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  • Coming Out in the 1970s

    Coming Out in the 1970s

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. Four teen activists, local heroes, and filmmaker Phil Siegel explore the history of the not-so-distant past in the third part of Siegel’s vivid and engaging documentary series.... Read more
  • Deflated


    USA , 2012 , 5 min. A young boy at a superstore is eager to get a new ball with his allowance. But ultimately he must make a choice: take home one of the bright pink balls or the deflated green ball?... Read more
  • Dragula


    USA , 2013 , 24 min. A high school senior overcomes his emotional dysfunction and self-esteem issues when he unwittingly meets Dragula—played by Rocky Horror Picture Show legend Barry Bostwick!... Read more
  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Canada , 2013 , 10 min. The touching and funny breakfast-table encounter between a Canadian man hung over from his 30th birthday party, and the adorable 17-year-old stranger he finds crashing in his apartment.... Read more
  • Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    UK , 2013 , 10 min. Happy Birthday Cindy Wei follows 15-year-old school underdog Cindy Wei as she takes her first steps towards building up confidence and overcoming her lack of cultural identity by the discovery of her mysterious cousin Michael’s well kept secret.... Read more
  • Heklina


    USA , 2013 , 15 min. The hair. The laugh. The stories. Heklina is the founder and hostess of Trannyshack, currently San Francisco’s longest-running drag show. From her early days growing up in Iceland, a discharge from the navy, overcoming drugs and alcohol, she has emerged as one of the premiere performers in the San Francisco alternative drag scene. Enjoy the show!... Read more
  • Housing First

    Housing First

    USA , 2013 , 22 min. San Francisco status as a gay mecca is called into question by the finding that the LGBTQ population is being disproportionately affected by the current housing crisis. Activists call for action against the greedy landlords and legal loopholes that are pushing many people away from the city they call home.... Read more
  • A Last Farewell

    A Last Farewell

    Sweden , 2013 , 12 min. An aging author struggles with sorrow and grief while dealing with the death of his husband and moving forward with the strained relationship he has with his pregnant daughter. He faces the impossible task of moving on and finding peace in the wake of a devastating loss.... Read more
  • Living in the Overlap

    Living in the Overlap

    USA , 2013 , 26 min. For more than 40 years, Lennie and Pearl have shared a passion for social justice and for each other. Now, the indelible spark of their love inspires many others as they fight for their right to marry in North Carolina.... Read more
  • Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos

    Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos

    USA , 2013 , 9 min. When a lonely high school librarian disappears, four high-school students reach across their social strata to try and solve the mystery.... Read more
  • Mum


    USA , 2013 , 11 min. In this nearly wordless short, a deaf swimmer—a regular at his gym’s pool—tries to attract a guy he has his eyes on, but wonders if his disability may get in the way.... Read more
  • The Places I Can Never Go Back To

    The Places I Can Never Go Back To

    USA , 2014 , 10 min. We all have places we avoid because they trigger a bad memory. Parks. Cafés. Street corners. Even the most mundane locations can feel tainted once something bad happens. This film explores the rise and fall of a relationship through the exact places where things went wrong.... Read more
  • Prinsesa


    USA , 2014 , 12 min. Rey, a young Filipino American father, recalls the Singkil folk dance tale to his children to calm them after an earthquake, but his young boy seems to identify more as the princess than the prince. Should Rey “straighten out” the boy to prove his own masculinity to his friends?... Read more
  • Puppy Dreams

    Puppy Dreams

    USA , 2012 , 8 min. Forced to push beyond her cerebral tendencies toward daydreaming, drawing, and yearning for someone slightly out of reach, mono-stricken teenage tomboy Sid opens up about her illness and begins growing into her truly singular self.... Read more
  • Mulan


    USA , 88 min. Invite your friends, family, and loved ones to revisit a classic tale of bravery, selflessness, and unconditional love at our surprise family screening of Mulan! Watch one young heroine defy the rules and use marvelous wit and courage to save her community in this surprise family screening at The Castro Theatre.... Read more
  • Transforming Family

    Transforming Family

    Canada , 2013 , 11 min. Through intimate interviews, Transforming Family offers an eloquent snapshot of current issues, struggles and strengths of transexual, transgender and gender fluid parents (and parents-to-be) in North American society today.... Read more
  • Wandering Clouds

    Wandering Clouds

    Mexico , 2013 , 13 min. Mexico’s poetic writer-director Julian Hernández (see also this year’s I Am Happiness On Earth) choreographs the lyrical catapults and plunges of two divers, as a teenage boy watches longingly from afar... Read more