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  • An Exchange

    An Exchange

    USA , 2013 , 13 min. In this deceptively simple dramatic scene, a conservative family man finds comfort in a hotel room massage, while the masseur (and the audience) find out something rather less comforting.... Read more
  • Back on Board: Greg Louganis

    Back on Board: Greg Louganis

    USA , 2014 , 86 min. This touching documentary catches up with Olympic diving legend Greg Louganis in 2011, when he is far from the public eye and struggling to pay the mortgage. Can a comeback as a USA Diving team mentor help preserve his legacy?... Read more
  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair

    Venezuela , 2013 , 93 min. Young Junior’s obsessive quest for a luxuriant head of silky, straight hair threatens to compromise the already desperately pinched existence he shares with his unsympathetic mother and infant brother. This powerful, disquieting story of longing and unrelenting hardship is sweetly balanced with discerning compassion and moments of simple tenderness.... Read more
  • The Bash

    The Bash

    USA , 2013 , 6 min. Exiting a midnight showing of The Wiz, a black gay male couple argues about the degree of “outness” in their relationship, when they are suddenly attacked. But in a dark alley, the tables get turned in this beautifully shot examination of homophobia—both internal and external.... Read more
  • Bombshell


    USA , 2013 , 14 min. A ten year-old tomboy grapples with her loyalty to her trusted older brother and the need to stand up for herself.... Read more
  • Brace


    UK , 2013 , 25 min. In this gritty, contemporary, romantic drama set in London, Adam meets Rocky, a handsome and mysterious drifter. As the pair gets closer, Rocky seems eager to reveal a secret that Adam is not ready to hear. Silence abounds until one explosive night changes everything about the way they feel about themselves and each other.... Read more
  • Broken Heart Land

    Broken Heart Land

    USA , 2013 , 81 min. An Oklahoma city council meeting unleashes homophobic and AIDS-phobic vitriol. A week later, a gay teen with a secret commits suicide. Zack’s death forces his grieving family to break their silence and connect with an activist community—and with a greater purpose.... Read more
  • Brute


    USA , 2013 , 5 min. This lesbian retelling of an Iranian epic is a tale of two lovers separated by death. On the verge of taking her own life, a woman is taunted by death to let her die with a kiss from her long lost beloved.... Read more
  • Butterfly


    UK , 2014 , 13 min. Adrianne and Karl, a transgender couple living in Ireland, both diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, share the story of their relationship and how it has changed their lives.... Read more
  • Cakes Da Killa: No Homo

    Cakes Da Killa: No Homo

    USA , 2013 , 12 min. Cakes Da Killa: No Homo is a revealing portrait of an artist who refuses to compromise and insists on living life on his terms. With an explosive personality and provocative rhymes that explore sexuality and gender politics, Cakes is ready to take the world by storm!... Read more
  • Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda

    Campaign of Hate: Russia and Gay Propaganda

    Russia , 2014 , 78 min. This lucid documentary primer on LGBT discrimination in Russia features frank interviews with Russians on the worsening situation for their country’s queer citizens. Directed by outspoken political activist (and gay porn mogul) Michael Lucas, a Moscow native.... Read more
  • The Case Against 8

    The Case Against 8

    USA , 2013 , 112 min. A riveting inside account of the epic legal battle to overturn Proposition 8, this film follows the four plaintiffs and their legal team from San Francisco to the U.S. Supreme Court.... Read more
  • Clan


    Australia , 2014 , 8 min. Told by an indigenous Australian rugby player, this documentary short is a poetic and gorgeously shot first-person testimonial of coming out.... Read more
  • Coming Out in the 1970s

    Coming Out in the 1970s

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. Four teen activists, local heroes, and filmmaker Phil Siegel explore the history of the not-so-distant past in the third part of Siegel’s vivid and engaging documentary series.... Read more
  • Creatures of the Night

    Creatures of the Night

    97 min. The full moon rises, a comet streaks across the sky, and dark shadows stir in this wicked program of short films. The undead, immortals, and an original creature of the night luster in the twilight.... Read more
  • Dawn


    USA , 2012 , 10 min. Two strangers—one African American, the other Asian American—have a dangerous, racist encounter on a subway, but they may have more in common than they thought. A tightly wound, deftly shot drama that packs a punch.... Read more
  • Facing Fear

    Facing Fear

    89 min. Fear comes in many sizes and takes on many faces; it can paralyze and define a person for a lifetime. This intensely moving program of shorts delves bravely into the way in which people face their fear, and how it can be a source of liberation and forgiveness.... Read more
  • Facing Fear

    Facing Fear

    USA , 2013 , 22 min. In this Oscar-nominated short, the worlds of a former neo-Nazi and the gay victim of his senseless hate crime collide by chance 25 years later. Both are challenged to examine their fears and beliefs, which remarkably leads to a rare collaboration. At its core, this poignant documentary examines violence, racism, homophobia, discrimination, and the ultimate act of self-love—forgiveness.... Read more
  • Floating Skyscrapers

    Floating Skyscrapers

    91 min. In this rare gay-themed feature from Poland, hunky swimmer Kuba dives headlong into the deep end of a passionate relationship with dreamy Michal, much to the chagrin of possessive mamas and girlfriends who tolerate the guys’ initial bromance but conspire to drown their true love.... Read more
  • Floating Skyscrapers

    Floating Skyscrapers

    Poland , 2013 , 85 min. In this rare gay-themed feature from Poland, hunky swimmer Kuba dives headlong into the deep end of a passionate relationship with dreamy Michal, much to the chagrin of possessive mamas and girlfriends who tolerate the guys’ initial bromance but conspire to drown their true love.... Read more
  • FU377


    UK , 2014 , 5 min. While the Indian Supreme Court tries to outlaw homosexuality, an adorable mother has her knowledge of “gay sex” in mint condition, wheeling out a tidbit or two for her heartbroken queer daughter in an effort to cheer her up.... Read more
  • Goodnight My Love

    Goodnight My Love

    USA , 2013 , 11 min. In an apartment building overrun by zombies, Aimee and Cynthia, a Black lesbian couple, hide in a laundry room. They spend what may be their final moments doing what any self-respecting dykes would do.... Read more
  • Holiday


    Ecuador , 2013 , 82 min. Against the 1999 collapse of Ecuador’s banking system in the wake of a corruption scandal, doe-eyed, sensitive Juampi feels his own world turn upside down when he meets leather-clad Juano, an indigenous Quechua, during a holiday visit to the Andes.... Read more
  • Jason’s Dad

    Jason’s Dad

    Canada , 2013 , 13 min. Jason’s dad kept secrets that he never intended young Jason to discover, but which, after his death, the grieving lad feels compelled to uncover. This is a quiet tale from Canada about confronting the truth even when it hurts.... Read more
  • Kidnapped for Christ

    Kidnapped for Christ

    USA , 2014 , 85 min. In this riveting must-see exposé (produced by Lance Bass), a young evangelical documentary filmmaker is granted access to a controversial Christian behavior-modification school for troubled teens. The shocking secrets she learns and the people she meets inevitability change her life.... Read more
  • The Kiss

    The Kiss

    Poland , 2013 , 21 min. Desire fragments and reshapes reality, locking Emilia and Matylda in a fraught embrace as they try to find out the truth about last night.... Read more
  • The L Riders

    The L Riders

    USA , 2013 , 13 min. Five lesbians use motorcycles to express themselves, explore their sexuality, and create a community that tackles the social stigmas of the LGBT community.... Read more
  • Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Phatima Rude

    USA , 2014 , 24 min. For the last 20 years, Phatima Rude has pioneered the performative alternative queer punk drag scene that has now become internationally famous. Intimate and unflinching, this documentary follows Phatima's struggles and triumphs with illness, poverty, addiction, and gender identity.... Read more
  • Luigi and Vincenzo

    Luigi and Vincenzo

    Italy , 2013 , 5 min. An aging gay couple in Italy struggle with exposing their love for each other, despite the changing times. But even as acceptance becomes more commonplace, Luigi and Vincenzo know we still have a long way to go.... Read more
  • Mentor


    USA , 2013 , 79 min. A town with an ironic name promotes the American dream, but cannot escape its shadow, school bullying. Immigrant families and others who are outside this culture of conformity pay the ultimate price, as unchecked bullying leads their kids to commit suicide.... Read more
  • O.V.O.


    France , 2012 , 18 min. In this taut political thriller, French filmmaker Alban Sapin creates a dystopian but very recognizable world in which an extreme neo-Fascist party has taken power targeting Jews, immigrants and homosexuals. Laurent, his Arabic lover and their targeted friends discover the moral and personal costs of accepting—or resisting—the Ovo party’s secret, menacing agenda.... Read more
  • Ordinary Family

    Ordinary Family

    South Korea , 2014 , 23 min. Ordinary Family’s Su-young plans to go on the first vacation with her girlfriend, Young-mi, but Su-young receives the news that she must visit her father, with Young-mi in tow.... Read more
  • Out in the Night

    Out in the Night

    USA , 2014 , 75 min. Out in the Night is a riveting documentary exploring the notorious case of The New Jersey 4, African American women branded by tabloids as a “Gang of Killer Lesbians!” after an altercation with an aggressive male “admirer” whose advances they rebuffed.... Read more
  • Pepper


    USA , 2014 , 18 min. When the fabulous female impersonator Pepper happens upon an eight-year-old boy in need of a friend, the chance meeting triggers an unlikely friendship.... Read more
  • Priest


    Uganda , 2013 , 7 min. An African priest wrestles with his conscience; using elements of magical realism and intimate close-ups, this film tells the story of his conflicting passions for God and men.... Read more
  • Prinsesa


    USA , 2014 , 12 min. Rey, a young Filipino American father, recalls the Singkil folk dance tale to his children to calm them after an earthquake, but his young boy seems to identify more as the princess than the prince. Should Rey “straighten out” the boy to prove his own masculinity to his friends?... Read more
  • Puppy Dreams

    Puppy Dreams

    USA , 2012 , 8 min. Forced to push beyond her cerebral tendencies toward daydreaming, drawing, and yearning for someone slightly out of reach, mono-stricken teenage tomboy Sid opens up about her illness and begins growing into her truly singular self.... Read more
  • Secrets & Toys

    Secrets & Toys

    USA , 2013 , 12 min. Secrets & Toys is a sexy, delightful short film about a mother & daughter who discover each others secrets through a comedy of errors, and learn to accept themselves and each other.... Read more
  • Stand


    France , 2014 , 87 min. Believing they have witnessed a vicious homophobic attack, a young gay Russian couple risks launching their own amateur investigation in this suspenseful drama.... Read more
  • Sticks & Stones

    Sticks & Stones

    USA , 2014 , 14 min. Notorious transsexual chanteuse, Bambi Lake, takes us on a stroll down pre-AIDS 1970s Polk Street, where Lake once worked as a street hustler and later as a performer in the burgeoning San Francisco ‘80s punk scene.... Read more
  • Swallow


    Australia , 2013 , 9 min. The Australian full moon finds homophobic neighbors knocking to see what the “poofters” are up to. Unfortunately for them, these boys have a secret, and it’s that time of the month!... Read more
  • Teagan


    Australia , 2013 , 3 min. Three animators tell a story of transition—from male to female and from despondency to happiness. Using recorded interview material and representative artwork, this short touches on the fear and loneliness of living in the closet, and the joy and confidence that comes with stepping into the light.... Read more
  • Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

    Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People

    USA , 2013 , 92 min. Thomas Allen Harris excavates a century and a half’s worth of sublime, mostly black-and-white photographs from family albums and African American newspapers, and etches a poignant, probing portrait of everyday black life that stands in sharp contrast to the stereotypes and racist propaganda of the mainstream press.... Read more
  • Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love

    Violette Leduc: In Pursuit of Love

    France , 2013 , 57 min. Lyrically combining archival interviews and the author’s own words, this absorbing documentary offers a rare opportunity to rediscover the taboo-breaking works and life of lesbian writer Violette Leduc.... Read more
  • Wandering Clouds

    Wandering Clouds

    Mexico , 2013 , 13 min. Mexico’s poetic writer-director Julian Hernández (see also this year’s I Am Happiness On Earth) choreographs the lyrical catapults and plunges of two divers, as a teenage boy watches longingly from afar... Read more
  • Wini + George

    Wini + George

    USA , 2012 , 12 min. Nine-year-old George is an outcast with a penchant for dolls and secrecy, but he finds an ally in reclusive Wini, whose open heart is far stronger than her rough exterior.... Read more
  • Winter Journey

    Winter Journey

    Russia , 2013 , 90 min. Two young men from opposite sides of the socioeconomic spectrum embark on a dangerous course of self-destructive behavior in this striking and brave drama from a country where being gay has recently faced perilous hardships.... Read more
  • You Go Girl! Queer Women of Color Shorts

    You Go Girl! Queer Women of Color Shorts

    82 min. Featuring a teenage tomboy battling bullies, a badass woman trucker, an irresistible, soulful musician, a 40-year history of SFWAR, and other inspiring stories, these tenderhearted films will get you going!... Read more
  • You’re Dead To Me

    You’re Dead To Me

    USA , 2013 , 12 min. How do you cope with the death of a family member‚ when you’ve already lost them in life? Andrea, a grieving Chicana mother, confronts an uninvited family member before her Día de los Muertos celebration. By night’s end, death offers her a choice that she couldn’t make in life.... Read more