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  • 8: The Mormon Proposition

    8: The Mormon Proposition

    USA , 2010 , 78 min. Fresh from Sundance, 8: The Mormon Proposition shows the devastating emotional impact caused by the Mormon Church’s fight against gay marriage in California. Text Voting Codes: Always My Son: S604 8: The Mormon Proposition: D323... Read more
  • The Adonis Factor

    The Adonis Factor

    USA , 2010 , 65 min. In this fascinating, thought-provoking documentary, filmmaker Christopher Hines (The Butch Factor, Frameline33) turns his camera on men of all shapes and sizes to explore how body image affects status among gay men. Text Voting Code: D308... Read more
  • The Adults In The Room

    The Adults In The Room

    USA , 2009 , 80 min. This heartfelt tale of the relationship of a teenage boy and his older lover is genre-busting: a narrative based on the true life of the filmmaker, interspersed with a documentary about the making of the film. Text Voting Code: D322... Read more
  • Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy

    Arias with a Twist: The Docufantasy

    USA , 2010 , 88 min. It’s amazing what you can do with puppets. Especially when you add glitter, catchy tunes and the incomparable stylings of drag artist and cabaret singer Joey Arias. An engaging look at Arias’ stage collaboration with legendary puppeteer Basil Twist. Text Voting Code: D329... Read more
  • Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride

    Beyond Gay: The Politics of Pride

    Canada , 2009 , 85 min. What is Pride? Protest, parade, political action or celebration? This rousing documentary takes Vancouver Pride parade organizer Ken Coolen on an eye-opening tour of wildly varying Pride events around the globe. Text Voting Code: D326... Read more
  • Bloomington


    USA , 2010 , 83 min. Jackie is a former child actress attending college in search of independence. But as she connects with a seductive professor, her “normal” college experience gets turned upside down. Bloomington is a fresh and twisty take on the coming-of-age drama. Text Voting Code: F107... Read more
  • The Chorus/The HIV Story Project

    The Chorus/The HIV Story Project

    85 min. The Chorus chronicles stories of loss and grief, healing and hope as part of the history of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. The HIV Story Project collects personal stories of people in the Bay Area who live with AIDS.... Read more
  • Eyes Wide Open

    Eyes Wide Open

    Israel , 2009 , 91 min. Set in an Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem, Eyes Wide Open is a taut tale of forbidden love that smolders from the first frame to the last. This Cannes premiere stars Israeli heartthrob Ron Danker. Text Voting Code: F121... Read more
  • F**king Traditional Values - Queer Women of Color Shorts

    F**king Traditional Values - Queer Women of Color Shorts

    76 min. From yearning hands and ardent minds to lusting hearts with hip hop rhythms, these films shatter warped traditions and rock your world to the beat of new beginnings.... Read more
  • Gay Aesthetics & Iconography in the Films of Andy Warhol

    Gay Aesthetics & Iconography in the Films of Andy Warhol

    USA , 90 min. A can't-miss program for Warhol lovers — and those who wish they were! Yale Professor Ron Gregg's talk will investigate the inspiration Andy Warhol's experimental films drew from the gay world of 1960s New York City.... Read more
  • The Heretics

    The Heretics

    USA , 2009 , 95 min. The filmmaker tracks down former members of a women's artist collective from the '70s who put together 27 issues of HERESIES: A Feminist Publication on Art and Politics. This spirited history is a call to action to modern feminists. Text Voting Code: D335... Read more
  • Le Tigre: On Tour

    Le Tigre: On Tour

    USA , 2010 , 73 min. As a sneak preview at Frameline34, LE TIGRE: ON TOUR profiles the band on its last tour in 2004. This candidly shot documentary is full of intimate interviews, backstage pranks, impromptu dance sessions and exciting concert footage that will make you want to get up and scream, "Finally free!"... Read more
  • Lost In The Crowd

    Lost In The Crowd

    USA , 2009 , 75 min. Lost in the Crowd is the tale of the world hidden behind the bustle of New York City. Homeless LGBT youth speak for themselves with brutal honesty, with a supporting cast of shelter workers, outreach volunteers, parents and ballroom divas. Text Voting Code: D319... Read more
  • The Man who Loved Yngve

    The Man who Loved Yngve

    Norway , 2008 , 90 min. It's Norway in 1989, and Jarle's quest for coolness -- including girls -- is disrupted by a steamy encounter that turns into much more. The Smiths, Joy Division and more music legends set the tone for this award-winning tale of young love. Text Voting Code: F142... Read more
  • My Normal

    My Normal

    USA , 2009 , 83 min. One twentysomething lesbian dominatrix and her friends, all working together in one fictitious upper-crust New York City dungeon, struggle to reconcile their work with the rest of their lives in this lively escapade of sex and love. Text Voting Code: F109... Read more
  • Open


    USA , 2009 , 90 min. This striking, experimental feature follows a couple transforming themselves into each other, an androgynous beauty looking for love, and a gay man whose trans boyfriend is pregnant, as they struggle to carve out new relationships and forms of identity. Text Voting Code: F114... Read more
  • Other Nature

    Other Nature

    Nepal , 2009 , 57 min. Two eye-opening documentaries focus on the Nepalese Supreme Court’s decision to recognize a third gender, a separate identity for transgender individuals. But the government hasn’t taken action to implement the new laws, prompting gay and third gender activists to speak out. Text Voting Codes: I Am Not What You See: S631 Other Nature: D303... Read more
  • Paulista


    Brazil , 2009 , 83 min. Country meets city with bittersweet results in this love story focused around the residents of an apartment building. New in the city, an actress falls for a neighborhood musician, while her flatmate, a transwoman, hooks up with an adorable coworker. Text Voting Code: F108... Read more
  • Plan B

    Plan B

    Argentina , 2009 , 103 min. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Bruno decides he will do anything to get her back — even pretend to have a crush on her new, reportedly bisexual boyfriend. But what if he falls in love for real? Text Voting Code: F132... Read more
  • The Queer X Show

    The Queer X Show

    92 min. Part road trip, part docuporno, Too Much Pussy is the scantily-clad adventure of seven women who embark on a sex-positive performance tour of Europe’s nightclubs. Sex on Wheels is a living history bike tour of local queer sex workers. Text Voting Codes: Sex on Wheels: S580 Too Much Pussy! Feminist Sluts, a Queer X Show: D321... Read more
  • Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

    Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance

    USA , 2009 , 72 min. A "transfabulous rockumentary" that showcases gender-variant musicians, Riot Acts focuses on what matters most: the music. Music videos by trans performers Katasrophe, Athens Boys Choir and Joshua Klipp are the opening acts for this program. Voting Codes: Ez Heeb: S511 Crash: S520 Little Girl: S524 Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music Performance: D313... Read more
  • The Sisters

    The Sisters

    Austria , 2009 , 74 min. Since their inception to combat HIV and AIDS, the infamous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have established missions all over the world with glitter, wit and charity. Come explore the Sisterhood in Berlin, San Francisco and Montevideo, in Uruguay. Text Voting Code: D316... Read more
  • The String

    The String

    Tunisia , 2010 , 93 min. It's hard to keep a secret -- especially when you live with your mother. Malik's sexuality isn't a secret anymore in this story of romance and filial duty during one hot North African summer. Features legendary screen siren Claudia Cardinale. Text Voting Code: F122... Read more
  • Trans Francisco

    Trans Francisco

    USA , 2009 , 54 min. Trans Francisco uncovers the diverse — and often misunderstood — lives of transwomen in the Bay Area. When I'm Not Alone is the story of a victim of abuse who finds hope at a clubhouse for people with disabilities. Text Voting Codes: When I'm Not Alone: S620 Trans Francisco: D302... Read more
  • Transtastic!


    84 min. This collection of trans-themed shorts provides tantalizing tastes of exuberance, loss, love, wit and charm. Join us for an exuberant dance party in a park, a tribute to a good friend, a little dumpster diving and much more!... Read more
  • We Have to Stop Now

    We Have to Stop Now

    USA , 2009 , 79 min. Festival favorites Jill Bennett and Cathy DeBuono star as a dysfunctional couple struggling to keep up pretenses after their relationship book becomes a bestseller. This sexy, wacky, down-to-earth rollercoaster might remind you of your most dysfunctional (yet likeable) queer friends. Text Voting Code: F106... Read more
  • William S. Burroughs: A Man Within

    William S. Burroughs: A Man Within

    USA , 2009 , 90 min. This long-awaited documentary follows the life and times of Beat writer, literary outlaw, and ex-junkie William S. Burroughs. Combining never-before-seen footage and interviews with a countercultural who’s who, A Man Within is a revealing portrait of the man behind the icon. Text Voting Code: D332... Read more

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