SNEAK PREVIEW: Frameline33 Opening Night and more!

We just couldn't wait anymore! Here is your sneak preview of upcoming films from the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival! Advance tickets are now available to members.

We just couldn't wait anymore! Here is your sneak preview of upcoming films from the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival! Advance tickets are now available to members, just CLICK HERE.


An Englishman in New York
Thursday, June 18 @ 7:00pm
Castro Theatre

$75 Frameline members

Get ready to start your festival off with a film that is absolutely
gay-tastic! Outspoken, outlandish and utterly unwilling to conform, the
legendary Quentin Crisp’s tale is the tale of homosexuality in the 20th
century. In this sequel to The Naked Civil Servant, Britain’s
most famous homosexual sashays stateside, with the help of Manhattan
agent Connie Clausen who gets Quentin resident alien alien status based
on his “unique qualities.” Along the way, Connie finds Quentin a film
review gig at The Village Voice and he quickly becomes the toast of New York society. Starring John Hurt, Swoosie Kurtz, Denis O’Hare, Jonathan Tucker, and Sex in the City’s Cynthia Nixon.

Patrik, Age 1.5
Tuesday, June 23 @ 7:00pm
Castro Theatre

$10 Frameline members


On an idyllic street in a colorful neighborhood, Göran and Sven seem
to want the same thing as their heteronormative neighbors—leisurely
afternoons at block parties, raising a family, creating a beautiful
garden. But the flowers won’t grow, and the neighborhood kids yell
“homo” at them. When news of a 1.5-year-old baby boy Patrik arrives,
Sven is bubbling with anticipation, and Göran even seems eager to
welcome their adopted child into their home. Unfortunately, a
typographical error has been made, and, instead of an infant, an
embittered homophobic 15-year-old juvenile delinquent arrives on their
tranquil street.  This beautifully shot feature by Ella Lemhagen is a
heartwarming crowd pleaser that was nominated for two acting awards at
the prestigious Guldbagge Awards in its native Sweden.


Prodigal Sons

Wednesday, June 24 @ 7:30pm
Castro Theatre

$10 Frameline members


Director Kimberly Reed’s debut film is a documentary running on all
cylinders—melding the dysfunctional family doc and the transdoc into an
engrossing saga that Variety aptly claims “will fascinate
inquisitive viewers on multiple levels.” Dubbed “a brotherly rivalry
between a man and a woman . . . and Orson Welles,” Prodigal Sons is a transwoman’s attempted reconciliation with her estranged brother
and her past. It also is a tale of an adopted son’s lifelong struggle
with his identity, and his surprising link to Orson Welles and Rita
Hayworth. This documentary is not to be missed.


Hannah Free

Sunday, June 28 @ 7:30pm
Castro Theatre

$50 Frameline members


Starring Sharon Gless (Cagney & Lacey, Queer As Folk) and adapted from one of Claudia Allen’s award-winning plays, Hannah Free tells the story of a decades-long love affair between Hannah—an
adventurous, butch lesbian with gruff charm—and Rachel, a pristine,
married homemaker with a religious upbringing. Through a series of
flashbacks and past incarnations that Hannah imagines, the viewer is
treated to the passionate beginnings of their relationship, which was
both tumultuous and enduring and proof positive that sometimes an
entire lifetime isn’t even long enough to be with the person you love.

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