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  • Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy

    Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy

    USA , 2013 , 78 min. America’s “Gaysian Sweetheart,” actor and comedian Alec Mapa (Ugly Betty), sparkles onstage with spot-on incisive and flirtatiously filthy stand-up. In Alec Mapa: Baby Daddy, Mapa’s high-paced, award-winning off-Broadway show is coupled with touching backstage scenes with his husband and their child, whom they adopted through foster care.... Read more
  • Around the Block

    Around the Block

    Australia , 2013 , 104 min. In this vibrant, uncompromising vision of contemporary Australia, Christina Ricci and a young cast of rising Aussie talent illuminate an uplifting story of realizing one’s true identity despite the suffuse challenges of family, fiancés, and fear.... Read more
  • Born to Fly

    Born to Fly

    USA , 2014 , 82 min. What happens when you cross postmodern dance with Evel Knievel? As this intimate portrait makes clear, you get New York choreographer Elizabeth Streb, whose Extreme Action Company draws on both sources to craft a unique style of high-flying, high-impact, dare-all contemporary dance.... Read more
  • Brute


    USA , 2013 , 5 min. This lesbian retelling of an Iranian epic is a tale of two lovers separated by death. On the verge of taking her own life, a woman is taunted by death to let her die with a kiss from her long lost beloved.... Read more
  • Creatures of the Night

    Creatures of the Night

    97 min. The full moon rises, a comet streaks across the sky, and dark shadows stir in this wicked program of short films. The undead, immortals, and an original creature of the night luster in the twilight.... Read more
  • Dragula


    USA , 2013 , 24 min. A high school senior overcomes his emotional dysfunction and self-esteem issues when he unwittingly meets Dragula—played by Rocky Horror Picture Show legend Barry Bostwick!... Read more
  • Fun in Boys Shorts

    Fun in Boys Shorts

    87 min. Nothing is sacred and everything is hilarious in eight sparkling comic gems, which spoof everything from YouTube videos and online hookups to Harry Potter fanboys and self-absorbed gay-oisie. Come on down—the aisles are wide enough to roll in!... Read more
  • The Gem People

    The Gem People

    69 min. How does one survive an encounter with death, a silent men's retreat, or an evening at T.G.I. Friday’s? Watch and learn. These playful and intelligent films experiment with visual and narrative techniques to deliver more than just a script.... Read more
  • Heklina


    USA , 2013 , 15 min. The hair. The laugh. The stories. Heklina is the founder and hostess of Trannyshack, currently San Francisco’s longest-running drag show. From her early days growing up in Iceland, a discharge from the navy, overcoming drugs and alcohol, she has emerged as one of the premiere performers in the San Francisco alternative drag scene. Enjoy the show!... Read more
  • In the City of Shy Hunters

    In the City of Shy Hunters

    82 min. This handsome collection of shorts puts images and representations of transguys front and center. From seemingly familiar greetings and unfamiliar goodbyes, to finding empowerment thru embodiment, to sci-fi ruminations on self and society, these shorts highlight bravely authentic, resilient, and self-defined men.... Read more
  • Lats Yerk

    Lats Yerk

    USA , 2011 , 3 min. On their quest for an embodied knowledge of the universe, a clan of alien ancestors stumbles upon a portal and dance in celebration between the neon folds of space and time.... Read more
  • Local Legends

    Local Legends

    88 min. Bambi Lake, Heklina, mr Pam, Phatima Rude, and Jason Mecier. You may know these names, but do you know their stories? Join us in celebration of these local legends as the artists share stories about their lives that are raw, brave, entertaining and above all else, inspiring.... Read more
  • MeTube: August Sings Carmen ‘Habanera’

    MeTube: August Sings Carmen ‘Habanera’

    Austria , 2013 , 4 min. Hailing from Austria, this musical fantasia pays affectionate, goofy homage to the legions of diva wannabes who upload homemade videos.... Read more
  • MyMy


    Australia , 2014 , 15 min. In a mythic cyberfeminist universe, a frustrated young man yearns for affinity and connection. In this age of digital avatars, he makes himself a cyborg twin, who quickly becomes corrupted by a techno-magick virus. This Other self embodies a dangerous idea: that there are parts of ourselves beyond our control.... Read more
  • The Places I Can Never Go Back To

    The Places I Can Never Go Back To

    USA , 2014 , 10 min. We all have places we avoid because they trigger a bad memory. Parks. Cafés. Street corners. Even the most mundane locations can feel tainted once something bad happens. This film explores the rise and fall of a relationship through the exact places where things went wrong.... Read more
  • Pussy vs. Putin

    Pussy vs. Putin

    95 min. This bracing film program brings together the funny, fresh and bold voices of women on the cutting—and sometimes bleeding—edge of free expression in Putin’s Russia, and a new documentary chronicling the controversial punk protest group Pussy Riot.... Read more
  • Pussy vs. Putin

    Pussy vs. Putin

    Russia , 2014 , 59 min. The new documentary Pussy vs. Putin is a fascinating eyewitness chronicle of Russia’s feminist rock performance/activist group Pussy Riot, before and after the 2013 arrest and imprisonment of three of their members for hooliganism. The group’s fiercely anti-Putin, anti-authoritarian lyrics defending free speech and women’s and gay rights are captured in snippets of rehears... Read more
  • You and the Night

    You and the Night

    France , 2013 , 91 min. Two young lovers and their transvestite maid await the bizarre guests of a pansexual midnight orgy in this playfully surreal, visually exciting feature film debut from Yann Gonzalez.... Read more