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  • Affinity


    USA , 2008 , 94 min. This delicious period piece, based on Sarah Waters’ 1999 novel of the same name, is a women-in-prison movie with a gothic Victorian twist. Mourning her father’s death and looking for diversion, upper-class Margaret goes to Milbank Prison as a “Lady Visitor.” When she finds herself irresistibly drawn... Read more
  • Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

    Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

    USA , 2008 , 90 min. The horny heroes from Another Gay Movie get caught up in a contest to see who can have the most sex over spring break. Plus, the shocking story behind a homophobic rap video comes out in Over Da Rainbow.... Read more
  • The Art of Being Straight

    The Art of Being Straight

    USA , 2008 , 77 min. John thinks he’s got it all figured out: He’s young, good looking and has always had a way with the ladies. But when he finds himself in his boss Paul’s bed, his world is turned upside down. First, a fleeting, celluloid romance in the short Untitled Film Stills.... Read more
  • Before I Forget

    Before I Forget

    France , 2007 , 108 min. The final film in a semiautobiographical trilogy, starring director Jacques Nolot, Before I Forget is a blackly humorous and elegantly whiny lament on the plight of the aging gigolo.... Read more
  • Big Eden

    Big Eden

    USA , 2000 , 117 min. One of the most popular films ever screened by Frameline, Thomas Bezucha’s Big Eden is a romantic fantasy that rings amazingly true: the story of a small town where a frazzled gay guy can find acceptance, fulfillment and true love.... Read more
  • Bound


    USA , 1996 , 108 min. Head back to 1996 for a steamy visit with gorgeous Gina Gershon and pouty sex kitten Jennifer Tilly in this delightful lesbian crime spree and erotic thriller from the brilliant Wachowski siblings.... Read more
  • Breakfast with Scot

    Breakfast with Scot

    Canada , 2007 , 95 min. Mixing homos, hockey and family values, this light-hearted and touching Canadian comedy stars TV hunk Thomas Cavanagh as Eric, an ex-hockey player turned sportscaster who is not out at work but is living the perfect gay life at home with his lawyer boyfriend Sam (Ben Shenkman). But their closet para... Read more
  • Butch Jamie

    Butch Jamie

    USA , 2007 , 84 min. For Jamie Klein, a butch lesbian thespian determined to make it in Hollywood, getting cast in a role turns into a comic quest for gendered enlightenment.... Read more
  • Ciao


    USA , 2007 , 87 min. When Mark dies, Jeff discovers his best friend’s best-kept secret: an online lover from Italy coming to visit for the first time. Andrea and Jeff meet and discover the many ways that ciao means both goodbye and hello. Shown with the visually stunning short For a Relationship.... Read more
  • Cthulhu


    USA , 2007 , 90 min. A history professor attempts to piece together his isolated hometown’s frightening, hidden history—and his family’s role in it—in this assured debut that features Tori Spelling and boasts amazing camerawork from cinematographer Sean Kirby (Police Beat, Zoo).... Read more
  • Derek


    UK , 2008 , 76 min. This loving documentary about pioneering gay filmmaker Derek Jarman, starring and produced by Tilda Swinton, pays tribute to him while also being a cri de coeur for a time when gay cinema insisted on being defiantly outside the mainstream.... Read more
  • Dolls


    Czech Republic , 2007 , 99 min. Karin Babinská’s steamy debut is anything but a sugarcoated, coming-out, coming-of-age film as three Czech teenage girls hit the road in search of excitement—and two of them discover an undeniable mutual attraction.... Read more
  • Don’t Go

    Don’t Go

    USA , 2007 , 51 min. A refreshing foray into the ensemble cast dramedy, Don’t Go is like “The L Word” with more racial and socioeconomic diversity-funny, fierce and oozing sexuality and attitude. Plus three short films from the heartbreaking to the hilarious.... Read more
  • Dottie's Magic Pockets

    Dottie's Magic Pockets

    57 min. Frustrated by the lack of diverse programming for your kids? Nothing out there that reflects your family? No need to feel left out any longer! Frameline offers these made-for-TV programs by filmmakers who are lesbian moms themselves.... Read more
  • Drifting Flowers

    Drifting Flowers

    Taiwan , 2007 , 97 min. Taiwanese director Zero Chou (Spider Lilies, Frameline31) offers up three subtle, interwoven lesbian tales of the lost and found nature of love.... Read more
  • Dyke Delights

    Dyke Delights

    96 min. Join us for a delightful afternoon of dyke-a-licious shorts featuring craft-loving housewives, vampires, dance-offs, a femme primer, lusty dolls, lezbros, murderous twins and one very lovable sheep.... Read more
  • Eleven Minutes

    Eleven Minutes

    USA , 2007 , 106 min. Hot models and gay celebs populate this fabulous documentary about Jay McCarroll and his rise from winning the first-season of “Project Runway” to presenting his first show at New York’s Fashion Week.... Read more
  • Fun In Girls' Shorts

    Fun In Girls' Shorts

    102 min. Come and enjoy the best lesbian cinema from around the world with these fantastic shorts. In Brazil a young girl discovers literary love, in Africa a young boy stands up for his two mothers, and in Canada a summer swim class gives a young girl the chance to pass for a boy.... Read more
  • The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

    The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

    USA , 2007 , 106 min. At a remote lodge, a group of queer characters discovers their host has a strange mission: to marry her closeted lesbian daughter to a “cured” gay man. What follows is a perfect mix of camp, satire, chills and skin.... Read more
  • A Gay Old Time

    A Gay Old Time

    96 min. Eight revelatory short docs and fiction films reflect on the experiences of our community’s older generation, including a 91-year-old Jewish man’ relationship with his lesbian granddaughter, the oldest living drag performer, and two 70-year-old Swiss ladies who’ve been together for decades.... Read more
  • Japan Japan

    Japan Japan

    Israel , 2007 , 65 min. A handsome Israeli ex-soldier is stuck between youth and adulthood, looking for love and/or sex while dreaming of a life in Japan in this experimental evocation of modern urban slacker life. Shown with the experimental short Allen Ginsberg Gives Great Head.... Read more
  • Karmen Geï

    Karmen Geï

    Senegal , 2001 , 86 min. This Senegalese version of Carmen replaces Bizet’s French/Spanish flavors with an explosive mix of West African drums, fantastic dance numbers and scenes of sexual transgression to create a thrilling portrait of a Karmen who is more heroine than victim.... Read more
  • The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous

    The Kinsey Sicks: Almost Infamous

    USA , 2008 , 95 min. When the drag-a-pella comedy troupe gets a chance at an open-ended run in Las Vegas, you know there’s going to be drama. An intimate look at a queer act struggling to come to terms with its own success.... Read more
  • La León

    La León

    Argentina , 2006 , 85 min. Set on a remote island in northeastern Argentina, this striking debut feature, with a beautifully textured black-and-white palette, simmers with sexual tension and the environmental clamor of the jungle.... Read more
  • Law of Desire

    Law of Desire

    Spain , 1987 , 102 min. In 1987 Michael Lumpkin was one of the first film curators in the U.S. to program Pedro Almodóvar’s films. Law of Desire was the hit of the Festival that year and remains one of the renowned Spanish director’s very best.... Read more
  • Lilies


    Canada , 1996 , 95 min. In 1997 John Greyson’s Lilies received one of the most enthusiastic standing ovations in the history of the Festival and won the audience prize for best feature. Here’s your chance to see what the fuss was all about.... Read more
  • Mala Noche

    Mala Noche

    USA , 1985 , 78 min. Michael Lumpkin’s retrospective of his 25 years programming the Festival kicks off with Mala Noche, Milk director Gus Van Sant’s first feature of lust and obsession, which debuted at the Festival in 1986. One of Van Sant’s best—and gayest—films.... Read more
  • Manuela y Manuel

    Manuela y Manuel

    Puerto Rico , 2007 , 94 min. In this lively marriage of screwball comedy and melodrama, drag nightclub diva Manuela dons suit and tie to help out a pregnant friend. But transforming into Scott is not so easy for a boy who enjoys being a girl.... Read more
  • The New World

    The New World

    France , 2007 , 90 min. Lucie and Marion are in love. Starting a family seems to be the logical next step in their journey together. But they soon discover that the world of motherhood brings more questions than answers.... Read more
  • Oh Happy Day

    Oh Happy Day

    UK , 2007 , 100 min. This refreshing romantic comedy amusingly explores what happens when Saturday’s trick unexpectedly shows up at Monday’s meeting—on the other side of the conference table.... Read more
  • On the Other Hand Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery

    On the Other Hand Death: A Donald Strachey Mystery

    USA , 2008 , 86 min. The latest entertaining and suspenseful installment in here!TV’s films based on author Richard Stevenson’s long-running series of mystery books featuring Chad Allen as Donald Strachey, a gay private investigator based in Albany, New York.... Read more
  • Otto; or, Up with Dead People

    Otto; or, Up with Dead People

    Germany , 2007 , 95 min. Homocore pioneer Bruce LaBruce reworks the zombie genre as equal parts porn, academic diatribe, coming-of-age melodrama and literal smack-your-head-with-a-hammer slapstick.... Read more
  • Ruby Blue

    Ruby Blue

    UK , 2008 , 112 min. Bob Hoskins and Josiane Balasko (French Twist) deliver commanding performances as a depressed English widower and a transplanted French transsexual living in a seaside town, whose gossiped-about friendship becomes a catalyst for personal and communal awakening.... Read more
  • Saturn in Opposition

    Saturn in Opposition

    Italy , 2007 , 113 min. When Lorenzo suddenly falls into a coma, his loyal group of friends is thrown into emotional upheaval. Waiting outside his hospital room, the small secrets and tensions between them begin to magnify and undermine their relationships.... Read more
  • Simply Love

    Simply Love

    Netherlands , 2007 , 50 min. This sequel to the 1993 documentary A Change of View, which followed Marcel’s transition to Marcella, now sees Marcella reunited with teenage sweetheart Marijke—and their bond just as strong 40 years later. Shown with Envisioning Justice: The Journey of a Transgendered Woman.... Read more
  • Sordid Lives

    Sordid Lives

    USA , 2008 , 48 min. Del Shores and much of his original cast return with a sneak peek at two episodes from his upcoming TV series, a southern-fried comedy that serves as a prequel to his 2000 cult classic film of the same name.... Read more
  • Steam


    USA , 2007 , 117 min. Three very different women weave a fragile bond at their local steam room, where they hope that the hot water vapor will wash away their loneliness, confusion and fear.... Read more
  • Tru Loved

    Tru Loved

    USA , 2007 , 99 min. Surrounded by homophobic football players, Paris-and-Nicole wannabes and a doting but closeted English teacher, high school sophomore Tru co-founds a chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance in this examination of one adolescent’s courageous ability to counter small-town small-mindedness.... Read more
  • Unspoken Passion

    Unspoken Passion

    Philippines , 2007 , 109 min. Handsome Enzo finds his long-lost friend Adong when they are both booked as performers in the same gay sex show. Will the unspoken passion shared by these beautiful young men be forced into the open?... Read more
  • Were The World Mine

    Were The World Mine

    USA , 2008 , 95 min. This spirited riff on A Midsummer Night’s Dream follows a theatrical teen who longs for the hot star rugby player. In writer-director Tom Gustafson’s clever hands, the course to true love takes some strange—and beautifully staged—turns.... Read more
  • When I Knew

    When I Knew

    65 min. LGBT people across the country share their memories of the moment they knew they were attracted to the same sex. Be a part of this innovative program by recording your own stories in the When I Knew Video Booth in the AT&T Festival Pavilion.... Read more
  • Word Is Out

    Word Is Out

    USA , 1977 , 124 min. In 1978, Word Is Out shattered stereotypes of the gay experience. Thirty years later, the power of this newly restored film lies not only in its disarming, beautifully woven interviews but in how they stand as a watershed of our history.... Read more
  • The World Unseen

    The World Unseen

    UK , 2007 , 94 min. In South Africa, apartheid clamps down on every human interaction. But opposites still attract. Living-out-loud Amina meets traditional wife and mother Miriam, and their deep desire leads to driving lessons and taking a risk to be free together.... Read more
  • Worldly Affairs

    Worldly Affairs

    103 min. Our gay, cinematic traipse around the globe finds some of the Festival’s sexiest and best shorts from international filmmakers.... Read more
  • XXY


    Argentina , 2007 , 91 min. Puberty can be tough on any teenager. But for intersex teen Alex things are made even more complicated by the presence of an extra chromosome. Will she be forced to make a choice she doesn’t want to make?... Read more
  • Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

    Yes Nurse! No Nurse!

    Netherlands , 2002 , 100 min. A bleached-blonde burglar with a bubble butt strutting around in his underwear singing a love song to his pet pigeons is just one of the many charms in this Dutch musical. One of Michael Lumpkin’s all-time favorites.... Read more
  • The Young and Evil

    The Young and Evil

    92 min. Each film in this collection of eight outstanding gay shorts is a story about youth, some confronting and some manifesting evil.... Read more

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