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  • Being Stavros

    Being Stavros

    UK , 2013 , 10 min. In a bid to find true love, 32-year-old Stavros enters the Mr. Gay UK beauty pageant—things don’t go as anyone plans. Stavros’s challenge: He weighs three times as much as his competitors. This joyous, affirming, and poignant profile examines gay body image and just how to wear your underpants.... Read more
  • Best


    UK , 2013 , 3 min. Leaning against a rock wall in the British countryside, two chaps in formal attire have a heated quickie…three minutes that reveal a world of fraught relationships. Best won the Sundance London Short Film Competition 2013.... Read more
  • Brace


    UK , 2013 , 25 min. In this gritty, contemporary, romantic drama set in London, Adam meets Rocky, a handsome and mysterious drifter. As the pair gets closer, Rocky seems eager to reveal a secret that Adam is not ready to hear. Silence abounds until one explosive night changes everything about the way they feel about themselves and each other.... Read more
  • Bradley Manning Had Secrets

    Bradley Manning Had Secrets

    UK , 2011 , 5 min. This is the story of Bradley Manning, not as a Wikileaks hacktivist but as a young American soldier going through a crisis of consciousness and identity. Animated in a rotoscoped pixel-art style and using dialogue from Bradley’s online conversations, this film explores issues of personal and political secrets, digital identity, and alienation.... Read more
  • Burger


    UK , 2013 , 13 min. A fast food joint in Wales is the setting for this late-night slice-of-life vignette: we hear the everyday banter of its working-class customers, who by turns flirt, threaten, strut, compete, and somehow coexist.... Read more
  • Butterfly


    UK , 2014 , 13 min. Adrianne and Karl, a transgender couple living in Ireland, both diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, share the story of their relationship and how it has changed their lives.... Read more
  • Dream Date

    Dream Date

    UK , 2012 , 3 min. Two women check into a hotel for a night of fun, but is all as it seems on this Dream Date?... Read more
  • Edward II

    Edward II

    UK , 1991 , 90 min. Unfolding in elegant tableaux, Derek Jarman’s bold version of Marlowe’s 400-year-old play focuses on the king’s obsessive love for the low-born Gaveston. Tilda Swinton is marvelous as his neglected, revengeful queen in this new digital restoration marking the 20th anniversary of Jarman’s death.... Read more
  • FU377


    UK , 2014 , 5 min. While the Indian Supreme Court tries to outlaw homosexuality, an adorable mother has her knowledge of “gay sex” in mint condition, wheeling out a tidbit or two for her heartbroken queer daughter in an effort to cheer her up.... Read more
  • Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    UK , 2013 , 10 min. Happy Birthday Cindy Wei follows 15-year-old school underdog Cindy Wei as she takes her first steps towards building up confidence and overcoming her lack of cultural identity by the discovery of her mysterious cousin Michael’s well kept secret.... Read more
  • Lilting


    UK , 2014 , 91 min. Exploring matters of lost love, memory, and cultural barriers with sensitivity and emotional truth, Lilting tells the story of a Chinese mother and her son’s British lover attempting to move on after the death of their beloved.... Read more
  • Social Networks (Make Me Feel Sh*t Sometimes)

    Social Networks (Make Me Feel Sh*t Sometimes)

    UK , 2013 , 3 min. Why does my life suck while everyone else is having #fun? And why won’t they stop Instagramming it? This musical short is a gender-bending variation on an all-too-familiar theme in our media-saturated society.... Read more