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  • Absent


    Argentina , 2011 , 87 min. Sebastiano teaches high school gym classes and coaches swimming. But as young Martin starts to infiltrate Sebastiano’s life, his world will get turned upside down. Eerie from the first frame, this Hitchcockian thriller portrays sexual obsession with terrifying realism.... Read more
  • August


    USA , 2011 , 105 min. Emotions run high when a happily partnered man receives a message that his ex is back in town after years in Barcelona. A blast from the past becomes a passionate affair, but love is complex in this tender feature.... Read more
  • Becoming Chaz

    Becoming Chaz

    USA , 2011 , 88 min. Chaz Bono grew up as Sonny and Cher’s adorable golden-haired daughter and felt trapped in a female shell. Becoming Chaz is a bracingly intimate portrait of a person in transition and the relationships that must evolve with him.... Read more
  • Blokes


    90 min. Try out Frameline's annual collection of polished films about young gay men—and their angst. One-sided affection, hookups, and unexpected encounters make these shorts long on drama.... Read more
  • Bob's New Suit

    Bob's New Suit

    USA , 2011 , 97 min. When sweet (and often shirtless) workingman Bob decides to finally tie the knot, his sibling Stephanie’s transition to Steve is the least of his family’s worries as dark secrets threaten to come to light in this down-to-earth family drama.... Read more
  • Celebrating the Life of Del Martin

    Celebrating the Life of Del Martin

    USA , 2011 , 57 min. Whether or not you were at City Hall on the momentous day of Del Martin’s civil memorial service, this film shares the joy of the event. Hear luminaries of the LGBT rights movement share memories of Martin’s extraordinary life.... Read more
  • Cho Dependent

    Cho Dependent

    USA , 2011 , 83 min. Bearing the same name as Cho's 2010 Grammy-award nominated comedy album, this film covers it all—from her stint on Dancing With the Stars, to Lady Gaga to the culture shock of moving to the deep south for Drop Dead Diva.... Read more
  • Christopher and His Kind

    Christopher and His Kind

    USA , 2010 , 90 min. Against the intoxicating backdrop of Berlin’s gay subculture during the waning hedonism of the Weimar Republic, Christopher and His Kind presents the true story of Christopher Isherwood‘s celebrated The Berlin Stories that served as the basis for Cabaret.... Read more
  • Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

    Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same

    USA , 2011 , 70 min. The ozone layer of planet Zots is disappearing due to an overabundance of emotion! Soup up your cardboard spaceship and find the nearest wormhole to claim your seats for this crowd-pleaser.... Read more
  • Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense

    Daniel Schmid - Le chat qui pense

    99 min. This film documents the eventful life and cinematic legacy of exceptional Swiss director, Daniel Schmid. Little did he know that one day his work would stand with filmmaking legends like Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Rosa von Praunheim.... Read more
  • Dyke Delights

    Dyke Delights

    99 min. A delightful collection of shorts sure to tickle your fancy. Among the gems: lesbian stereotypes are skewered in song, and a young girl falling in love with her piano teacher must perform to perfection to win her love.... Read more
  • eCupid


    113 min. When Marshall downloads the eCupid app it takes control of his life. Suddenly hot guys throw themselves at him. He enjoys the party, until he realizes he already had love and just lost it. But is it too late?... Read more
  • The Evening Dress

    The Evening Dress

    France , 2009 , 96 min. Twelve-year-old Juliette is irresistibly drawn to her French teacher, Madame Solenska. But when the teacher’s affection seems to be waning, how far will Juliette go to take revenge?... Read more
  • A Few Days of Respite

    A Few Days of Respite

    Algeria , 2010 , 80 min. This story of an Iranian couple illegally emigrating from Iran to France is an elegant, restrained film about the subtle but profound manifestations of love when it develops amid a repressive regime.... Read more
  • Four More Years

    Four More Years

    Sweden , 2010 , 90 min. David is a Swedish political rock star who’s on the brink of ultimate success when he falls in love with Martin, a member of the opposing political party. It’s a cheeky comedic romp that redefines what it means to be bipartisan.... Read more
  • Fun In Boys Shorts

    Fun In Boys Shorts

    80 min. Hunky hookers, nightmares about aging, swim suit contests followed by pool mayhem, and a Gilbert & Sullivan send up on the streets of a Norwegian town—it’s all part of this year’s uproarious gay men shorts program.... Read more
  • Fun In Girls Shorts

    Fun In Girls Shorts

    88 min. Come watch the best in lesbian shorts. Tattoo artists compete for the affections of a mysterious stranger, a street flyer leads to a surprising discovery, and a t-shirt is the battleground for a lovers' spat—and much more!... Read more
  • Going Down in La-La Land

    Going Down in La-La Land

    USA , 2011 , 105 min. Between snippy talent agencies, endless parking tickets, and a dead-end receptionist job, Adam seems further than ever from his dream of acting. What can (and will) a charming young actor do to survive in Hollywood?... Read more
  • The Green

    The Green

    USA , 2010 , 90 min. A bucolic town erupts in rumor when an out teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship with a student. His lesbian lawyer (Julia Ormond) uncovers a secret that threatens to bring down his career, his relationship, and the entire community.... Read more
  • The Grove

    The Grove

    91 min. What is the role of Golden Gate Park’s National AIDS Memorial? A contemplative place to mourn loss? An intense representation of the AIDS epidemic? Andy Abrahams Wilson explores these questions as he follows a handful of dedicated Grove volunteers.... Read more
  • Gun Hill Road

    Gun Hill Road

    USA , 2011 , 88 min. This tense and complex family drama tells the story of a transitioning teen and a father (Esai Morales) who must put aside his notions of manhood and reinvestigate his own ideas of what having a “normal” child means.... Read more
  • Harvest


    Germany , 2011 , 85 min. Harvest shows us the beauty in the everyday with a story set on a German educational farm. Farm apprentice Marko is a loner, but curly-headed Jakob breaks his shell. Their languid, agonizing crush makes for a tender rural love story.... Read more
  • Hit So Hard

    Hit So Hard

    USA , 2011 , 101 min. P. David Ebersole splices archival footage—including rare clips of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, and their daughter Frances Bean—with new interviews to tell the story of out drummer Patty Schemel, her time with Hole, and her struggles with addiction.... Read more
  • Jamie and Jessie are Not Together

    Jamie and Jessie are Not Together

    USA , 2011 , 89 min. What do you do when you’ve got a crazy crush on your roommate, but she’s moving to New York? This quirky musical mixes original songs and a cool soundtrack for a fresh “will they or won’t they?” story.... Read more
  • Kawa


    New Zealand , 2011 , 76 min. Kawa’s life is full of obligations: to his family, his business, and his Maori community. This adaptation of Witi Ihimaera’s (Whale Rider) sexually frank novel explores what it’s like coming out with a family in tow–and facing the fallout that follows.... Read more
  • Leading Ladies

    Leading Ladies

    USA , 2010 , 102 min. Ballroom dancing sisters Toni and Tasi each have a burning secret. Enter stage mom Cheri and pirouetting best friend Cedric, (Benji Schwimmer of So You Think You Can Dance) as things tango to a heart-warming, show-stopping crescendo.... Read more
  • Leave It On the Floor

    Leave It On the Floor

    USA , 2011 , 109 min. A sizzling mash-up of Paris Is Burning, Rent and Dreamgirls, Leave It On the Floor is a supersized musical featuring a family of fierce voguing performers coming together to snatch a trophy in the big ballroom competition.... Read more
  • Longhorns


    USA , 2011 , 74 min. 1982. TEXAS. It's a world ruled by big hair, synth-pop and cowboy boots as Kevin, a straight frat-boy, enjoys finding creative ways to bond with his fellow schoolmates, usually with some 'straight' porn and an extra hand; it's all about helping a buddy out, right?... Read more
  • Mangus!


    USA , 2010 , 88 min. Mangus has spent his entire life preparing to be Jesus, until a freak accident threatens his dream. Join John Waters, Jennifer Coolidge, and Heather Matarazzo in this trashy, dark comedy from the writer/director of Fat Girls.... Read more
  • Miwa: A Japanese Icon

    Miwa: A Japanese Icon

    France , 2011 , 65 min. A legendary entertainer and a pioneer of gay activism, Miwa looks back over a 50-year career and a fascinating life in music, film and television.... Read more
  • The Mouth of the Wolf

    The Mouth of the Wolf

    Italy , 2009 , 76 min. This film is a lyrical combination of documentary and melodrama that retells the true love story of Enzo and Mary. Enzo has returned to Genoa after prison, and Mary is a transwoman and an ex-convict herself.... Read more
  • The Muppets Take Manhattan

    The Muppets Take Manhattan

    USA , 1984 , 93 min. The Muppets graduated college, they’ve written a dynamite variety show, and they’re ready for Broadway—or so they think. Bring your frogs, dogs, bears, chickens, and moppets of all ages for a giggly dose of magic in the Big Apple!... Read more
  • The Night Watch

    The Night Watch

    UK , 2011 , 90 min. For a group of outsiders in World War II London, their world is defined more by what’s missing than what’s present. Adapted from Sarah Waters’ novel, this is an achingly beautiful cyclone of missed connections and fragmented pasts.... Read more
  • Old Cats

    Old Cats

    Chile , 2010 , 89 min. From award-winning filmmakers of The Maid comes a wickedly delicious chamber drama about a family marinating in its own problems. A daughter and her butch lover drop in on her parents for a coked-up visit. What could go wrong?... Read more
  • Paris is Burning

    Paris is Burning

    93 min. Dip back into LGBT history with a retrospective screening of seminal documentary Paris is Burning, exploring New York City’s ballroom scene in the late 80s. Who’s the Top? is a fantastical musical comedy about sexual exploration in a dull relationship.... Read more
  • Private Romeo

    Private Romeo

    101 min. Same-sex attraction in an all boys military academy is a tough drill. Set to the text of Romeo and Juliet, love and trouble abound amongst eight cadets in this suspenseful and sensual retelling of the classic tale.... Read more
  • Queertoons


    78 min. A wonderful collection of both enchanting and downright hilarious animated films. Enjoy beauty queens from outer space, mystical treeworkers, a sisterhood of witches struggling with goodness, and perennial favorite girl bunnies!... Read more
  • Romeos


    Germany , 2011 , 94 min. Lukas navigates his way through a sweltering summer with a body in transition and hormones to spare. Can he find a true connection amid chaos?... Read more
  • Silent Stories

    Silent Stories

    64 min. Silent Stories is an intimate portrait of individuals forced to flee homophobia in the Middle East and Africa. In To the Marriage of True Minds, set to the narration of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, two Iraqi men test the resilience of love.... Read more
  • The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley

    The Sleeping Beauty of East Finchley

    80 min. Three films prove romance is not just for youngsters. Colonel Leadley shakes up Mr. Jones's retirement in The Colonel's Outing, while in Sleeping Beauty Joan wakes up to discover that she has a talent for more than singing.... Read more
  • Spork


    USA , 2010 , 90 min. Trapped in the harrowing hallways of middle school, Spork, a girl-identified 13 year old with an intersex condition, navigates friendships and torment. Spork pits our repressed memories of junior high against a booty-shaking soundtrack oozing with queer dance awesomeness.... Read more
  • Still Around

    Still Around

    USA , 2011 , 82 min. Still Around is a feature length compilation of 15 short films about HIV/AIDS that weaves a diverse slate of Bay Area stories into one powerful video AIDS quilt of our times.... Read more
  • Three


    Germany , 2010 , 119 min. From Tom Tykwer, the director of iconic film Run, Lola, Run comes Three, an atmospheric piece about bisexuality, love and longing in cosmopolitan Berlin. With pulsing sensuality, smoldering characters prove that love really can be as easy as one, two, three.... Read more
  • Tomboy


    France , 2011 , 84 min. Laure, a boyish ten year old, introduces herself to a new acquaintance as “Mikaël”. But as time passes, Laure’s relationship to Lisa becomes increasingly close, making the ambiguity of her situation ever more complicated.... Read more
  • Trigger


    Canada , 2010 , 78 min. Ten years after having an onstage clash, former bandmates and recovering addicts, Kat and Vic, reunite for the first time and attempt to put their unresolved issues behind them. Stars Deadwood’s Molly Parker and the late Tracy Wright.... Read more
  • Weekend


    UK , 2011 , 96 min. Russell and Glen hook up at a Friday night club, and their intimacy pulls the very different men closer. As these two unlikely companions spend the weekend talking, having sex and drinking, they discover something life altering.... Read more
  • Wish Me Away

    Wish Me Away

    USA , 2011 , 95 min. Country singer Chely Wright prayed most of her life for God to rid her of her homosexuality. This touching portrait charts the journey as she comes out, discovering the transformational power of living an authentic life.... Read more
  • With You

    With You

    USA , 2011 , 75 min. The true story of Mark Bingham and his mother, the indomitable Alice Hoagland. A charismatic rugby player and beloved friend, Bingham was one of the heroes who brought down United Flight 93 on September 11, 2011.... Read more
  • Worldly Affairs

    Worldly Affairs

    88 min. Join us for our annual program of the very best in international gay men's short films. Indulge your wanderlust with our global meanderings to Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada and South America.... Read more

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