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  • The Advocate for Fagdom

    The Advocate for Fagdom

    France , 2011 , 92 min. You think you know, but you have no idea. Bruce LaBruce has been called many things in his life, and this film makes the case that the most appropriate—and most flattering—title would be Advocate for Fagdom.... Read more
  • Angel


    65 min. A former boxer from Ecuador, Angel is now a transsexual prostitute in France. In her first trip home since she left Ecuador, Angel is confronted with the harsh reality of her country and an ambiguous relationship with her family.... Read more
  • (A)sexual


    USA , 2011 , 75 min. Researchers speculate that 1% of the population is asexual. This fast-moving documentary profiles members of the new sexual minority on the block while raising provocative questions about queer inclusiveness and "normal" sexual desire.... Read more
  • Coming Out

    Coming Out

    94 min. Come out early and come out often! That's what the young people in this shorts collection are all about. Whether it's sexuality or true gender identity, witness the humor, agony and relief in these coming out stories.... Read more
  • Community Action Center

    Community Action Center

    83 min. Get your action on with these hedonistic expressions of explicit queer lust. The art world is buzzing over Community Action Center, a collage of sexual acting out, paired here with a scene of best friends behaving badly.... Read more
  • Flight of the Cardinal

    Flight of the Cardinal

    USA , 2010 , 87 min. A sense of dread and paranoia becomes increasingly intense in this thriller set in a remote lodge in the Smokies. A recent city transplant is fixing up his lakeside resort lodge. But a major storm brings mayhem to the mountains.... Read more
  • Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts

    Fluidity - Bisexual Shorts

    67 min. Does a change of taste inherently threaten relationships? Is three really a magic number? Can tea drinkers and coffee drinkers ever truly get along? Get these answers and more in this year’s program of bisexual shorts.... Read more
  • Gayby


    100 min. This shorts program celebrates queers who are creating their own families. The Mommas, Mapas, Papis, Daddies, Duncles and Dapus showcased in these films are linked by fierce perseverance, intentional love, and absolute adoration for their precious and precocious queer spawn.... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    95 min. Celebrate youth and elders with these shorts, including films from the Frameline Generations Filmmaker Workshop. From the Tenderloin to Toronto, learn about a couple together since VJ day, a unique youth group, and college students putting on their own film festival.... Read more
  • Girl Scouting

    Girl Scouting

    92 min. On my honor, I will scout out the ladies? Give the old three-finger salute to these short films about girls who see and be seen.... Read more
  • Gone


    USA , 2010 , 85 min. Kathy Gilleran quests for truth when her son, a former Mr. Gay Austria, vanishes in Vienna. As Kathy discovers contradictions in the evidence, she faces severe police intimidation in what she learns is a dark cover-up.... Read more
  • Hannah and the Hasbian

    Hannah and the Hasbian

    80 min. A romance crossed with a buddy movie, Aussie Gordon Napier’s first feature film opens as, nonchalantly over a bowl of cereal, reserved Hannah finds out that the love of her life just into the whole girl thing anymore—herself included.... Read more
  • How Are You

    How Are You

    Denmark , 2011 , 70 min. A remarkable documentary about two now famous artists, Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset. The film brings us back to when they fell in love with each other and started working together.... Read more
  • I Am

    I Am

    85 min. Eleven years after her mother’s death, award-winning lesbian filmmaker Sonali Gulati returns to her hometown of New Delhi to unravel the intricacies of coming out in India with I Am. A teen is curious about his brother’s homosexuality in Time Out.... Read more
  • Madame X

    Madame X

    Indonesia , 2011 , 102 min. Madame X lets us have it all at once: the action-loaded superhero movie, the never-ending-laughter trashiness of queer comedy, and the social consciousness of political film. An older couple initiates Adam into new superpowers as superheroine Madame X.... Read more
  • Maya Deren's Sink and Generations: New Works from Barbara Hammer

    Maya Deren's Sink and Generations: New Works from Barbara Hammer

    59 min. An evocative tribute to the mother of American avant garde film calls forth the spirit of one who was larger than life as recounted by those who knew her. And Barbara Hammer works with filmmaker Gina Carducci on a photoplay.... Read more
  • No Gravity

    No Gravity

    70 min. Young engineer Silvia Casalino’s dreams become reality as she embarks on an unusual and bizarre journey, which leads her through a history of women in space to the icons of female space travel and cyborg culture. ... Read more
  • The One

    The One

    97 min. When will Tommy learn not to fall in love with straight guys like Daniel? More a coming of age story than a coming out story, this film gracefully examines how complicated life can be when love pulls us in opposite directions.... Read more
  • Orchids: My Intersex Adventure

    Orchids: My Intersex Adventure

    86 min. Sisters diagnosed with a heritable intersex condition document their experience of healing from family secrets and medical trauma. Mind artfully illustrates a fantasy writer’s description of his gender transition as both a creative and destructive process.... Read more
  • Pasties & Staches

    Pasties & Staches

    79 min. Whether it’s pushing up the tits or binding them down, gluing on fake eyelashes or facial hair, wearing a boa and heels or a three-piece suit, the women in these documentary shorts are exploring what it means to perform gender.... Read more
  • The Queen Has No Crown

    The Queen Has No Crown

    Israel , 2011 , 85 min. Filmmaker Tomer Heymann (Paper Dolls, Frameline30) crafts an airy portrait of his family, lovers, and his commanding Israeli mother, in turn illuminating his own life as a gay man, a brother, and a son.... Read more
  • She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

    104 min. She loves me, she loves me not. Before you start picking off petals, check out stories of love and loss in this haunting collection of shorts.... Read more
  • Tales of the Waria

    Tales of the Waria

    67 min. This intimate and engaging documentary follows four waria, or Indonesian men who have historically and openly identified as women, as they negotiate complicated personal lives in unexpected forms.... Read more
  • Unhappy Birthday

    Unhappy Birthday

    UK , 2010 , 89 min. Set in and around the remote tidal island of Amen, Unhappy Birthday is the fictional story of three outsiders’ battles against the twisted morals of an antiquated and isolated community. Inspired by British cult classics such as The Wicker Man.... Read more
  • Waited for

    Waited for

    76 min. Waited For interweaves three stories of South African lesbians who adopt across racial lines, exploring the ways in which these families challenge the traditional hierarchies of race and heterosexism that are still deeply entrenched in the South African psyche.... Read more
  • Walking Toward

    Walking Toward

    Italy , 2010 , 75 min. Bosnian immigrant Emina and her roommate Antonia find a cure for loneliness in each other. But a dark secret from Emina's mysterious past haunts her in this tense Italian drama.... Read more


    96 min. Italian couples try to adopt in a country where it’s illegal, daughters of lesbians tell the story of their mothers’ marriage, and a potential parent struggles with the thought that she may carry the marker for a serious genetic disorder.... Read more

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