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  • Crazy Bitches

    Crazy Bitches

    USA , 2013 , 100 min. In this steamy, unpredictable slasher film, seven former sorority sisters go on a weekend getaway filled with lots of wine, hot sex, old rivalries, dark secrets, crazy bitches, and murder.... Read more
  • Creatures of the Night

    Creatures of the Night

    97 min. The full moon rises, a comet streaks across the sky, and dark shadows stir in this wicked program of short films. The undead, immortals, and an original creature of the night luster in the twilight.... Read more
  • Cupcakes


    Israel , 2013 , 90 min. A campy, comic confection, Cupcakes tells a tale of six friends who unexpectedly find themselves representing Israel in a Eurovision-style international song contest. It’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!... Read more
  • Das Phallometer

    Das Phallometer

    Germany , 2013 , 7 min. What appears to be an absurd immigration screening in a sinister country turns both comic and poignant in a few deft strokes. A surprise twist gives this odd scenario some political punch.... Read more
  • Dinner at 40

    Dinner at 40

    USA , 2014 , 18 min. A neurotic Manhattanite finds his intimate birthday party turning into a comic nightmare in this sharply written, wonderfully acted short with a poignant touch.... Read more
  • Dragula


    USA , 2013 , 24 min. A high school senior overcomes his emotional dysfunction and self-esteem issues when he unwittingly meets Dragula—played by Rocky Horror Picture Show legend Barry Bostwick!... Read more
  • First Period

    First Period

    USA , 2013 , 100 min. Sixteen Candles meets Hairspray, with a dash of Strangers with Candy thrown in for good measure, in the hilarious camp explosion First Period, the gayest, drag-iest teen movie you’ll ever see.... Read more
  • The Foxy Merkins

    The Foxy Merkins

    USA , 2014 , 81 min. An awkward lesbian hooker newbie learns the ropes—such as the importance of investing in a proper merkin and how to recognize kinky closeted Republicans—from a seasoned, sneaky, gay-for-pay socialite in this zany homage to male hustler films.... Read more
  • Fun in Boys Shorts

    Fun in Boys Shorts

    87 min. Nothing is sacred and everything is hilarious in eight sparkling comic gems, which spoof everything from YouTube videos and online hookups to Harry Potter fanboys and self-absorbed gay-oisie. Come on down—the aisles are wide enough to roll in!... Read more
  • Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    Happy Birthday Cindy Wei

    UK , 2013 , 10 min. Happy Birthday Cindy Wei follows 15-year-old school underdog Cindy Wei as she takes her first steps towards building up confidence and overcoming her lack of cultural identity by the discovery of her mysterious cousin Michael’s well kept secret.... Read more
  • Happy Toilet

    Happy Toilet

    USA , 2013 , 3 min. Inspired by the art and music of Orson Wagon, this animated musical short of epic proportions features a toilet brandishing a whip, a butt being propelled by its own farts, and a drunken shark. It points to intersections of substance abuse with trauma, pollution, and overstimulus.... Read more
  • Heklina


    USA , 2013 , 15 min. The hair. The laugh. The stories. Heklina is the founder and hostess of Trannyshack, currently San Francisco’s longest-running drag show. From her early days growing up in Iceland, a discharge from the navy, overcoming drugs and alcohol, she has emerged as one of the premiere performers in the San Francisco alternative drag scene. Enjoy the show!... Read more
  • Local Legends

    Local Legends

    88 min. Bambi Lake, Heklina, mr Pam, Phatima Rude, and Jason Mecier. You may know these names, but do you know their stories? Join us in celebration of these local legends as the artists share stories about their lives that are raw, brave, entertaining and above all else, inspiring.... Read more
  • My Straight Son

    My Straight Son

    Venezuela , 2012 , 110 min. Tackling weighty issues of family, fatherhood, and freedom with charm and grace, this Venezuelan telenovela-style tearjerker tells the story of a somewhat superficial photographer who must deal with several serious life challenges.... Read more
  • Rad Queers: Payasos L.A.

    Rad Queers: Payasos L.A.

    USA , 2012 , 9 min. Smashing taboos and redefining philanthropy, Rad Queers: Payasos L.A. offers an intimate glimpse into a group of gay Latino men who wear clown make-up, go-go dance at leather bars, and try to make the world a better place.... Read more
  • Safe Word

    Safe Word

    USA , 2014 , 15 min. A bored couple tries to spice up their sex life with some movie-inspired role play—but the fantasy may be going a bit too far.... Read more
  • Secrets & Toys

    Secrets & Toys

    USA , 2013 , 12 min. Secrets & Toys is a sexy, delightful short film about a mother & daughter who discover each others secrets through a comedy of errors, and learn to accept themselves and each other.... Read more
  • Swallow


    Australia , 2013 , 9 min. The Australian full moon finds homophobic neighbors knocking to see what the “poofters” are up to. Unfortunately for them, these boys have a secret, and it’s that time of the month!... Read more
  • Together People

    Together People

    USA , 2012 , 24 min. Meet Gary, a disillusioned queen obsessed with status and “Quality of Life,” who’s living close to the edge, all the while pining for a garden cottage in Noe Valley. Vulgar people, sadistic people, ripped-off people—wherever and whenever people are falling apart, you'll find them: the Together People.... Read more
  • You and the Night

    You and the Night

    France , 2013 , 91 min. Two young lovers and their transvestite maid await the bizarre guests of a pansexual midnight orgy in this playfully surreal, visually exciting feature film debut from Yann Gonzalez.... Read more