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  • Act Up Oral History Project Series

    Act Up Oral History Project Series

    USA , 2008 , 90 min. ACT UP helped to transform entrenched cultural ideas about homosexuality, illness, health care, civil rights, the rights of patients and more. Here is how, in the words of those who did it. Text Voting Code: D314... Read more
  • Back to Life

    Back to Life

    98 min. Women with past and present hurdles work to overcome them in this program of love, loss, new beginnings and the constant horrors of online dating.... Read more
  • Bandaged


    Germany , 2009 , 92 min. Lucille can no longer suffer her father’s tyranny and attempts suicide, only to find herself grotesquely disfigured and in the able arms of Joan, a sensual and severe nurse who tends to Lucille’s bandages, her poetic soul and much more in this Maria Beatty feature. Text Voting Code: F106... Read more
  • Bi Request

    Bi Request

    98 min. This year’s Bi Request program is all about bi love, lust and passion. From playful and sexy to unrequited and avenged, from celebratory to revealing, bisexuals are falling in, out and back in love faster than you can say “hi” and “bi!”... Read more
  • Calling All Nerds and Art Freaks

    Calling All Nerds and Art Freaks

    90 min. AMFAR AIDS insignia—clever graphic or apolitical rip-off of Robert Indiana’s LOVE? The Apple logo— simple symbol or tribute to the gay man who invented computers? Quentin Crisp—honored family member or notorious shame? You decide in these biopics.... Read more
  • Canyon Cinema's Queer Underground

    Canyon Cinema's Queer Underground

    88 min. A survey of legendary and lesser-known works of underground LGBT filmmakers from the Canyon Cinema cooperative curated by Dominic Angerame.... Read more
  • City of Borders

    City of Borders

    USA , 2009 , 66 min. Welcome to the border between Ramallah and Jerusalem, where cement barriers, barbed wire and army guards divide Israel and Palestine. Four interwoven stories reveal the complexity of LGBT life in communities where religious belief pits neighbor against neighbor. Text Voting Code: D321... Read more
  • Cure For Love

    Cure For Love

    Canada , 2008 , 59 min. This pair of films introduces us to gay people searching for both God and Love. Must they sacrifice one in order to satisfy their need for the other? Or can they reconcile both as integral aspects of their lives? Text Voting Code: D301... Read more
  • Dirt and Desire

    Dirt and Desire

    91 min. Sexy, hot, and porn-arific queers of all genders explore desire in every form in this down and dirty shorts program with a little something for everyone...and we mean everyone. Potato and bike lust is a-OK! This film contains sexually explicit material.... Read more
  • A Drag King Extravaganza

    A Drag King Extravaganza

    Canada , 2008 , 43 min. Go inside the history, art and politics of the International Drag KingCommunity Extravaganza (IDKE). With the help of performers, attendees, fans we experience the ten-year history of IDKE. Text Voting Code: S509... Read more
  • East/West - Sex & Politics

    East/West - Sex & Politics

    Germany , 2008 , 97 min. This gutsy documentary reveals the complex, contradictory nature of lesbian and gay life in Moscow, illustrating at each turn the difficulty of building a movement for minority rights — especially gay rights — in a country without a democratic tradition. Text Voting Code: D328... Read more
  • Ferron: Girl On A Road

    Ferron: Girl On A Road

    Canada , 2009 , 77 min. This film celebrates women’s music icon Ferron with stories, interviews and most of all music. Girl on a Road documents Ferron’s 2008 Vancouver concert as she reunites with her band and hits the road after a ten-year absence. Text Voting Code: D307... Read more
  • Fiona's Script

    Fiona's Script

    USA , 2008 , 93 min. Unapologetically bisexual and dazzlingly beautiful queer women of color navigate the complex terrain of family loyalty, devastating breakups and hot hookups in this one-of-a-kind bi-friendly film. Text Voting Code: F111... Read more
  • Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

    Forever's Gonna Start Tonight

    USA , 2009 , 54 min. A legendary American drag artist still performing in her seventies, the tale of Vicki Marlane is a loving tribute to a local living legacy in Forever's Gonna Start Tonight, while The Lovers and Fighters Convention chronicles the gender and sexual politics of The UK’s Gender Recognition Act. Text Voting Code: D309... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    83 min. Inspired by Frameline’s Generations Filmmaking Workshops that aim to bring youth and elders together to make films, these shorts show the power and the passion that can occur when we cross intergenerational lines to create art.... Read more
  • Get Happy

    Get Happy

    84 min. Get ready to Get Happy with this combination of gay space fighters, magical shoes, fierce drag queens and, of course, Hannah Montana.... Read more
  • An Island Calling

    An Island Calling

    New Zealand , 2008 , 72 min. After Fiji Red Cross Director-General John Scott and his partner Greg Scrivener are brutally murdered in 2001, John’s brother’s investigation leads him to draw an equally frightening and compelling line between the horrid legacy of colonialism on the Pacific Island and the homophobic hate crime. Text Voting Code: D302... Read more
  • Lion's Den

    Lion's Den

    Argentina , 2009 , 113 min. Taking the fall for the death of her boyfriend, unhappily pregnant Julia is jailed with other women with young children. In this “lion’s den,” she becomes a fierce mother, risking all to keep her son and gain their freedom. Text Voting Code: F127... Read more
  • The Lollipop Generation

    The Lollipop Generation

    Canada , 2008 , 70 min. Filmed piece-by-piece for over a decade and a half, The Lollipop Generation is a loose narrative that pays homage to the grungy, life-on-the street subculture of sucker-licking, queer hooligans. Text Voting Code: F141... Read more
  • My Buddy Claudia

    My Buddy Claudia

    Brazil , 2009 , 87 min. She went from Sao Paulo’s Stonewall and premiering as the first travesti in Brazilian soft-core films and straight men’s magazines to activism for AIDS and sex-worker rights. Claudia Wonder, in this feature documentary, is both hot and heroic. Text Voting Code: D306... Read more
  • Night Fliers

    Night Fliers

    USA , 2009 , 78 min. The only salvation for a tween butch may be in the close friendship she forms with her new neighbor in this sensitive and sincere tale of the rough life of adolescence. Text Voting Code: F116... Read more
  • Off and Running

    Off and Running

    USA , 2009 , 80 min. An African American teenager growing up in Brooklyn with two mothers attempts to contact her birth mother, bringing about an identity crisis that threatens her future in this fly-on-the-wall documentary that explores issues of race and the definition of family. Text Voting Code: D318... Read more
  • Queer Trans TV

    Queer Trans TV

    101 min. What if there really was a Queer Trans TV channel? It just might feature a transguy and an SF biogay considering wedded bliss, a school bully getting a taste of his own medicine and a hedonistic road trip that has only one rule: “no nipple sucking”.... Read more
  • Standing-N-Truth: Breaking the Silence

    Standing-N-Truth: Breaking the Silence

    USA , 2008 , 70 min. Harrowing and hopeful, this passionate, absorbing documentary about African American sexuality includes stories and insights from academics, artists and preachers as they talk about what it means to be black and gay in America. Text Voting Code: D305... Read more
  • Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen

    Still Black: A Portrait of Black Transmen

    USA , 2008 , 77 min. Preachers, teachers, students and activists educate us simply by making their presence known in this documentary filled with vivid images and an open discussion about the experience of being black, transgender and a man. Text Voting Code: D300... Read more
  • Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up

    Straightlaced: How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up

    USA , 2009 , 66 min. The latest peer-to-peer, consciousness-raising doc from local pioneer Debra Chasnoff (It’s Elementary, That’s a Family) and The Respect For All Project charmingly and disarmingly tackles teen attitudes toward gender roles with humor, color, compassion and pop. Text Voting Code: D313... Read more
  • Swiss Treats

    Swiss Treats

    92 min. It’s not just about chocolate and pocketknives anymore. The queers of Switzerland speak the universal language of queer in this eclectic shorts program.... Read more
  • To Faro

    To Faro

    Germany , 2008 , 87 min. To Faro alternates from an endearing love story to a drama about the social pressures of convention, as Mel falls for hetero Jenny, and poses as Portuguese Miguel to woo her. Text Voting Code: F135... Read more
  • Until The Moon Waxes

    Until The Moon Waxes

    Japan , 2007 , 60 min. Shot with a Cassavetes-like intimacy, the film follows a young woman who suddenly discovers an electrifying and complex new path in the exhilarating energy of gay Tokyo. A fascinating character study filled with honest, emotional moments and candid dialogue. Text Voting Code: F119... Read more
  • We Are the Mods

    We Are the Mods

    USA , 2008 , 85 min. Two teenagers come of age amidst the subculture of the British Mod scene of the 1960s, but in modern day Los Angeles in this compelling narrative of the usual teen thrills: sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll. Text Voting Code: F102... Read more

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