San Francisco, CA — Frameline, the world’s largest LGBTQ media arts nonprofit organization, will champion game changers for it’s 39th year via a spotlight on sexuality and sports. Whatever your team and whatever your game, when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance in the wide world of sports, the momentum is shifting. While the taboos of the “gay athlete” and the proverbial “sports closet”—as well as the utterly lazy and homophobic “locker room panic” defense—have existed for decades, recent events and expanded dialogue have changed the conversations around sports, sexuality, and gender identity. 

From professional and collegiate athletes coming out as LGBTQ while actively playing, to straight athlete-allies being vocal advocates for equality, and from discussions around trans-inclusive policies for gender variant players, to sports organizations affirming the existence of all their “athletic supporters” with LGBTQ Pride nights—we’re hearing a fearless new fight song ring through a global stadium of change-makers. 

Frameline39 will feature 16 films featuring diverse representations of LGBTQ competitors from all walks of life who find affirmation being their authentic selves on and off the courts. 


HIDDEN AWAY / DIR Mikel Rueda / 2014 / Spain / 96 min

A cross-cultural friendship between a restless Spanish teen and an undocumented Moroccan immigrant grows into something much more profound, as they channel their burgeoning attraction and homoerotic interest into wrestling, water polo, and food fights. This story of clandestine first love unfolds in non-linear fashion against a suspenseful and wrenching social justice backdrop.


GAME FACE / DIR Michiel Thomas / 2014 / USA / 98 min

This forthright and sincere doc tracks the parallel stories of the first transgender pro mixed martial arts fighter, Fallon Fox, and a gay college hoops player who is cautiously planning his coming out, as they struggle for acceptance within their sports and society.


Women’s basketball superstar Chamique Holdsclaw seemed destined for a spectacular career when a long-suppressed struggle with mental illness threatened to derail her life. This intimate portrait by two-time Oscar nominee Rick Goldsmith charts Holdsclaw’s ongoing battle for recovery and redemption.

OUT TO WIN / DIR Malcolm Ingram / 2014 / 100 min Centerpiece

Featuring interviews with trailblazing sports legends Martina Navratilova, David Kopay, Jason Collins, Brittney Griner, and many others, this inspiring doc takes a powerful look at the struggles and triumphs of LGBT athletes in professional sports and leaves everyone cheering.

SCRUM / DIR Poppy Stockell / 2015 / Australia / 54 min

Three gay rugby athletes are vying for a spot on the elite Sydney Convicts team, competing for the 7th Annual Bingham Cup. Can they put behind their past struggles and win the prize? This is a steamy, pulsating documentary about acceptance, sportsmanship, and male camaraderie.

TO RUSSIA WITH LOVE / DIR Noam Gonick / 2014 / USA / 80 min 

As the 2014 Olympics in Sochi approached, LGBT athletes and broadcasters had to choose whether to protest Russia’s anti-gay legislation. This fast-moving, entertaining documentary follows skater-broadcaster Johnny Weir, Billie Jean King, and Olympic hopefuls as they navigate the choppy waters where sports and human rights intersect.


BREAKAWAY / DIR Ari N Ali / 2014 / USA / 9 min

Meet Jennifer Deering, a professional football player living in the Bay Area who got a chance to represent the USA at the 2013 IFAF Women's World Championship in Finland.

CAGED / DIR Lazlo Tonk / 2013 / Netherlands / 13 min

Dutch high schoolers David and Niels are best friends who run track together, but when one is outed and ostracized, the other must decide whether he sides with the bullies or joins his friend in solidarity.

FEMALE MASCULINITY APPRECIATION SOCIETY / DIRS Jac Nunns and Angie West / 2014 / UK / 11 min

Follow Cookie and Foxy Ven in their quest to reach the arm-wrestling finals, discover the reason behind Rubyyy’s ginger moustache, and judge for yourself the standards in Dapper wear.

GOLD STAR / DIR Igor Yankilevich / 2014 / USA / 7 min

Two basketball players confront their strained relationship in a game of one-on-one.

LAUNDRY MOOD / DIR Sebastian Jansen / 2014 / Germany / 5 min

A homophobic soccer coach tries to force his top player to leave the team.

PLAYING WITH BALLS / DIR Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir / 2014 / Iceland / 8 min

As tempers rise between a couple on the tennis court, a group of older lesbians become intrigued with the goings-on in PLAYING WITH BALLS.

QUEENS AT COURT / DIR Shiv Paul / 2013 / USA / 21 min

Four diverse players, including an Asian American transwoman, who compete in US Tennis Association competitive leagues, the Gay Games, and an LGBTQ international tour, share their stories of adversity and how this sport and community has empowered their lives. 

STELLA WASH / DIR Rob Lucas / 2014 / USA / 15 min

Stella Walsh had thousands of medals, ribbons, honors, and fans from around the world. Her popularity continued for decades after winning a gold medal in the 1932 Olympics, until she was killed in a robbery and it was discovered that she had an “ambiguous gender.”

STEVIE / DIR Chloe Jury-Fogel / 2014 / USA / 18 minutes 

Stevie, a small-town tomboy, experiences romance for the first time when an attractive brother and sister move into the neighborhood. Stevie's mixed feelings of attraction take her by surprise after they all spend a night out together.

TRUE WHEEL / DIR Nora Mandray / 2014 / France, USA / 9 min

Fender Bender, a women/trans/queer bike workshop collective, assembles the first bike-sharing program of Detroit and builds community one bike at a time.

About Frameline39: The San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival

Frameline39: There’s No Place Like Here… the 39th San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival celebrates an exceptional experience that unites diverse communities across an evolving cinemascape for 11 days of innovative and socially relevant film. Commemorate legendary filmmakers, discover emerging talents, and join the inimitable community of festivalgoers that distinguish the world’s oldest and largest celebration of queer cinema. Frameline39 pays tribute to LGBTQ experiences through revelatory documentaries, captivating features, enchanting shorts, cinematic classics, and more.

Frameline39 runs June 18-28, 2015, with San Francisco screenings at the historic Castro Theatre (429 Castro Street), Roxie Theater (3117 16th Street), and Victoria Theatre (2961 16th Street), in Berkeley at Rialto Cinemas Elmwood (2966 College Avenue), and new this year, in Oakland at Landmark’s Piedmont Theatre (4186 Piedmont Avenue). The Festival showcases international imports from Kenya, Venezuela, Lithuania, Thailand, France, and Bosnia-Herzegovina as well as local gems. 

The Frameline Box Office, presented by Showtime, located inside The HRC Action Center and Store, (575 Castro Street between 18th and 19th Streets) opens Friday, May 22 for Frameline member ticket sales, and Friday, May 29 for the general public. Box Office hours are 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm daily. Box Office is closed Monday, May 25 for Memorial Day. Tickets are also available 24 hours daily online ( and via fax (415-861-1404). 


Unless otherwise noted, tickets for matinee screenings, (Monday-Friday, 5:00 pm and earlier), are $10 for the general public and $8 for Frameline members, while evening and weekend shows are $12 for the general public and $10 for members. Castro Passes, good for admission to all screenings at the Castro Theatre, other than Opening Night and Closing Night, are available for $225. Weekday Matinee Passes, good for admission to all weekday matinee screenings starting at 5:00 pm or earlier at the Castro Theatre are available for $40 for the general public and $35 for members. For more information, visit