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  • Bye Bye Blondie

    Bye Bye Blondie

    France , 2011 , 87 min. French film icons Emmanuelle Béart and Béatrice Dalle heat up the screen as Frances and Gloria, who broke each other's hearts as teenagers. Now middle-aged, they attempt to rekindle their romance. Will it work, this time around?... Read more
  • Elliot Loves

    Elliot Loves

    USA , 2011 , 92 min. Finding love in the big city is never easy. But it’s always entertaining in this bouncy romantic comedy from first time feature filmmaker Terracino. Complete with wild visual nuances, surprising fantasy interludes and a non-traditional approach to just about every aspect of filmmaking, this a must see for connoisseurs of brave new cinema.... Read more
  • Facing Mirrors

    Facing Mirrors

    Iran , 2011 , 102 min. Iranian female director Negar Azarbayjani’s remarkable first feature is also the first Iranian narrative film with a transgender protagonist. Hoping to go overseas for FTM sex-reassignment surgery before her father marries her off to a male cousin, Eddie is saved by a naïve and conservative young wife who is shocked to learn Eddie is “trans.”... Read more
  • Hollywood to Dollywood

    Hollywood to Dollywood

    88 min. Armed with a movie script, an RV named “Jolene,” and a birdhouse replica of Dolly Parton’s childhood home, gay twin brothers Gary and Larry embark on an epic road trip from LA to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the hope of hand-delivering their script to Dolly during Dollywood’s 25th anniversary celebration.... Read more
  • Mosquita y Mari

    Mosquita y Mari

    USA , 2011 , 85 min. A sweet and genuine film about two Chicana high schoolers, Yolanda, a shy, straight-A student, and Mari, her “bad girl” classmate, as they come into their own and come to grips with their budding romance.... Read more
  • My Best Day

    My Best Day

    USA , 2012 , 75 min. At Hank’s Refrigeration on the 4th of July, receptionist Karen gets a call from her long-lost father. What follows is a day of mishaps, fireworks, and realizations alongside an ensemble of small town outsiders in this funny and reflective romp.... Read more
  • Stud Life

    Stud Life

    UK , 2012 , 80 min. Homophobia in urban London affects the lives of two best mates—a black lesbian stud and her gay male sidekick—and they are forced to reevaluate everything they know about love and friendship.... Read more
  • The Wise Kids

    The Wise Kids

    USA , 2011 , 91 min. Questions of faith and sexuality run quietly and deeply in Stephen Cone’s brilliantly sweet coming of age drama about being gay and Southern Baptist in middle-class Charleston, South Carolina.... Read more