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  • Benjamin's Flowers

    Benjamin's Flowers

    Sweden , 2012 , 12 min. Lovelorn and lonely Benjamin lives on the blurry borderline between fantasy and reality, in this pollen-filled romantic animation.... Read more
  • Every Woman

    Every Woman

    USA , 2009 , 5 min. Performance artist Narcissister dresses herself to become the ideal Every Woman.... Read more
  • F to 7th: Season One

    F to 7th: Season One

    USA , 2013 , 34 min. This engaging web series follows the not-quite-butch-not-quite-femme Ingrid as she tries to adjust to a world where new conceptions of gender and sexuality have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. A spin-off of the web series, The Slope, F to 7TH features guest appearances by Ashlie Atkinson and Amy Sedaris. Wry humor, tight scripts, and impeccable comic timing make this Brookl... Read more
  • F to 7th: Tweener

    F to 7th: Tweener

    USA , 2013 , 4 min. F to 7th is a web-series that follows creator Ingrid Jungermann’s descent into middle-age, as she struggles to adjust to a world where gender and sexuality have left her old-fashioned lesbianism behind. A spin-off of the web-series, The Slope, this episode features a guest appearance by Ashlie Atkinson (My Best Day, Frameline36).... Read more
  • Housebroken


    USA , 2012 , 15 min. A hopeless romantic learns a thing or two about relationships when he gets too close to the perfect couple.... Read more
  • Interior. Leather Bar.

    Interior. Leather Bar.

    USA , 2012 , 60 min. By re-imagining the infamous “lost” footage cut from the controversial 1980 crime thriller Cruising (in which Al Pacino infiltrated New York’s leather world), directors Travis Mathews and James Franco create a genre-defying exploration of Hollywood, censorship and sexual mores.... Read more
  • In Their Room: London

    In Their Room: London

    USA , 2013 , 33 min. Since 2009, Travis Mathews has been taking his friendly and inquisitive camera into the bedrooms of gay men across the world for a series of intimate interviews about sex and love in the hook-up age. In this installment, Londoners reveal their private desires and fears while quietly going about warmly-lit rituals of bathing and grooming.... Read more
  • Jake Shears: A Gift

    Jake Shears: A Gift

    USA , 2013 , 3 min. A series of short animations of the construction and disassembly of “mendalas” comprised of photo-illustrations of men in erotic situations. This one is of Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, set to the song “Filthy Gorgeous”.... Read more
  • Julian


    UK , 2012 , 10 min. A cross between a road-trip in Portugal and a summer love story, shot on Super-8 film, this gorgeous short contains a poetic narrative that embodies various myths created by mankind.... Read more
  • kink


    USA , 2012 , 80 min. Ever wonder what—and who—really goes down in that imposing brick fortress at Mission and 14th? This adults-only doc (produced by James Franco) goes behind closed doors at the Armory to reveal purveyors of fetish porn, working and wanking on the edge of big-business BDSM.... Read more
  • Lesbiana—A Parallel Revolution

    Lesbiana—A Parallel Revolution

    Canada , 2012 , 63 min. Join filmmaker Myriam Fougère’s road trip through the United States and Canada as she revisits the lesbian activists of the ’70s and ’80s who sparked a revolution to define their own culture, inspiring formative lesbian art, literature, philosophy and music.... Read more
  • like rats leaving a sinking ship

    like rats leaving a sinking ship

    Germany , 2012 , 25 min. Personal narrative and clinical objectivity combine in a multilayered narrative about the psychiatric assessments imposed on transgendered people and the nature of personal memory. The narrator shifts voices and stories in an attempt to placate to a rotting system and, at the same time, desert it for something better.... Read more
  • Love Your Gloves… An Agenda

    Love Your Gloves… An Agenda

    USA , 2013 , 4 min. A series of short animations of the construction and disassembly of “mendalas” comprised of photo-illustrations of men in erotic situations.... Read more
  • My Secret Panties

    My Secret Panties

    UK , 2012 , 4 min. My Secret Panties explores the varying faces of lesbian Muslims.... Read more
  • Sexperimental


    USA , 2013 , 69 min. A retrospective compilation of queer filmmakers Texas and Kadet’s provoking and erotic analog video art, which combined art and activism using themes of gender investigation, voyeurism, S&M, and safe sex.... Read more
  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation

    Israel , 2012 , 22 min. Sea, sun, island, and family—that’s what it takes to make a Summer Vacation. But all Yuval wants from this vacation, which brings along an unexpected visitor, is to get the heck out of there.... Read more
  • Wildblood


    USA , 2011 , 4 min. Wildblood takes its inspiration from queer ’zines and the Homocore music scene of the early ’90s. It is constructed entirely of Xerox collages, reminiscent of the artist’s roots, and type of ’zine making indicative of this period.... Read more
  • A World for Raul

    A World for Raul

    Mexico , 2012 , 15 min. When Raul is asked to entertain the local landowner’s son, an intense game of power and pride starts between the two boys.... Read more
  • Young and Wild

    Young and Wild

    Chile , 2011 , 96 min. Sent by her religious mother to work at an evangelical TV station, a sexually adventurous teenager set her sights on two co-workers, a pious boy and a standoffish girl, the status of both relationships becoming erotic fodder for her blog.... Read more