatens to compromise the already desperately pinched existence he shares with his unsympathetic mother and infant brother. This powerful, disquieting story of longing and unrelenting hardship is sweetly balanced with discerning compassion and moments of simple tenderness.

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Netherlands, 2014, 78M

In this sweet and tender Dutch drama, sparks fly when two teenage boys are romantically drawn to each other while training for a national track relay championship.

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Israel, 2013, 90M

A campy, comic confection, Cupcakes tells a tale of six friends who unexpectedly find themselves representing Israel in a Eurovision-style international song contest. It’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Denmark, 2013, 102M

Two women, a stranded Danish traveler and a Slovenian van driver, embark on an interlude that will have a profound effect on both. Dual is a bittersweet exploration of love, secrets, and the allure of travel.

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Everybody’s Got Somebody… But Me

Mexico, 2012, 100M

The dynamics of a passionate love affair between a shy, snobbish middle-aged woman and a brazen, vivacious teenage girl change suddenly and artfully in Raúl Fuentes’s feature film debut, with a unique narrative style, seductive black-and-white cinematography, and an eclectic soundtrack.

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Floating Skyscrapers


In this rare gay-themed feature from Poland, hunky swimmer Kuba dives headlong into the deep end of a passionate relationship with dreamy Michal, much to the chagrin of possessive mamas and girlfriends who tolerate the guys’ initial bromance but conspire to drown their true love.

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Futuro Beach

Brazil, 2013, 106M

A lush, moody, and erotic tale set both in Brazil and Berlin, Futuro Beach depicts the intense bond that forms between a Brazilian lifeguard and the handsome German tourist he rescues from drowning.

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Canada, 2013, 90M

Queer cinema bad boy Bruce LaBruce (Hustler White, L.A Zombie) continues to shock but also reveals a newfound sensitivity in this tender tale of 18-year-old nursing-home attendant Lake, who discovers his titular fetish for elderly men and falls hard for the wise and witty octogenarian Mr. Peabody.

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Ecuador, 2013, 82M

Against the 1999 collapse of Ecuador’s banking system in the wake of a corruption scandal, doe-eyed, sensitive Juampi feels his own world turn upside down when he meets leather-clad Juano, an indigenous Quechua, during a holiday visit to the Andes.

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I Am Happiness On Earth

Mexico, 2013, 124M

A famous film director confuses the process of artistic creation with sexual conquest when his filmic narratives interrupt his “real life”—bodies express desire, longing, and loss in this searingly sensual meditation.

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I Feel Like Disco

Germany, 2013, 95M

Flori is a pudgy teen who loves disco and struggles with his sexuality. And his overbearing dad just doesn’t get him at all. When Flori’s mom is suddenly gone, father and son must reconcile their relationship in this stellar fantasy-fueled coming-of-age dramatic comedy.

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UK, 2014, 91M

Exploring matters of lost love, memory, and cultural barriers with sensitivity and emotional truth, Lilting tells the story of a Chinese mother and her son’s British lover attempting to move on after the death of their beloved.

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My Straight Son

Venezuela, 2012, 110M

Tackling weighty issues of family, fatherhood, and freedom with charm and grace, this Venezuelan telenovela-style tearjerker tells the story of a somewhat superficial photographer who must deal with several serious life challenges.

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Of Girls and Horses

Germany, 2014, 82M

Troubled teen Alex is passed from her harried mother to Nina, a horse trainer in Northern Germany. When new girl Kathy comes for a holiday and Nina goes off to the city to see her girlfriend, things get a little out of control.

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Open Up to Me

Finland, 2013, 95M

Part psychodrama and part coming-of-age tale, Open Up to Me follows Maarit, a transgender woman (played superbly by award-winning Finnish actress Leea Klemola) who equally embodies vulnerability and determination as a person anxious for her new life to finally begin.

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Quick Change

Philippines, 2013, 98M

Walking a legal and moral tightrope, transwoman Dorina administers beautifying (but illegal and dangerous) collagen injections to her friends and beauty pageant contestant clients in Manila’s transgender community.

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Salvation Army

France, 2013, 82M

Adapting his autobiographical novel, director Abdellah Taïa tackles various taboos to tell the story of a gay Moroccan boy who finds his own personal strength within a society that shuns him.

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Something Must Break

Sweden, 2013, 90M

Sebastian, an introspective boy who’s uncomfortable in his own skin, meets Andreas, a wayward straight boy drawn to Sebastian regardless of his evolving gender identity. Their story is a journey of discovery that offers a powerful message about transitioning.

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France, 2014, 87M

Believing they have witnessed a vicious homophobic attack, a young gay Russian couple risks launching their own amateur investigation in this suspenseful drama.

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The Third One

Argentina, 2013, 69M

This decidedly modern, highly erotic film from Argentina depicts an unusual one-night stand between a happy couple of eight years and a curious university student, whom they meet on a gay webcam site.

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Tru Love

Canada, 2013, 94M

While doing a favor for her busy friend Suzanne, serial dater Tru meets Suzanne’s mother, Alice, a beautiful widow in town for a visit. What starts as a polite gesture grows into a genuine connection that will shake both Suzanne and Tru to their core.

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France, 2013, 139M

Emmanuelle Devos tears up the screen in Martin Provost’s (Séraphine) brilliant biopic of tormented lesbian writer, Violette Leduc, whose unbalanced relationship with Simone de Beauvoir was key to her eventual success.

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The Way He Looks

Brazil, 2014, 96M

A warm, funny, and remarkably well-acted film about teenage love and friendship, The Way He Looks tells the story of a blind boy named Leo; his best pal, Giovana; and the new kid in school whom they both develop a crush on.

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Germany, 2013, 105M

Adapted from the bestselling novel by Charlotte Roche, this outrageously vulgar coming-of-age tale follows an unusual teenage girl, helplessly fascinated with bodily odors and fluids, through her anatomical explorations and sexual misadventures.

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Winter Journey

Russia, 2013, 90M

Two young men from opposite sides of the socioeconomic spectrum embark on a dangerous course of self-destructive behavior in this striking and brave drama from a country where being gay has recently faced perilous hardships.

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You and the Night

France, 2013, 91M

Two young lovers and their transvestite maid await the bizarre guests of a pansexual midnight orgy in this playfully surreal, visually exciting feature film debut from Yann Gonzalez.

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Yves Saint Laurent

France, 2014, 106M

A gorgeous, sumptuous biopic about an extraordinary artist, Yves Saint Laurent tells the story of the fashion legend’s career and his decades-long love affair with Pierre Bergé. It’s a visual feast and a must-see for fashion lovers.

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