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  • Butterfly


    UK , 2014 , 13 min. Adrianne and Karl, a transgender couple living in Ireland, both diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, share the story of their relationship and how it has changed their lives.... Read more
  • Coming Out in the 1970s

    Coming Out in the 1970s

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. Four teen activists, local heroes, and filmmaker Phil Siegel explore the history of the not-so-distant past in the third part of Siegel’s vivid and engaging documentary series.... Read more
  • Facing Fear

    Facing Fear

    89 min. Fear comes in many sizes and takes on many faces; it can paralyze and define a person for a lifetime. This intensely moving program of shorts delves bravely into the way in which people face their fear, and how it can be a source of liberation and forgiveness.... Read more
  • Homegrown


    77 min. From first love to the fight for fair housing, this program is an upbeat look at what lingers in the hearts, minds and pants of those who proudly call the SF Bay Area their home.... Read more
  • Housing First

    Housing First

    USA , 2013 , 22 min. San Francisco status as a gay mecca is called into question by the finding that the LGBTQ population is being disproportionately affected by the current housing crisis. Activists call for action against the greedy landlords and legal loopholes that are pushing many people away from the city they call home.... Read more
  • Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude

    USA , 2014 , 24 min. For the last 20 years, Phatima Rude has pioneered the performative alternative queer punk drag scene that has now become internationally famous. Intimate and unflinching, this documentary follows Phatima's struggles and triumphs with illness, poverty, addiction, and gender identity.... Read more
  • A Last Farewell

    A Last Farewell

    Sweden , 2013 , 12 min. An aging author struggles with sorrow and grief while dealing with the death of his husband and moving forward with the strained relationship he has with his pregnant daughter. He faces the impossible task of moving on and finding peace in the wake of a devastating loss.... Read more
  • Quick Change

    Quick Change

    Philippines , 2013 , 98 min. Walking a legal and moral tightrope, transwoman Dorina administers beautifying (but illegal and dangerous) collagen injections to her friends and beauty pageant contestant clients in Manila’s transgender community.... Read more
  • Wetlands


    Germany , 2013 , 105 min. Adapted from the bestselling novel by Charlotte Roche, this outrageously vulgar coming-of-age tale follows an unusual teenage girl, helplessly fascinated with bodily odors and fluids, through her anatomical explorations and sexual misadventures.... Read more