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  • Fly by Night

    Fly by Night

    South Korea , 2011 , 22 min. A young man has a sexual relationship with another man for money in Fly By Night, while he tries to not let on to his older brother what he’s up to.... Read more
  • Jobriath A.D.

    Jobriath A.D.

    USA , 2011 , 102 min. Follow the riveting story of a child piano prodigy who ultimately became the first openly gay rock star. A window into the glam music scene of the ’70s, Jobraith A.D. shines a revelatory spotlight on an unsung gay icon.... Read more
  • The Naked-Boy Business, Part 2

    The Naked-Boy Business, Part 2

    USA , 2011 , 5 min. A dream-like confession set to music—two wrestlers, kicked off their team for posing nude, bare their souls and brave the consequences.... Read more
  • Nisa


    USA , 2010 , 12 min. A teenage prostitute must take creative measures to escape a brothel when her secret is discovered in Nisa.... Read more
  • Our Paradise

    Our Paradise

    France , 2011 , 100 min. In this sexy and disturbing drama, Vassili, an aging hustler, meets the younger Angelo in a Paris park, and they embark on a passionate affair. Unfortunately, the older man’s increasingly alarming and violent behavior toward their clients threatens to upend the couple’s dreams of a happy life together.... Read more
  • A Perfect Ending

    A Perfect Ending

    USA , 2011 , 114 min. The sexual chemistry is off the charts between ’90s TV icon Barbara Niven as the beautiful blond client and out lesbian actress Jessica Clark as the smokin’ hot hooker who truly does have a heart of gold (backed by the fabulous Morgan Fairchild as the madam).... Read more
  • Señorita


    2011 , 99 min. A transgender woman trades sex work in Manila for a job on a small-town mayoral campaign, but the discovery that a ruthless former client is behind the opposition sends her back to his bed as she schemes to upset his plans.... Read more
  • Wildness


    USA , 2012 , 74 min. Exploring the common urban problem of community, visibility and gentrification, Wildness is a love story between a young, idealistic transplant and the magical bar that takes him in and helps him grow up.... Read more