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  • The Abominable Crime

    The Abominable Crime

    USA , 2013 , 66 min. A moving documentary that explores the homophobic culture of Jamaica by following a lesbian mom and a gay human rights activist, both of whom are forced to choose between homeland and survival.... Read more
  • Bi Candy

    Bi Candy

    78 min. Get your fanny packs stocked for bi-coastal travel, not-so-typical family vacations, nudist romps, and trips through time and space on the wings of gay superheroes in this year’s uproarious and heartbreaking bi-shorts program.... Read more
  • Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers

    Camp Beaverton: Meet the Beavers

    84 min. A sanctuary for women during the eight-day Burning Man celebration, Camp Beaverton with its notorious Strap-on-a-Thon party and other events is one of the biggest sexual playpens in the world—and home to an open, supportive and ever-growing sisterhood.... Read more
  • Chuppan Chupai / I Am Gay and Muslim

    Chuppan Chupai / I Am Gay and Muslim

    127 min. The reality of gay life in the Muslim world is far from simple, but complexity isn't always the worst outcome. In these two documentaries, LGBT people in Morocco and in Pakistan live and find love despite their surrounding circumstances.... Read more
  • Dating is a Contact Sport

    Dating is a Contact Sport

    88 min. Grab your sweatpants and backwards hat and head to this quartet of wisely comic shorts featuring sports dykes, sex toys, and some good-natured training in the ways of proper spanking.... Read more
  • Gay Latino Los Angeles

    Gay Latino Los Angeles

    USA , 2012 , 78 min. In their inspiring journey to adulthood, three twentysomethings from Los Angeles speak to the dynamic reality of being gay and Latino in Los Angeles, supported by an Indigenous tradition that suggests the recovery of a rich, neglected history.... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    91 min. In this year’s Generations program we feature eight films made by and for youth and elders; from a documentary about Hayward’s annual gay prom to an animated film about finding family in queers—even in outer space.... Read more
  • Get Animated!

    Get Animated!

    73 min. What do 10,000 still photographs, 1980s video games and moustached spiders have in common? This program! Endless hours of love, despair and hope make for this charming and sexy animation program inspired by insects, OkCupid, Nintendo, grandma’s dollies, the Scissor Sisters and of course, pencils!... Read more
  • Intersexion


    New Zealand , 2012 , 68 min. Witness how “it doesn’t suck to be intersex; it sucks to be persecuted.” Activist Mani Bruce Mitchell and friends share their powerful journey from secrecy and shame to healing and belonging in this vital emerging community transcending the gender binary system.... Read more
  • It Gets Better

    It Gets Better

    Thailand , 2012 , 103 min. From the countryside to a flashy resort cabaret in Thailand, seekers find rejection and love in this portrait of transgender lives rediscovered and redeemed, directed by a filmmaker who has fought bans against LGBT themes in Thai cinema.... Read more
  • The Little House That Could

    The Little House That Could

    97 min. Patricia Field’s work as costume designer on Sex and the City earned her acclaim, but this tribute focuses on the community of queers, drag queens, and club kids she mentored at her iconoclastic New York boutique in the 1980s and ’90s.... Read more
  • Mama Rainbow

    Mama Rainbow

    90 min. This touching documentary about being gay in contemporary China introduces us to six different mothers of LGBT children and their own version of a “coming out” tale, as they begin to recognize, acknowledge, and accept the sexualities of their sons and daughters.... Read more
  • Melting Away

    Melting Away

    Israel , 2011 , 86 min. Galya goes looking for the son she rejected, but finds a daughter instead. Can Anna teach her bewildered parents the true meaning of family before it’s too late? This Israeli tearjerker delivers in sentimental spades.... Read more
  • One Zero One—The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane

    One Zero One—The Story of Cybersissy & BayBjane

    92 min. This vibrant documentary introduces the fantastical world of a dynamic duo drag performers: Antoine “Cybersissy” Timmermans, a visual-and-performance artist battling with schizophrenia, and Mourad “BayBjane” Zerhouni, “the smallest drag queen in the world.”... Read more
  • Rats in Glitter

    Rats in Glitter

    85 min. From psychiatric evaluations to avant-garde karaoke music videos, these dancers, directors, activists, and deserters endeavor to get things right (or defiantly wrong) in this multifarious selection of experimental short films.... Read more
  • Rebel


    78 min. Writer, Mother, Soldier, Spy. Loreta Janeta Velazquez altered her sex, ethnicity and identity to become a Confederate soldier in the US Civil War. Rebel unlocks the mystery of this border-crossing, gender-bending story that’s been dismissed as a hoax for 150 years.... Read more
  • Romeo Romeo

    Romeo Romeo

    USA , 2012 , 80 min. Newly married, Jessica and Lexy’s efforts to have a baby end up marked by frustration, disappointment, and many expensive procedures. This intimate portrait of a modern queer marriage demonstrates just how much they’re willing to invest to build a family.... Read more
  • A Self-Made Man

    A Self-Made Man

    65 min. Tony Ferraiolo is an endearing trans youth advocate who shares his personal female-to-male journey while mentoring transgender kids and advising their families. He lives by the credo “create yourself,” which saved his life and gave him wings.... Read more
  • Seventh-Gay Adventists

    Seventh-Gay Adventists

    USA , 2012 , 105 min. Sherri, Marcos, and David are LGBT people of faith deeply rooted in the Seventh-day Adventist church. Some are survivors of ex-gay therapy, they embrace their authentic selves, reconnect with the church, and inspire their communities to further embody love and compassion.... Read more
  • Sexperimental


    USA , 2013 , 69 min. A retrospective compilation of queer filmmakers Texas and Kadet’s provoking and erotic analog video art, which combined art and activism using themes of gender investigation, voyeurism, S&M, and safe sex.... Read more
  • Sexual Tension: Violetas

    Sexual Tension: Violetas

    Argentina , 2013 , 90 min. Sexual Tensions: Violetas is a collection of six Argentinian shorts that explore the erotically charged relationships between young women and how they explode into adventurous sensual and sexual encounters.... Read more
  • She: tHEiR Love Story

    She: tHEiR Love Story

    Thailand , 2012 , 90 min. Bright, entertaining and unabashedly soapy, She follows two Thai lesbians as they fall for ostensibly straight women. At times uproariously funny, the film is a crash course in Thai lesbian life.... Read more
  • Simone


    Brazil , 2012 , 72 min. Mixing elements of documentary and fiction, Simone is an intimate portrait of a woman who is blindsided by an unexpected love for a male colleague and forced to put her lesbian relationship through a crucial reevaluation.... Read more
  • Soongava—Dance of the Orchids

    Soongava—Dance of the Orchids

    Nepal , 2012 , 85 min. The first film from Nepal dealing with lesbian love features a dangerous romance between middle-class college students whose families violently oppose it. Still, a dancer and her admirer decide to live together in defiance of their conservative society.... Read more
  • What's the T?

    What's the T?

    89 min. What's the T? is asked in this candid, brave, and often humorous documentary which examines the intersecting lives of these five dynamic transwomen as they discuss passing, living stealth, getting clocked, and building sisterhood and community.... Read more
  • Where I Am

    Where I Am

    Ireland , 2012 , 70 min. After a gay bashing in Ireland in 1999 left author and anthologist Robert Drake with permanent brain damage, he chose to get better, not bitter. This inspiring, beautifully shot portrait follows the eloquent Philadelphian’s return to Dublin and Sligo.... Read more
  • Young and Wild

    Young and Wild

    Chile , 2011 , 96 min. Sent by her religious mother to work at an evangelical TV station, a sexually adventurous teenager set her sights on two co-workers, a pious boy and a standoffish girl, the status of both relationships becoming erotic fodder for her blog.... Read more