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  • Anita’s Last Cha-Cha

    Anita’s Last Cha-Cha

    117 min. As a tough Armed Forces Reservist prepares to visit her childhood village, she flashes back to the sweet innocence of being a 12-year-old and the first time she fell in love with a beautiful and mysterious woman.... Read more
  • Anita’s Last Cha-Cha

    Anita’s Last Cha-Cha

    Philippines , 2013 , 112 min. As a tough Armed Forces Reservist prepares to visit her childhood village, she flashes back to the sweet innocence of being a 12-year-old and the first time she fell in love with a beautiful and mysterious woman.... Read more
  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair

    Venezuela , 2013 , 93 min. Young Junior’s obsessive quest for a luxuriant head of silky, straight hair threatens to compromise the already desperately pinched existence he shares with his unsympathetic mother and infant brother. This powerful, disquieting story of longing and unrelenting hardship is sweetly balanced with discerning compassion and moments of simple tenderness.... Read more
  • Bi Candy: Bisexual Short Cinema

    Bi Candy: Bisexual Short Cinema

    63 min. Why isn’t sex ever truly simple? Or relationships for that matter? Is it because we can never truly understand what goes on in someone else’s body or mind? This international program of shorts traverses the hetero/homo divide in brave, shocking and hilarious ways.... Read more
  • Blackbird


    USA , 2014 , 99 min. A high school choirboy searches to save his soul against a backdrop of religion, Southern values, and African-American culture in the new film from the creative team behind Noah’s Arc and Punks (Frameline24).... Read more
  • Bombshell


    USA , 2013 , 14 min. A ten year-old tomboy grapples with her loyalty to her trusted older brother and the need to stand up for herself.... Read more
  • Boygame


    Sweden , 2012 , 14 min. A sexual practice session between two young men has its own rewards in this Swedish dramedy.... Read more
  • Boys


    Netherlands , 2014 , 78 min. In this sweet and tender Dutch drama, sparks fly when two teenage boys are romantically drawn to each other while training for a national track relay championship.... Read more
  • Breed


    USA , 2013 , 3 min. Caught between two worlds, a son must decide whether being true to himself is worth the loss of his father’s approval. Only when he stands up for himself does his father see him for who he really is, and both must come to terms with what that means.... Read more
  • Cakes Da Killa: No Homo

    Cakes Da Killa: No Homo

    USA , 2013 , 12 min. Cakes Da Killa: No Homo is a revealing portrait of an artist who refuses to compromise and insists on living life on his terms. With an explosive personality and provocative rhymes that explore sexuality and gender politics, Cakes is ready to take the world by storm!... Read more
  • Clan


    Australia , 2014 , 8 min. Told by an indigenous Australian rugby player, this documentary short is a poetic and gorgeously shot first-person testimonial of coming out.... Read more
  • Coming Out in the 1970s

    Coming Out in the 1970s

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. Four teen activists, local heroes, and filmmaker Phil Siegel explore the history of the not-so-distant past in the third part of Siegel’s vivid and engaging documentary series.... Read more
  • Deflated


    USA , 2012 , 5 min. A young boy at a superstore is eager to get a new ball with his allowance. But ultimately he must make a choice: take home one of the bright pink balls or the deflated green ball?... Read more
  • Dirty Boots (He Don’t)

    Dirty Boots (He Don’t)

    USA , 2014 , 5 min. A sexually charged day in the life of a gay biker gang in Brooklyn leads to unexpected outcomes in this music video for Gainesville indie-band Holopaw’s queer song “Dirty Boots (He Don’t).” Narrated by Peter Berlin.... Read more
  • Dragula


    USA , 2013 , 24 min. A high school senior overcomes his emotional dysfunction and self-esteem issues when he unwittingly meets Dragula—played by Rocky Horror Picture Show legend Barry Bostwick!... Read more
  • Facing Fear

    Facing Fear

    89 min. Fear comes in many sizes and takes on many faces; it can paralyze and define a person for a lifetime. This intensely moving program of shorts delves bravely into the way in which people face their fear, and how it can be a source of liberation and forgiveness.... Read more
  • Facing Fear

    Facing Fear

    USA , 2013 , 22 min. In this Oscar-nominated short, the worlds of a former neo-Nazi and the gay victim of his senseless hate crime collide by chance 25 years later. Both are challenged to examine their fears and beliefs, which remarkably leads to a rare collaboration. At its core, this poignant documentary examines violence, racism, homophobia, discrimination, and the ultimate act of self-love—forgiveness.... Read more
  • Finding Hope

    Finding Hope

    USA , 2013 , 5 min. A young Black lesbian visits her local LGBT Center and discovers an accepting community and the strength to be herself.... Read more
  • Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    Generations: Youth and Elders Making Movies

    85 min. This yearly program highlights films created in Frameline and TILT’s local Generations Film Workshop, as well as five other films featuring the powerful voices of youth and elders across the country.... Read more
  • Girls You Know

    Girls You Know

    USA , 2014 , 3 min. A young Black Latina girl tenaciously opposes gender expectations with the support of her friends.... Read more
  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Canada , 2013 , 10 min. The touching and funny breakfast-table encounter between a Canadian man hung over from his 30th birthday party, and the adorable 17-year-old stranger he finds crashing in his apartment.... Read more
  • Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    UK , 2013 , 10 min. Happy Birthday Cindy Wei follows 15-year-old school underdog Cindy Wei as she takes her first steps towards building up confidence and overcoming her lack of cultural identity by the discovery of her mysterious cousin Michael’s well kept secret.... Read more
  • Helicopter Mom

    Helicopter Mom

    USA , 2014 , 80 min. Splashy, wacky, wildly inappropriate, and yet somehow so endearingly authentic you want to make her your best friend, Maggie Cooper is a nonstop whirlwind of meddling motherhood who fights tooth and nail to protect her sensitive son and secure a college scholarship for him—even if it means determining his as-yet-undecided sexual orientation for him.... Read more
  • Holiday


    Ecuador , 2013 , 82 min. Against the 1999 collapse of Ecuador’s banking system in the wake of a corruption scandal, doe-eyed, sensitive Juampi feels his own world turn upside down when he meets leather-clad Juano, an indigenous Quechua, during a holiday visit to the Andes.... Read more
  • Homegrown


    77 min. From first love to the fight for fair housing, this program is an upbeat look at what lingers in the hearts, minds and pants of those who proudly call the SF Bay Area their home.... Read more
  • Jason’s Dad

    Jason’s Dad

    Canada , 2013 , 13 min. Jason’s dad kept secrets that he never intended young Jason to discover, but which, after his death, the grieving lad feels compelled to uncover. This is a quiet tale from Canada about confronting the truth even when it hurts.... Read more
  • Jellyfish


    Malaysia , 2013 , 11 min. Set in a Muslim fishing village in Borneo Jellyfish is the coming-of-age story of Danice, a fourteen-year old fisherwoman who tastes first love with Riya—an alluring transgender woman who arrives in the village one day.... Read more
  • Kumu Hina

    Kumu Hina

    USA , 2013 , 74 min. This powerful film documents the struggle to maintain Pacific Islander culture within the westernizing society of modern day Hawai’i. It is told through the lens of Hina Wong-Kalu, an extraordinary Native Hawaiian woman who is both a proud mahu, or transgender person, and a respected kumu, or teacher.... Read more
  • Mentor


    USA , 2013 , 79 min. A town with an ironic name promotes the American dream, but cannot escape its shadow, school bullying. Immigrant families and others who are outside this culture of conformity pay the ultimate price, as unchecked bullying leads their kids to commit suicide.... Read more
  • Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos

    Miss Finknagle Succumbs to Chaos

    USA , 2013 , 9 min. When a lonely high school librarian disappears, four high-school students reach across their social strata to try and solve the mystery.... Read more
  • Mission ImPROMable

    Mission ImPROMable

    USA , 2013 , 5 min. This short is a comedy about closeted boyfriends who outdo themselves trying to ask a girl to prom. When the big day finally approaches, they are in for a big surprise!... Read more
  • MyMy


    Australia , 2014 , 15 min. In a mythic cyberfeminist universe, a frustrated young man yearns for affinity and connection. In this age of digital avatars, he makes himself a cyborg twin, who quickly becomes corrupted by a techno-magick virus. This Other self embodies a dangerous idea: that there are parts of ourselves beyond our control.... Read more
  • The Night Is Ours

    The Night Is Ours

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. On the night of a rare comet, tortured tomboy Morgan is given a second chance to resolve her guilt and conjure up the courage she needs to finally express her true feelings for Olivia.... Read more
  • Of Girls and Horses

    Of Girls and Horses

    Germany , 2014 , 82 min. Troubled teen Alex is passed from her harried mother to Nina, a horse trainer in Northern Germany. When new girl Kathy comes for a holiday and Nina goes off to the city to see her girlfriend, things get a little out of control.... Read more
  • Overflow


    USA , 2013 , 7 min. Two girls try to work through an unexpected crisis in their friendship in this locally made film highlighting the role of social media in youth relationships.... Read more
  • Pepper


    USA , 2014 , 18 min. When the fabulous female impersonator Pepper happens upon an eight-year-old boy in need of a friend, the chance meeting triggers an unlikely friendship.... Read more
  • Prinsesa


    USA , 2014 , 12 min. Rey, a young Filipino American father, recalls the Singkil folk dance tale to his children to calm them after an earthquake, but his young boy seems to identify more as the princess than the prince. Should Rey “straighten out” the boy to prove his own masculinity to his friends?... Read more
  • Puppy Dreams

    Puppy Dreams

    USA , 2012 , 8 min. Forced to push beyond her cerebral tendencies toward daydreaming, drawing, and yearning for someone slightly out of reach, mono-stricken teenage tomboy Sid opens up about her illness and begins growing into her truly singular self.... Read more
  • Slash


    USA , 2012 , 9 min. A precocious 13-year-old boy posts unusual literary twists on Harry Potter and Star Trek and develops a decidedly more adult online fan base.... Read more
  • Songs for Alexis

    Songs for Alexis

    89 min. Ryan Cassata is a transgender teen and aspiring singer-songwiter living in the suburbs of Long Island. He is deeply in love with 16-year-old Alexis from California. This skillful, intimate coming-of-age documentary is a love story for the ages—all ages.... Read more
  • Songs for Alexis

    Songs for Alexis

    Denmark , 2014 , 75 min. Ryan Cassata is a transgender teen and aspiring singer-songwiter living in the suburbs of Long Island. He is deeply in love with 16-year-old Alexis from California. This skillful, intimate coming-of-age documentary is a love story for the ages—all ages.... Read more
  • Straight Jacket

    Straight Jacket

    USA , 2013 , 10 min. A mixed-Latina tomboy finds her inner resilience when a popular girl at a new high school is out to bully her.... Read more
  • Mulan


    USA , 88 min. Invite your friends, family, and loved ones to revisit a classic tale of bravery, selflessness, and unconditional love at our surprise family screening of Mulan! Watch one young heroine defy the rules and use marvelous wit and courage to save her community in this surprise family screening at The Castro Theatre.... Read more
  • Transforming Family

    Transforming Family

    Canada , 2013 , 11 min. Through intimate interviews, Transforming Family offers an eloquent snapshot of current issues, struggles and strengths of transexual, transgender and gender fluid parents (and parents-to-be) in North American society today.... Read more
  • Trunk


    Australia , 2013 , 12 min. Neil, a still-in-the-closet Australian college lad, visits home for his grandpa’s funeral, and is beset by a loud, larger-than-life, unwelcome guest.... Read more
  • Wandering Clouds

    Wandering Clouds

    Mexico , 2013 , 13 min. Mexico’s poetic writer-director Julian Hernández (see also this year’s I Am Happiness On Earth) choreographs the lyrical catapults and plunges of two divers, as a teenage boy watches longingly from afar... Read more
  • The Way He Looks

    The Way He Looks

    Brazil , 2014 , 96 min. A warm, funny, and remarkably well-acted film about teenage love and friendship, The Way He Looks tells the story of a blind boy named Leo; his best pal, Giovana; and the new kid in school whom they both develop a crush on.... Read more
  • Whitewash


    USA , 2013 , 9 min. Make-up and make-overs, along with a bit of petty theft, add up to an identity crisis for a young black butch with a frustrating crush.... Read more
  • Wini + George

    Wini + George

    USA , 2012 , 12 min. Nine-year-old George is an outcast with a penchant for dolls and secrecy, but he finds an ally in reclusive Wini, whose open heart is far stronger than her rough exterior.... Read more
  • YOLO


    Denmark , 2013 , 22 min. It's going to be one hell of a neon colored night as three best friends party after hours in their high school and friendship mixes with lust in this stylized Danish treat of a lesbian vampire film!... Read more

Your search by 'Youth' identified 52 films

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