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  • Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992

    Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 to 1992

    Germany , 2012 , 81 min. Two things you should know about Audre Lorde: she had a deadpan sense of humor and after her cancer diagnosis, she believed being in Berlin added years onto her life. This lively documentary uses intimate home videos and rare footage to reveal a mesmerizing portrait of a feminist icon.... Read more
  • Bay Area Buffet

    Bay Area Buffet

    96 min. From the drag queens and bears of the Castro to the butches of Oakland, this year’s local cinematic smorgasbord provides a little something for any queer Bay Area film lover.... Read more
  • Beautiful Games

    Beautiful Games

    90 min. From Brighton to San Francisco to Sydney, this trio of short sporty docs takes a sweaty look inside the traditionally macho and homophobic worlds of soccer and rugby to see what happens when gay athletes create their own teams and leagues. ... Read more
  • Bi Candy

    Bi Candy

    72 min. Lust triangles, rectangles and circles abound as bi characters find themselves caught in nightmares, enveloped by fantasies, traveling in foreign lands or just trying to get home and make out. The stakes are high in these genre- and reality-bending shorts that will keep you guessing, laughing, gasping, and maybe even weeping.... Read more
  • Black & Blue All Over

    Black & Blue All Over

    76 min. A titillating trio of kink films are sure to deliver and leave marks as a couple’s play date with a newbie gets triangulated, viewers are treated to a primer on staying kinky in one’s golden years and a doc portrait of a fetishist with a well-endowed footwear collection.... Read more
  • Christine in the Cutting Room (Work-In-Progress)

    Christine in the Cutting Room (Work-In-Progress)

    USA , 2012 , 90 min. In a new film project that straddles the boundary between documentary and art, transgender scholar and filmmaker Susan Stryker uses the career of 1950s transsexual icon Christine Jorgensen to explore identity, embodiment, technology and representation.... Read more
  • Con Tu Nombre

    Con Tu Nombre

    85 min. This collection of queer Latin@ shorts brings together a strong blend of poder, fe y nuestra familia. Family photos entwine with sacred ritual and relationship remembrance, fly homeboys and crushed-out schoolgirls explore their deseos, a ranchero yearns of being una reina, and a precious regalo is shared with comunidad.... Read more
  • Elliot Loves

    Elliot Loves

    USA , 2011 , 92 min. Finding love in the big city is never easy. But it’s always entertaining in this bouncy romantic comedy from first time feature filmmaker Terracino. Complete with wild visual nuances, surprising fantasy interludes and a non-traditional approach to just about every aspect of filmmaking, this a must see for connoisseurs of brave new cinema.... Read more
  • Graupel Poetry

    Graupel Poetry

    China , 2011 , 77 min. A surreal, sexually charged exploration of complex passions, bizarre love triangles and the thin line between sanity and madness, this fascinating filmmaking trip combining immaculate cinematography, sleek sound design and pitch perfect performances to leave you breathless at every unexpected turn.... Read more
  • Hella Love—QWOCMAP Shorts

    Hella Love—QWOCMAP Shorts

    94 min. From queer Asian family values, to a Mexicana mother coming out to her grown children, to magical musical film mash-ups with novice fairy godmothers, these joyous films rip the veil off societal expectations, elope with your heart and solemnly vow undying delight!... Read more
  • Hollywood to Dollywood

    Hollywood to Dollywood

    88 min. Armed with a movie script, an RV named “Jolene,” and a birdhouse replica of Dolly Parton’s childhood home, gay twin brothers Gary and Larry embark on an epic road trip from LA to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the hope of hand-delivering their script to Dolly during Dollywood’s 25th anniversary celebration.... Read more
  • I Do

    I Do

    USA , 2012 , 97 min. Special Sneak Preview! When Jack faces deportation to his native England he marries his best friend to stay with his family. But when he meets the love of his life, things get tricky and Jack must decide just how he wants to live his life.... Read more
  • In The Life

    In The Life

    83 min. This potent compilation of Black queer shorts takes us on journey of keeping it real with fine fellas looking for love, campy Foxy Brown-inspired burlesqueploitation, strong ladies seeking understanding, and fierce allies confronting “The Church.”... Read more
  • I Stand Corrected

    I Stand Corrected

    USA , 2011 , 83 min. This intimate and engrossing documentary follows jazz musician Jennifer Leitham’s career as a virtuoso of the upright bass and her liberating decision to risk everything to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.... Read more
  • Jobriath A.D.

    Jobriath A.D.

    USA , 2011 , 102 min. Follow the riveting story of a child piano prodigy who ultimately became the first openly gay rock star. A window into the glam music scene of the ’70s, Jobraith A.D. shines a revelatory spotlight on an unsung gay icon.... Read more
  • Joe+Belle


    Israel , 2011 , 80 min. Cynical Joe and depressed Belle don’t have much in common—except a body in the living room and some cops in pursuit. But that’s enough to spark an unlikely romance in this quirky black comedy.... Read more
  • Margarita


    Canada , 2012 , 90 min. Margarita the sexy nanny is muse to all. But when the family’s financial crisis threatens to send her back to Mexico, the “proposals” start flying and everyone must come together to keep her in town in this Canuck dramedy.... Read more
  • Mommy is Coming

    Mommy is Coming

    Germany , 2012 , 64 min. Sexy stud Claudia grapples with her vulnerability and a desire for more intimacy with her ice-queen femme girlfriend Dylan. This raunchy queer sex filled romance features a cast of top porn stars including Papí Coxxx and Jiz Lee.... Read more
  • Mosquita y Mari

    Mosquita y Mari

    USA , 2011 , 85 min. A sweet and genuine film about two Chicana high schoolers, Yolanda, a shy, straight-A student, and Mari, her “bad girl” classmate, as they come into their own and come to grips with their budding romance.... Read more
  • Positive Youth

    Positive Youth

    57 min. Positive Youth is a documentary which follows four HIV-Positive youth (late teens to 27) in four different North American cities in Cinema vérité style.... Read more
  • Sexing the Transman

    Sexing the Transman

    78 min. In this intimate inquiry into transmen's sexualities, porn star Buck Angel (famously billed as “the man with a vagina”) asks transmen and those who love them about how their bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social process of transition.... Read more
  • Taking a Chance on God

    Taking a Chance on God

    67 min. Pioneering gay priest, psychotherapist and teacher, Father John J. McNeill always knew he was gay and had intended to live as a celibate priest. But God had other plans and led McNeill on a more whole holy path.... Read more
  • Transtastic!


    89 min. From the fashionable stylings of burly transmen to fairy tales of animated transwomen to the first music video by local folk-twang singer/songwriter StormMiguel Florez, this year’s crop of Transtastic! films features an exciting and eclectic representation of our trans community.... Read more
  • UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward

    UNFIT: Ward vs. Ward

    USA , 2012 , 75 min. Who’s the better parent: a convicted murderer or a lesbian? This heartbreaking documentary chronicles the Florida custody battle between devoted mother and out lesbian Mary Ward and her ex-husband, convicted murderer John Ward.... Read more
  • Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

    Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

    97 min. Varla Jean is at it again in this epically campy screen adaptation of her hit musical Varla Jean and the Mushroom Heads. Follow Varla as she attempts to move from diva bars to hosting her own children’s television show.... Read more
  • Wildness


    USA , 2012 , 74 min. Exploring the common urban problem of community, visibility and gentrification, Wildness is a love story between a young, idealistic transplant and the magical bar that takes him in and helps him grow up.... Read more
  • Zenne Dancer

    Zenne Dancer

    Turkey , 2011 , 107 min. Tradition and modern culture collide in the lives of three gay men. The backdrop of Istanbul sets the stage for a struggle to be free—of tradition, of religion and ultimately, of oneself.... Read more