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  • Arianna


    Italy , 2015 , 84 min. Arianna was born three times: once as a boy; three years later as a girl; and finally, fully, during a sultry lakeside summer, when she discovers that she is neither, or both—intersessuale.... Read more
  • Bi Candy

    Bi Candy

    88 min. Binary-breaking shorts in this year’s batch of Bi Candy range from the adorable and romantic to the real and raw.... Read more
  • Check It

    Check It

    USA , 2016 , 90 min. Desperate to survive state and police violence, a group of black gay and trans teens form a gang to protect one another. In a country where blackness is criminal, forming a gang is a radical act of resistance.... Read more
  • Coming Up Queer

    Coming Up Queer

    88 min. Back by popular demand, this year’s Coming Up Queer free program returns! From skate parks to Georgia rodeos, this set of short films showcases diverse LGBTQ youth and teen perspectives.... Read more
  • Daddy's Boy

    Daddy's Boy

    USA , 2015 , 78 min. With a nod to the French New Wave, writer-director Daniel Armando weaves together themes of fatherhood, family, and manhood in a stylish, sexy sketch of New York City—seen through the eyes of four young men involved in the low-budget porn scene.... Read more
  • Femme Brutal

    Femme Brutal

    Austria , 2015 , 70 min. When all the world’s a stage, crafting identity and desire is a performance that develops with and without an audience. In this Austrian documentary, the seven queer- and lesbian-identified performers of Club Burlesque Brutal discuss their experiences with identity and power.... Read more
  • Flashback 1977: Frameline’s Founding Year

    Flashback 1977: Frameline’s Founding Year

    91 min. In tribute to Frameline’s 40th anniversary, this program revisits a remarkable year in gay and lesbian visibility, including a film from the first festival and the rarely screened Gay USA, Arthur Bressan’s groundbreaking documentary on the burgeoning gay rights movement of 1977.... Read more
  • Girl Gets Girl

    Girl Gets Girl

    Spain , 2014 , 88 min. Sexy Inés escapes home to her chosen family in Spain after she’s caught cheating on her girlfriend. Full of surprises, colorful characters, and stolen kisses, this nonstop romp has the dyke drama of The L Word and the campy vibrancy of an Almodóvar film.... Read more
  • Guys Like Us

    Guys Like Us

    76 min. This handsome collection highlights a robust representation of transguys and transmasculine folks. From dashing gender outlaws to hunks with hearts of gold, the heroes of these stories navigate landscapes of loss, develop brotherly bonds of friendship, and discover the pure exhilaration of being someone’s “Mr. Right Now.”... Read more
  • A Holy Mess

    A Holy Mess

    Sweden , 2015 , 108 min. Simon and Oscar will soon be parents, courtesy of their best friend and surrogate Cissi. When they invite their (slightly homophobic) parents over for Christmas to share the good news, all holiday hell breaks loose, with results that are both hilarious and heartfelt.... Read more
  • Horses


    Cuba , 2015 , 95 min. Inspired by the work of Robert Mapplethorpe, this imaginative, gorgeously shot drama from Cuba revolves around the disillusionment and thwarted longings of four artists in Havana: an ambitious photographer, a beautiful model, a sullen DJ, and a wealthy arts patron.... Read more
  • The Joneses

    The Joneses

    USA , 2015 , 80 min. Jheri Jones is the 74-year-old transgender matriarch of a unique Mississippi Bible Belt family. After years of estrangement, she lives with two of her four grown sons in her tidy trailer park home, where challenges abound but love conquers all.... Read more
  • LGBTQ Film as an Agent of Social Change: Then & Now

    LGBTQ Film as an Agent of Social Change: Then & Now

    90 min. Take a closer look at LGBTQ documentaries—and the change makers behind them—that push forward important narratives, and explore the opportunities and challenges facing filmmakers eager to make a measurable social impact now.... Read more
  • Me, Myself and Her

    Me, Myself and Her

    Italy , 2015 , 97 min. Polar opposites in personality but perfectly aligned in love, Marina and Federica have built their five-year relationship on trust, respect, and chemistry. But will temptation from the past stir up old doubts?... Read more
  • Oh the Horror!

    Oh the Horror!

    88 min. Have your nightmares gotten too vanilla? Our queer-y scare-y camp-y creepshow will fix that fast! Get ready to gasp, clutch your sweetie (or the stranger next to you), and scream bloody murder at this gothic grouping of queer horror flicks.... Read more
  • Ovarian Psycos

    Ovarian Psycos

    USA , 2016 , 72 min. In the midst of persistent sexism and violence against women of color, East LA’s Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade builds on the legacy of the Chicanx civil rights movement through support, sisterhood, and having big-ass, kick-ass ovaries.... Read more
  • Queer Student Shorts

    Queer Student Shorts

    75 min. The strength and resilience of the queer community and family is at the fore of this diverse program of Queer Student Shorts.... Read more
  • Realness & Revelations

    Realness & Revelations

    78 min. These captivating shorts celebrate an abundance of voices of queer and trans folks of color. From homecomings to crossings over, to redefining the meaning of familia and just kickin’ it with the peeps, these films feature QTPOC folks who keep on keepin’ on with resilience and resistance.... Read more
  • The Revival: Women and the Word

    The Revival: Women and the Word

    91 min. In a congregation of Black, queer women artists, the Holy Trinity of “the poet, the people, and the poem” is the heart of a tour centering on the power, inspiration, and real-talk of five poets. This project will leave you saying “amen.”... Read more
  • Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

    Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella

    USA , 1997 , 88 min. This version of the iconic Brothers Grimm fairy tale, complete with gorgeous costumes, vibrant sets, and powerhouse actors, showed Black girls coming of age in the ’90s that they too could be at the center of a fairy tale.... Read more
  • Sticky Fingers

    Sticky Fingers

    81 min. In these sexy, rambunctious shorts, we capture rabble-rousers on wild rides through first crushes, friend crushes, and online crushes—this collection of shorts gives a fresh twist on rebellion and living out your truth, all accompanied by an energetic soundtrack featuring new music artists.... Read more
  • Suicide Kale

    Suicide Kale

    USA , 2015 , 78 min. In this mostly improvised dark comedy, Jordan and Billie, a married couple of five years, seem to be living the lesbian dream—complete with an enviably beautiful home and a co-parented Pit Bull pup. But when their pals stop by for beers and grilled veggie skewers, they discover what appears to be an anonymous suicide note.... Read more
  • Take Me For a Ride

    Take Me For a Ride

    Ecuador , 2016 , 70 min. Sara’s contented senior year solitude is upended by the arrival of the enchanting Andrea, igniting a repressed passion in both of them that challenges the conservative views of their parents and culture.... Read more
  • Trans Stories – On Film and Online

    Trans Stories – On Film and Online

    90 min. When it comes to trans and gender expansive people telling their own stories, online portals are host to the most riveting and impactful narratives. In this panel, we will discuss what trans and gender expansive stories look like both on film and online, and how the power of film media impacts change in the community.... Read more
  • Transtastic


    74 min. This stirring collection centers on images of transgender and gender-nonconforming folks, celebrating the beautiful richness of self-discovery and the driving determination of living an authentic life.... Read more
  • Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice, Mapping a Detroit Story

    Treasure: From Tragedy to Trans Justice, Mapping a Detroit Story

    USA , 2015 , 63 min. An African American transwoman is murdered after police expose her as an informant. This documentary examines why her murder was not only a hate crime but also the consequence of systemic oppression and the continued criminalization of black bodies.... Read more
  • Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

    Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things

    88 min. In this moving story of an ancient future coming alive for LGBTQ people and their allies, Inuit and LGBTQ communities in Nunavut unite and heal—repairing the devastating effects of relocation, re-education, and Christianization of nomadic Inuit people.... Read more
  • Up Close & Personal

    Up Close & Personal

    80 min. From chronicling the experiences of a photographer losing his vision to sharing the story of the man behind the world’s first and only gay-themed country music album, these six short docs introduce us to fascinating people in some incredibly insightful ways.... Read more
  • We’ve Been Around / This Is Me

    We’ve Been Around / This Is Me

    52 min. Directed by Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker Rhys Ernst (co-producer of Transparent), this special double-anthology screening honors the rich histories of transgender trailblazers and explores the current lived experiences of trans and gender non-conforming (GNC) folks.... Read more