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  • I Am Gay and Muslim

    I Am Gay and Muslim

    Netherlands , 2012 , 59 min. “My sexuality doesn’t harm my religion. I am Muslim, and my sexuality keeps me Muslim.” With these words, one of the subjects of I Am Gay and Muslim gives lie to the idea that being gay and being Muslim are antithetical to each other. Director Chris Belloni follows several young men in Morocco, all of whom try to reconcile their multiple identities as gay, as Muslim, and a... Read more
  • It's All So Quiet

    It's All So Quiet

    Netherlands , 2013 , 94 min. On a placid Dutch farm, an isolated 55-year-old dairyman cares for his ailing father and rebuffs outside friendships…until small changes begin to awaken his soul. It’s All So Quiet is an intimately powerful portrait of loneliness and self-discovery.... Read more