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  • Children of Srikandi

    Children of Srikandi

    Germany , 2012 , 74 min. The indeterminate-gendered mythical warrior Srikandi is the inspiration and role model for this anthology of stories, comprising the first film by queer women about queer women in Indonesia.... Read more
  • The Divine Decadence of Cheesecake

    The Divine Decadence of Cheesecake

    Australia , 2012 , 14 min. Ash is sent a highly erotic piece of Golden Girls fan-fiction. As he’s drawn into their hilariously lusty world, his masculine and feminine sides split, gorgeously!... Read more
  • A Good Son

    A Good Son

    Mexico , 2011 , 21 min. A Good Son is forced to decide whether he will pursue his dream or remain on his family farm to fulfill what is expected of him.... Read more
  • Jacob Sterling

    Jacob Sterling

    USA , 2011 , 7 min. Jacob Sterling is a musical theater composer and this is his video submission for the reality show Project Barbra.... Read more
  • Jobriath A.D.

    Jobriath A.D.

    USA , 2011 , 102 min. Follow the riveting story of a child piano prodigy who ultimately became the first openly gay rock star. A window into the glam music scene of the ’70s, Jobraith A.D. shines a revelatory spotlight on an unsung gay icon.... Read more
  • Lili Longed to Feel Her Insides

    Lili Longed to Feel Her Insides

    USA , 2011 , 5 min. Lili Longed to Feel Her Insides is a short fairy tale inspired by the life of pioneer trans woman Lili Elbe.... Read more
  • Looking for Jiro

    Looking for Jiro

    USA , 2011 , 6 min. Jiro Onuma worked in the prison mess hall along side muscular men, and Looking for Jiro is a musical mash-up video featuring drag king performance, U.S. propaganda footage, muscle building and homo-erotic bread making.... Read more
  • Love and Anger

    Love and Anger

    USA , 2012 , 17 min. In Love and Anger, the tale of Cousin Wonderlette whose mother has treated her like human garbage (literally) her entire life. One day she discovers she has a clumsy and unsophisticated Fairy Godmother who transports her to a far away land from another time.... Read more
  • The Queen of My Dreams

    The Queen of My Dreams

    USA , 2011 , 3 min. As a young girl, Fawzia Mirza fell under the spell of Bollywood heroines and their promise of love and feminine perfection; as an adult, she re-imagines it in a queer light.... Read more
  • Silver Stiletto

    Silver Stiletto

    Australia , 2011 , 15 min. In Silver Stiletto two straight men are found dead in a dumpster outside of a gay bar and their wounds suggest the actions of a trained killer—could a disheveled drag queen really be responsible?... Read more
  • Simply Rob

    Simply Rob

    UK , 2011 , 15 min. Simply Rob is a portrait of New York based poet and activist Rob Vassilarakis. Rob was diagnosed in 1993 as HIV-positive. Using a mixture of HD and Super8 footage, this film follows Rob as he tells his turbulent life story through his poetry.... Read more
  • Threadbare


    Canada , 2011 , 3 min. A box of sweaters becomes an archive of transgender emotions—a collection of outmoded feelings, fond and not-so-fond memories and the chance to become something new by trying on something old.... Read more
  • Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

    Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads

    USA , 2011 , 83 min. Varla Jean is at it again in this epically campy screen adaptation of her hit musical Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads. Follow Varla as she attempts to move from dive bars and bathhouses to hosting her own children’s television show.... Read more
  • What’s in a Name

    What’s in a Name

    Belgium , 2010 , 70 min. With a deft combination of unobtrusive documentary camera work and hallucinogenic theatrical sequences, Eva Küpper’s debut film What’s in a Name reveals a fascinating segment of gender terrorist and body art performer Jon Cory’s (a.k.a. Rose Wood’s) journey.... Read more