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  • Between Ring & Pendant

    Between Ring & Pendant

    85 min. This stellar collection of Asian & Pacific Islander shorts take us on a journey across the Pacific Rim and back to the Bay Area with fearless tomboys, aspiring pop divas, and some deeply complicated familial bonds.... Read more
  • Big Gay Love

    Big Gay Love

    USA , 2013 , 85 min. Jonathan Lisecki (Gayby, Frameline36) stars in this unconventional take on the standard Hollywood rom-com formula, as an awkward gay guy in the stock Meg Ryan/Kate Hudson role and a cult TV heartthrob who is cast as his potential soul mate—as they enter the path to find their Big Gay Love.... Read more
  • Big Words

    Big Words

    USA , 2012 , 94 min. Three members of a New York hip-hop group from the ’90s—one of whom is gay and estranged from the other two—unwittingly reunite on the eve of President Obama’s election in 2008.... Read more
  • Blood in the Grass

    Blood in the Grass

    82 min. Not for the faint of heart—but definitely for conspiracy theorists and those who appreciate a good story with terror and mystery. This eclectic program contains strange and haunting short films about dystopian worlds, a true crime story, and a disturbing thriller.... Read more
  • Burning Blue

    Burning Blue

    USA , 2013 , 96 min. Filmmaker David Greer, a former Naval Aviator, infuses this tragic love story with real world details, going behind the curtain to capture the emotional fallout of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”... Read more
  • Bwakaw


    Philippines , 2012 , 110 min. Veteran Filipino actor Eddie Garcia stars as a crotchety and closeted man, faced with reminders of death and stirred by a new friendship, confronts the regrets of his life and attempts to find a self-affirming way forward in this moving and powerful drama.... Read more
  • Del Lado Del Verano

    Del Lado Del Verano

    Spain , 2012 , 100 min. Tana’s father is dead, and the family dysfunction thickens in this darkly comic melodrama. As Tana and gay cousin Tomás learn, “You can only love a family when you separate from it.”... Read more
  • Dive In Deep—QWOCMAP Shorts

    Dive In Deep—QWOCMAP Shorts

    89 min. From a Chinese Butch in the Beat era to the comedic tribulations of preparing a romantic dinner and intoxicating kisses that linger through the decades, dive into the depths of these compelling films and soak up their verve and flair!... Read more
  • Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult (Season One)

    Easy Abby: Every Day Making Love More Difficult (Season One)

    USA , 2013 , 85 min. Easy Abby: Season One chronicles the (mis)adventures of a thirtysomething lesbian living in Chicago and navigating the dating scene with slickness and sense of humor while trying to have as much fun as possible.... Read more
  • Families Are Forever

    Families Are Forever

    80 min. This compelling program of short documentaries highlights the beautifully complex intersecting relationships of family of origin and chosen family. The ties that bind across bloodlines as well as cherished networks of support connect us as queer folks building communities and expanding our definition of home.... Read more
  • Fire We Make

    Fire We Make

    86 min. This impressive collection of shorts honors a multitude of Black queer voices and experiences. From the inspirational love of a pair of elders, to holding it down with strong studs and fierce butch queens, onto the Internet with Frank Ocean, and having each other’s back in community.... Read more
  • The Go Doc Project

    The Go Doc Project

    USA , 2013 , 100 min. The line between online lust and real-world love is blurred when an introverted college student befriends the magnetic go-go boy of his fantasies under the pretense of making a documentary about the gay NYC nightlife scene.... Read more
  • Heterosexual Jill

    Heterosexual Jill

    USA , 2013 , 80 min. Filmmaker Michelle Ehlen wrote, directed, and stars in this satirical pseudo-romantic comedy—and sequel to Butch Jamie (Frameline32)—about being in love with the person you think you are.... Read more
  • Ian Harvie Superhero

    Ian Harvie Superhero

    108 min. Hot guys on stage! This trio highlights three transguys who work in different capacities: Ian Harvie’s standup comedy, D’Lo’s performance art, and Rocco Katastrophe’s hip-hop.... Read more
  • I Left My Ex in San Francisco

    I Left My Ex in San Francisco

    85 min. The rarely-clothed, pregnant, dance-crazed, and death-consumed are let loose in San Francisco to wreak havoc and break hearts in this shorts program featuring Bay Area talent.... Read more
  • Implementing FAIR: LGBT Media in California Classrooms: Panel

    Implementing FAIR: LGBT Media in California Classrooms: Panel

    USA , 2013 , 90 min. Join us for this free event on how filmmakers, nonprofit orgs, and others are working to provide LGBT films for California schools, and how we can help to create a safe space for discussions in classroom settings. Senator Mark Leno, Carolyn Laub, and Bay Area educators will be on hand.... Read more
  • JOY! Portrait of a Nun

    JOY! Portrait of a Nun

    57 min. Sisters are doing it for themselves in this intimate portrait of Missionary P. Delight and her fellow members of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence as they look back on decades of faerie-fabulous radicalism and whip out their wimples for colorful celebration.... Read more
  • Last Call at Maud's

    Last Call at Maud's

    USA , 1993 , 77 min. Some genuinely wild women take center stage in Paris Poirier’s vivacious and historical documentary about Maud’s, the longest-running lesbian bar in the United States. One of the first films to receive Frameline Completion Funding, and a smash hit at the Festival the first time around, Frameline is proud to screen the 20th Anniversary screening of this witty and informative lesbian cla... Read more
  • Lewd & Lascivious

    Lewd & Lascivious

    65 min. Archival footage from the 1950s and ’60s, and frank interviews bring queer San Francisco history to life amidst the backdrop of anti-war protests pre-Compton and pre-Stonewall. As the ramifications from this New Year’s 1965 Ball sparked monumental change for gay civil rights.... Read more
  • Mr. Angel

    Mr. Angel

    75 min. Mr. Angel chronicles the life and career of porn pioneer and trans activist Buck Angel from his days as a teenage tomboy, struggling with acceptance and addiction, to becoming the most famous female-to-male adult film star in the world.... Read more
  • Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project

    Out Here: A Queer Farmer Film Project

    89 min. Queer people are sprouting up in rural and urban farms, part of the new crop of American farmers. With sustainable agriculture and a queer activist sensibility, they are healing the land, cultivating diversity in their communities, and improving food access.... Read more
  • The Secret Disco Revolution

    The Secret Disco Revolution

    Canada , 2012 , 90 min. A trio of superheroes plot the eradication of racism, sexism and homophobia by launching a cultural revolution under the guise of disco music in this vibrant and rollicking doc/narrative about the history of the era.... Read more
  • Transtastic!


    95 min. From profoundly personal journeys that breakdown the binary to stunning animations of self-discovery to dating disasters, this year’s Transtastic! shorts feature a resilient and inspiring offering of trans voices, filmmakers, and experiences.... Read more
  • Tu Recuerdo

    Tu Recuerdo

    81 min. This stunning offering of queer Latin@ shorts brings together a potent mixture of deseo, espíritu y nuestra communidad.... Read more
  • Turning


    USA , 2013 , 76 min. Queer alternative-music icon Antony Hegarty (of and Antony and the Johnsons) are joined by 13 beguiling transsexual and gender variant women on stage and behind the scenes in this revealing documentary of their acclaimed 2006 European tour, directed by pioneering video artist Charles Atlas (The Legend of Leigh Bowery).... Read more
  • Two Weddings and a Funeral

    Two Weddings and a Funeral

    South Korea , 2012 , 106 min. A young gay Korean doctor marries a lesbian co-worker in order to pass for heterosexual in a gay-unfriendly culture. This produces results both hilarious and tragic as they discover themselves and find fulfillment by accessing a deep courage within.... Read more
  • White Night

    White Night

    South Korea , 2012 , 75 min. This contemporary film noir is filled with unforgettable images and complex characters that focus on real world issues about homophobia in South Korean society while capturing the arresting and disturbing exploration of one man’s descent into the unsettling demons of his past.... Read more